My Week in Food: Bethany Mota

22 June 2017
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My Week in Food: Bethany Mota

It’d be fair to say that Bethany Mota  is one of the most powerful voices in social media, with more than 27 million followers across her platforms and over one billion views on YouTube alone. After uploading her first video to YouTube at just thirteen years old, she quickly became one of the Internet's go-to beauty, style, and lifestyle vloggers. Since then, she has filmed countless tutorials, travelled the world, designed her own clothing line, gone on an international tour, reached the final of Dancing with the Stars, and created health, beauty, and wellness content for multiple platforms.

Hailed twice by TIME Magazine as one of the "Most Influential Teens in the World", Mota has interviewed former President Barack Obama, as well as fronting campaigns for both UNICEF and PACER National Bullying Prevention Center in the US. When she isn't working or traveling the world, you can find her at home in Los Angeles, California. Speaking of which, this is what’s on the menu when she’s there...

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First thing: A grapefruit.

I try to eat something small before I work out in the morning. I always try to choose a food that is raw and natural rather than something processed.

Lunch: Guacamole salad.

I always thought that to have a good salad, you needed chicken, steak or cheese. But that’s not true! I also have a wellness shot on the side. It’s really spicy, with ginger, cayenne and lemon.

Snack: Veggie sticks with sriracha hummus.

If you like spicy flavours (like I do!), this is a great combination of crunchy, refreshing vegetables dipped in a slightly spicy sauce.

Dinner: Roast chicken breast and asparagus

I used to eat so much junk food but once I started thinking about the food I was feeding my body and how it affected me internally, it helped me make lasting changes. My main priority became how I was feeling, and whether or not I had energy, as opposed to how I physically looked to others.

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First thing: A banana.

I work out first thing five days a week so I keep my breakfasts small and simple. I’ll have a smoothie later.

Snack: My favourite green smoothie.

On a day packed with meetings, a smoothie gets my energy going and keep me motivated throughout the day.

Lunch: Veggie wrap.

These wraps are a perfect, healthy on-to-the-go lunch. They’re packed with protein heavy hummus, brown rice, black beans and fresh vegetables.

Dinner: Grilled salmon with roasted vegetables.

This is my go- to dinner staple.

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Breakfast: Acai Bowl

I love acai bowls. I. Love. Acai. Bowls. Seriously, though. Love. Acai. Okay, I’m done. An acai bowl is like a dairy-free version of a yoghurt bowl- I often grab one on the go.

Lunch: Avocado toast

I eat avocado a lot. Sometimes for a snack I’ll cut an avocado in half and eat it plain with lime juice but avocado toast is my favourite.

Snack: Unsalted roasted almonds

Filling and good for you!

Dinner: Squash Marinara

Some nights I go straight up vegetarian for dinner by whipping up some pasta in red sauce with more vegetables on the side. Lately I’ve been using spaghetti squash.

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First thing: A banana.

Time to hit the gym for a cycling class.

Lunch: Asparagus and quinoa.

I’ll serve this with broccoli, cauliflower or roasted carrots on the side.

Snack: Granola bar.

I don’t eat these often because they’re high in sugar but if I’m starving between meals, a granola bar saves me.

Dinner: Ahi tuna salad with coriander lime rice.

A good blend of healthy plants, fish and rice.

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First thing: A grapefruit.

I’m circuit training this morning so I always eat light beforehand.

Lunch: Kale salad with tuna, avocado and white beans.

Since I try to get my fruit in at the start of the day, I try to have a lot of vegetables for lunch, along with some protein and pulses.

Dinner: Girl’s night veggie pizza.

Having a girl’s night is so important. It’s great to hang out, have snacks, sit and talk, and put our phones away - well, for the most part, anyway (come on, we need our phones for some Snapchat!). Courgette, tomato and red pepper is my favourite pizza combination.

Dessert: Vegan chocolate chip cookies.

I prefer to stick to uncomplicated cookie recipes. This is made with simple vegan ingredients that make a perfect batch for a girl’s night with Netflix.

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Breakfast: Acai bowl.

I’m serving my acai bowl topped with bee pollen (which might sounds crazy, but the taste of pollen is subtle and it’s so good!).

Lunch: Tofu with broccoli.

About seventy-five percent of what I eat is fruit and vegetables, along with lean protein and healthy carbs. I don’t eat much meat these days.

Snack: Watermelon freshie.

Watermelon freshies are really easy to make and they taste so good. Simply toss watermelon and lime in a blender for a super refreshing drink.

Dinner: Tacos with cauliflower, purple slaw and avocado cream.

There’s something so special about inviting people over and sharing your personal space. I love inviting friends over for a dinner party and this is my absolute favourite dish to serve.

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Breakfast: Avocado toast.

Sundays are for relaxing so I’ll enjoy a day at home re-energising for the week ahead.

Lunch: Homemade veggie soup.

This soup is full of so many nutrients. It’s also very soothing, making it a great for a rainy day when you’re just relaxing too.

Dinner: Salmon and brussels sprouts.

If I could have one food for the rest of my life, it’d be brussels sprouts. I know it’s SO weird but I just love them. I love baking them in olive oil, vinegar and lemon juice. I’ll pair the sprouts with some lean protein most of the time.

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