We chatted to the Made in Chelsea star to find out what an average week looks like in her food diary

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Breakfast: My normal breakfast is smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, and avocado on rye bread. I usually make breakfast for myself after walking my dog.

Lunch: I’ve been doing this delivery service called Fresh Fitness Food . It’s my first time doing it but I’ve really been enjoying it. It’s nice not to think about what to eat as it’s already prepared for you.

Dinner: I try to avoid carbs after 5pm, but I love spicy food, like tom yum soup or king prawn soup for dinner. When I go on a night out I drink vodka, lime and soda.


Breakfast: Today’s breakfast was just an avocado on rye bread, and usually I have tea or coffee depending on my mood.

Lunch: Today I was filming for Made in Chelsea . On set, I tend not to eat when I’m filming as things change so often, so I’ll just have some nuts on hand to nibble on - little and often works for me.

Dinner: I have my favourite dish, chicken jalfrezi but without the rice at Monty’s on the Fulham Road.


Breakfast: For a splurge I eat wholemeal toast with Bovril.

Snack: When it comes to snacktime, I love blueberries and raspberries, or strawberries and mango.

Lunch: I always like to have a high protein lunch, like chicken with vegetables and parma ham, or just meat without rice or bread. I don’t like salads that much unless they’re hot and spicy!

Dinner: My mum made a great homemade pizza - chorizo with salad tomato and mozzarella.


Breakfast: Today I had a bacon, tomato and mushroom omelette, which set me up well for the rest of the day until dinner.

Dinner: My mum makes the best roast chicken which I had tonight for dinner - I’m definitely more of a savoury girl than a sweet girl.


Breakfast: Today I was shooting with Rimmel Sunshimmer. We had fruit skewers, mini Eggs Benedict and smoked salmon on toast for breakfast. And lots of water! Being the face and body of Rimmel Sunshimmer means that I need to make sure my skin stays hydrated.

Lunch: I had thyme roasted Suffolk chicken, Jerusalem artichoke purée with grilled Portobello mushrooms for lunch. I was trying to avoid carbs, but more lunch snacks arrived!

5pm: Some sweet treats arrived later on - I think you should go for what you crave, and if you want sugar, have sugar…


I tend to let myself go at the weekend. I think it’s good to have a day where you can go all out, every so often. I think it’s important to live a little and have a cheat day, go out to your favourite restaurant and enjoy it; I like the Big Easy on the King’s Road and Cote in Parsons Green.

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