Forget dieting, a reset is the new detox - no cravings allowed. Nutritional therapist, Rhian Stephenson, has created this 3-Day Reset diet plan to kickstart a healthy lifestyle that lasts beyond January.

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From the current TikTok fad of adding lemon juice to your coffee for weight loss to more established diet plans such as the  high-fat ketogenic diet and the 800 calorie blood sugar diet , there’s no end of methods on offer to help you drop pounds (if that's your thing)   or eat your way to better skin.

The 3-Day Reset is different though – the clue is in the name. It's not a detox, rather it's a kickstart, a chance to find your healthy eating mojo. It's the brainchild of nutritional therapist, Rhian Stephenson, who has been a leader in the fitness and nutrition industry for more than a decade, and the founder of wellness platform Artah.  She is on a mission to help everyone create lifelong healthy eating habits to feel well and energised.

Earlier, Rhian explained to Get The Gloss her pillars of healthy eating and how changing her diet gave her more energy as a new mother and startup founder. Now, she has created the 3-Day Reset exclusively for us.

How much difference can three days make? "The body is incredibly responsive," says Rhian, "and while consistency is still important, it can be incredibly motivating to feel the effects that just a few days of healthful eating can have on your body, energy, and mood."

Rhian has been running seven and 28-day Artah resets for the past year with great results. She has helped dozens of people shift pounds - in some cases 13lb in four weeks - and improve other issues such as bloating , eczema and hormone imbalance.

What is the Artah x Get The Gloss 3-Day Reset?

It's an easy to follow at-home meal plan with delicious plant-based mood-boosting recipes based around healthy grains, vegetables, fruit and nuts, with options for omnivores too.

There's an optional three day 'preset' ahead of the Reset, where you ease off the things that don't feature in the Reset such as caffeine , alcohol, processed foods and focus on foods such as lean protein, legumes, veg and lower fructose fruit such as berries. "The prep is optional, and you can decide how many of the principles are important to you based on your lifestyle and current nutrition practices," says Rhian. The idea is that once the three days are up you'll, feel so good that you'll be inclined to keep your new habits up.

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The menu is low calorie, low fuss. You'll be able to make the recipes if you're no Nigella in the kitchen. The plan is largely plant-based and made up of healthy grains, vegetables, fruit and nuts but there are omnivore options too.

If you're tempted to try her the 3-Day Reset, read her 10 rules for keeping your weight, hormones and mood in balance. 

Will I lose weight on a 3-day reset diet?

The Artah 3-Day Reset menu isn’t purely about losing weight in three days. Instead, it’s about recharging the body, energy and mood. The idea behind this kickstart is that you'll notice the effects of eating more healthily - your body, energy and mood will all feel better, says Rhian. It encourages you to keep up the healthy habits long term.

Saying that, the calorie count for each day is around 800-1100 Kcal which is significantly less than the average eater is used to. Rhian advises that once the reset is over you don't go back to your regular eating habits straight away and instead slowly increase your calorie intake. If you can, try to avoid indulging in processed foods, alcohol, excess coffee, and sugar post reset – essentially try and ease out of the reset the same way that you eased in. "A great way to keep up the feeling with ease is to keep a lower calorie day in your routine each week moving forward," says Rhian.

Can I continue eating animal protein?

Rhian says: "I recommend trying to keep your 3-day reset plant-based, but I've given both plant-based and omnivore options for certain meals. If it's already a drastic change for you then go for the one you're most comfortable with. If you already eat a limited amount of animal-based protein, then give the plant-based option a try."

Is the 3-Day Reset suitable for everyone?

Rhian tells us that "due to the calorie count, this programme wouldn't be suitable during pregnancy, and if you have insulin-dependent diabetes then check with your primary care doctor before drastically reducing calories as it may affect insulin requirements."

What to phase out on the prep days of the 3-Day Reset

• Gluten-containing grains: wheat, rye and barley

• Ultra-processed foods (think Jaffa Cakes, Diet Coke and crisps)

• Red meat and processed meat

• Refined sugar, sweets, chocolate etc

• Store-bought sauces

• Alcohol

• Cow's milk dairy products

• Sweetened plant-based mylks

• Excess coffee/black tea - keep it to 2 per day

• Chronic snacking and mindless eating - limit to one snack per day, if necessary

What to eat more of on the prep days

• Pseudograins such as quinoa, buckwheat and brown rice and gluten-free (GF) grains such as GF oats

• Vegetables

• Lean protein

• Lower fructose fruit (think raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, kiwi, melon)

• Nuts and seeds

• Legumes (if tolerated)

• Home-made sauces

• Unsweetened, plant-based mylks

• Organic, healthy oils

• Green and herbal teas

• Mindful eating - aim to leave 14 hours between your dinner and breakfast and at least three hours between meals

Ready to start? Here's your 3-Day Reset meal plan.

Every day starts with an energising phyto tonic tea.

Daily Phyto Tonic - makes 1.5l to drink over three days.

1.5l water

8 bags organic green tea

1/8 tsp cayenne

juice of 1 lemon

A few ice cubes (optional)

1. The night before you start, brew eight bags of organic green tea in 1.5L of water. Refrigerate for use throughout the plan.

2. Each morning, mix 500mls of green tea with the juice of 1 lemon, 1/8 tsp cayenne and a few ice cubes. Drink half upon rising and the rest can be enjoyed throughout the day.

Throughout the plan aim to drink 1.5L of water each day (yes, your phyto tonic counts!) and you can drink all of the herbal tea you desire.

Day 1 meal plan

Upon Rising: Daily phyto tonic

Breakfast: Phyto smoothie bowl recipe 

Lunch: Winter cleanse soup recipe 

Dinner: Miso macro bowl recipe 

Day 2

Upon Rising: Daily phyto tonic

Breakfast: Cashew parfait with mixed berries recipe 

Lunch: Winter cleanse soup recipe 

Dinner: Ayurvedic red lentil dahl recipe  

Want to continue the good work? Try the
Artah Metabolic Reset. The step-by-step guide has been designed by nutritionist and naturopath Rhian Stephenson to reprogramme your metabolism to boost energy, improve your mood and unlock your body's natural ability to burn fat. 

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Please consult your health practitioner before making any changes to your diet.

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