For fitness, hiking, massage, healthy food and skincare conversation, make this your staycation of 2021

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If you’re itching to shake that lockdown lethargy and get the spring back in your step, join our first ever Get The Gloss retreat in partnership with award-winning UK health destination, Yeotown this July.

The Yeotown x Get The Gloss Beauty Retreat combines all the signature elements of Yeotown’s award-winning five-day 'Yeotox' detox retreat, with the opportunity to learn about beauty and skincare with Get The Gloss Editorial Director Victoria Woodhall.

“I did my first 'Yeotox' when Yeotown first opened and was blown away by the positive and uplifting approach to wellness; I can't wait to go back,” says Victoria. “It’s not a traditional detox. It’s so far removed from any old-fashioned notions you might have about juice fasts, fat farms or boot camps! Rather, it’s a healthy lifestyle retreat where you learn healthy habits that are achievable and that you can take back with you once the retreat is over. I loved the cliff-top walks in stunning scenery, the upbeat yoga that even non-yogis raved about, the rustic boutique interiors, the delicious gut-friendly food and the indulgent daily massage."

Although this is not specifically a weight loss retreat, as Victoria says, "you will definitely go home lighter and stronger in body and mind".

The Yeotox experience is a perfect fit for readers of Get The Gloss, as it’s powered by leading experts in wellness. "I’m looking forward to adding a touch of insider beauty knowledge to the programme too," says Victoria.

You'll also meet Yeotown’s founders, husband and wife team, Mercedes and Simon Sieff. Mercedes is a leading international yoga teacher and positive psychology coach and Simon is an interior design expert, former gallerist and surfing fanatic. Together they’ve pioneered a modern and yet friendly approach to detoxing, that’s also popular with couples – guys are welcome on this beauty retreat too!

Your typical Yeotox Beauty Retreat day

2-3 hours coastal hiking or cycling

Fitness/Strength training or core/boxing workouts

Mindfulness  and meditation

Nutritional chats and cookery sessions

Yoga-inspired stretching for both yogis and non-yogis alike

Deep tissue, Thai or shiatsu massage and dry sauna and/or hot tub

Skincare workshops/chats

Reading, relaxing, unwinding by a roaring fire or enjoying the lush gardens and walk along the River Yeo.

The retreat runs from Wednesday to Sunday afternoon. All meals and snacks are provided while staying at Yeotown. This includes breakfast with fresh-pressed juice or smoothie, a snack to have while out hiking (usually fruit or nuts), lunch, an afternoon sweet treat and dinner. The menu is plant-centric, dairy, meat, gluten and caffeine-free- vegan options are always available.

Deep tissue massages are included, however, you can also request additional bespoke treatments for an extra fee such as acupuncture, osteopathy, nutritional consults, meditation, hypnotherapy and some unique treatments such as Canna Massage with CBD oil and biodynamic bodywork therapy.

Why not also try wild swimming, surfing, paddleboarding and cold water immersion!

Retreat details

When: Wednesday 30 June – Sunday 4 July 2021

Where: Yeotown Health Retreat Snapper, North Devon, UK.

Price: From £2,100. GET £150 OFF WITH OUR SPECIAL CODE GTG2021

Written in partnership with Yeotown

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