From infrared saunas to IV drips, soon you’ll never be far from a wellness clinic because they're coming to a high street near you. Here are the best places to get your biohacking fix to help you live better - and longer

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This is the year that the principle of biohacking, or health optimisation by making incremental changes to diet, lifestyle and your body, goes mainstream. With millions tracking their steps and sleep on their smartwatches and even holistic brands such as Bamford touting a cryo chamber as part of their spa offering, most of us have at least a passing interest in ways to feel and look better through health-boosting hacks.

Even shopping centres are getting in the wellbeing groove – London’s Westfield in Shepherd’s Bush opens its ‘Wellness Village’ in April. Meanwhile, fast-growing national vitamin drip provider chain Get A Drip is branching out into various biohacking practices (see below).

With many doctor-led cosmetic and health clinics adding biohacking options to their offering too, this trend is often backed by medical proof rather than based on more ethereal notions of ‘wellness’. Dr Sophie Shotter, who launched an ‘age well’ biohacking podcast this year, says she’s become “obsessed with longevity medicine”, and believes that ageing can, in fact, be considered an illness that can be slowed down and mitigated.

Increasingly popular options include hyperbaric oxygen chambers to infuse your tissues with healing, immune-boosting pure oxygen, PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy to help the body recover from stress and injury, and diagnostic blood tests to correct nutritional deficiencies. At the softer end of the scale, things like sound baths and floatation tanks are also often thrown in to help get the body in a meditative, cell-regenerating state.

As often is the case, London is ahead of the curve with a flurry of new longevity and wellness clinics to try. Here’s our pick of the bunch.

The best biohacking and wellness clinics in to try

Shopping for longevity: Dr Vali 360 Experiential Wellness Centre

Inside Selfridges on Oxford Street, the By Dr. Vali 360 Experiential Wellness Centre offers personalised medicine, cosmetic dermatology and biohacking while you shop. Choose from a massive menu of skin, face, body, and hair services (anything from PRP to thread lifts to hair density protocols to vaginal rejuvenation) curated by dermatologist and cosmetic physician Dr Vali, alongside a raft of biohacking options. These include hyperbaric oxygen, intravenous ozone therapy and NAD+ drips.

There’s also a ‘360 experiential bar’ where you can sip not champagne but herbal teas and drops (with a side of gummies) full of high-potency adaptogens to help you beat stress and boost wellness.

Go there for: Ultimate hand-holding: before having treatment, you sign up for a ‘360 consultation’, which lasts 30 minutes to an hour. A consultant or doctor delves deep into your issues and wishes and curates a bespoke 360 programme of biohacking and aesthetic treatments; a sort of ‘Ten Years Younger’ makeover without the telly cameras.

Cost: 360 Consultations are £150 with a consultant and £250 with a doctor both redeemable against the cost of any treatments. Consultations with Dr Vali herself are £500 and non-redeemable. Individual treatment costs vary from £95 for vitamin injections to £850 for a non-surgical facelift.

For accessible biohacking: Get A Drip

Most biohacking and wellness clinics are luxury destinations, but Get A Drip has set out to change that. Initially a cost-effective and fuss-free national chain for getting your vitamin drip fix, it has branched out into the whole gamut of biohacking favourites, from cryotherapy and lymphatic compression to ozone and LED therapy, plus hyperbaric oxygen pods and infrared saunas at the flagship King’s Road location. There’s even cancer screening and online GP and nutritionist appointments available.

There are locations in the South-East, Dublin and Edinburgh, with many more to follow across the UK over the next few years. You can book at-home call outs as well.

Go there for: Regular sessions of your favourite biohacking therapies that won’t break the bank, in an environment that doesn’t feel intimidating.

Cost: Compression therapy is £25 and a hyperbaric oxygen session is £55 while drips start at £100.

For an ultra-private wellness journey: Grey Wolfe

Situated in leafy Barnes in south west London, super-luxe Grey Wolfe teams cutting-edge biotechnological science with human touch and a sense of spirituality. One of its unique selling points is that they have just switched to a membership model: it allows clients to use the facilities exclusively, by themselves or with a partner, making for an entirely private way to totally relax.

The clinic has the feeling of a luxury spa, but instead of having a facial or body scrub, you can indulge in hyperbaric oxygen, infrared sauna, LED therapy, electromagnetic and neuro-relaxation technology sessions, alongside hyper-personalised ‘attuned’ massages and tech-assisted facials.

Go there for: Peculiar but science-backed devices like the BioCharger, which emits four different energy types (including light and PEMFs, or pulsed electrical magnetic fields) to recharge and re-balance cell energy (which can help with sleep, weight loss, mental focus, and so forth), and the Rebalance Impulse, a machine that nixes stress with sound and colour therapy, breathwork and guided mental imagery. Wacky but restorative.

Package to try: The signature treatment is The Grey Wolfe Attuned Recharge. Designed to heal mind, body and soul, it combines Rebalance Impulse, infrared sauna, BioCharger, lymphatic boots and a session in the hyperbaric oxygen pod with either a facial or massage.

Cost: Grey Wolfe works on a monthly membership basis – the clinic won’t disclose the membership fee other than to say it’s under £500 per month. The membership means you get exclusive use of the space and its biotech facilities (hyperbaric oxygen, infrared sauna, BioCharger etc) for a month, anytime you want: you book in a chunk of time (up to five hours each time) and the place is yours. You also get one Attuned Recharge treatment, a wellness checkup, online wellbeing classes, the right to bring a friend and a luxury welcome box. Additional facials and massages are all £144 a pop.

For biohacking gym bunnies: The Body Lab

The Body Lab is a flash gym on Kensington High Street with specialist equipment and bespoke personal training on demand, set above a floor dedicated to ‘recovery services’. Selected to increase performance and optimise health, these include a flotation tank, hyperbaric oxygen pod, infrared cabins and cryotherapy room, alongside nutritional guidance, specialist training, physiotherapists and other fitness recovery specialists, and biomarker analysis to detect deficiencies and markers of illness.

Go there for: Regular exercise with all the gain and very little pain, thanks to services like infrared and hyperbaric oxygen that help your body recover and get rid of lactic acid build-up in no time.

Cost: Membership packages vary from £460 a month for gym membership with a number of Recovery sessions and a monthly PT session thrown in, to the Signature Membership, £1550, with unlimited access to un-manned recovery services like cryotherapy and hyperbaric oxygen, alongside unlimited personal training sessions and body scans, quarterly nutritional consultations and bodymarker analyses, and more. Individual services cost between £75 and £125 a pop.

For longevity completists with deep pockets: Hum2n

The idea at Hum2n in Chelsea is personalised healthcare through optimising the efficiency of every cell in your body; founder Dr Mohammed Enayat claims that his system on average delivers a 42% improvement in health in eight weeks.

This is achieved through biomarker testing (to pinpoint deficiencies and potential future health issues) and bespoke programmes of supplements and NAD+ IV drips; Enayat believes this nutrient to be “the most restorative and anti-ageing treatment available today” (NAD+ is a natural chemical that powers up cell energy, so the body heals and regenerates better). Additionally, you can book in for hyperbaric oxygen, cryotherapy, exosome therapy for hair loss, Emsculpt body toning and a host of aesthetic treatments such as laser, fillers and mesotherapy.

Go there for: “Skin to bone, head to toe” health improvement that can continue away from the clinic, as doctors and nutritional therapists can work with you remotely (by recommending supplements, medication and lifestyle strategies) to keep health goals on track.

Package to try: The NAD+ Accelerate Membership, £495 per month (with a minimum 6 month commitment): a monthly high-strength NAD+ infusions combined with hyperbaric oxygen therapy and intravenous red light therapy “to bring cells back to life and feel younger for longer”.

Cost: A starting price is Botox for £150 per area. A four-month personalised health programme including biomarker lab tests, blood panels, doctor visits, health coaching, an Oura ring and 10% off therapies, drips and supplements is £3250.

For physical and spiritual optimisation: Remedi London

Founded by an aesthetic doctor and integrated medicine practitioner team, Remedi London addresses health and aesthetic needs alongside emotional and spiritual ones. Chic and serene, it’s based in Nine Elms in south London and designed to help you slow down and unwind.

Vitamin drips, cryotherapy, infrared sauna and integrated medicine programmes support longevity while osteopathy, massage and aesthetic treatments look after your body and face. Meanwhile, reiki, sound therapy, hypnotherapy, yoga and meditation classes and a Rebalance Impulse machine (a cognitive training device that offers a multi-pronged stress relief) take care of your inner world.

Go there for: A sense of peace while you work on optimising every part of your body and mind.

Package to try: The Weight Loss & Wellness package, £2750, tackles weight loss in a holistic way with two diet & detox intravenous drips, ten cryotherapy sessions, two Body Ballancer lymphatic drainage session, and ten sessions of Emerald laser. This painless green laser is proven to liquefy and eliminate visceral fat to not only help you lose inches, but also relieve your essential organs of these dangerous fat deposits.

Cost: Monthly membership packages vary from £350 to £999 while individual treatments range from £50 for a Rebalance Impulse session to £750 for a Morpheus 8 session.

For nature-inspired biohacking: The HVN

Pronounced ‘The Haven’, this Knightsbridge sanctuary is designed around the Japanese concept of forest bathing; the act of surrounding yourself with the sights, sounds, scents and sensations of being in the woods. All cortisol-lowering organic shapes, woodland smells and birdsong, the idea is to help clients to feel, look and live healthier with a ‘conscious wellbeing’ programme of bespoke treatments.

These include vitamin infusions, diagnostic blood tests and functional medicine, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, Body Ballancer lymphatic drainage and lifestyle consultations, but also acupuncture (with famous Chinese medicine expert John Tsagaris), laser and radiofrequency microneedling facials and osteopathy.

Go there for: The one-of-a-kind HVN Hydrobed is a heated water mattress that allows for a whole series of ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ treatments (massages, wraps, facials, Vichy chakra shower) without having to leave the cocooning treatment bed – ultimate relaxation.

Package to try: The Recovery Package, £2800, designed to help re-set you after a period of illness, stress or anxiety, comprises nutritional and emotional health consultations, acupuncture, IV drips, oxygen therapy sessions and massage over a period of several weeks.

Cost: A New Client Consultation, £75, is redeemable against treatment; individual treatments start at £60 for a 30-minute Visia skin analysis.