The top 10 places to get cold pressed juices in London

Ayesha Muttucumaru 25 February 2015
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The top 10 places to get cold pressed juices from in London

What is a cold pressed juice? At a health talk on juicing at The Detox Kitchen, the founders of juice company  Imbibery  explained, “Cold pressed is a method of juicing which ensures that no heat is applied during the process. It is a hydraulic press which “squashes” fruits and vegetables. As there is no heat, no nutrients are damaged, compromised or wasted."

What are the health benefits? “Cold pressed juices contain significantly higher nutrients and antioxidants than other juices and have been shown to have 30% more vitamin C than a standard juice, supporting the method as a more efficient way to extract nutrients, vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables,” it was noted. “HPP (High Pressure Pascalization/Processing) uses high pressure instead of heat to inhibit growth of microflora in fresh food and drinks to extend their shelf life. HPP is less destructive than traditional heat processes. HPP-treated juice can last up to 45 days however, it can’t be classified as fresh or raw.”

When should you drink them and how much? “Drink a juice after eating,” they recommended. “By combining the vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants of the juice with food containing fibre, we will get more benefits than from drinking alone. This has been shown to reduce LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) cholesterol levels. How much or how many juices should be consumed daily is dependent on individual diets.”

Click through our gallery to see our pick of the 10 best cold pressed juice bars in town.

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Roots & Bulbs

Big believers in providing great food and drinks that are good for you without being at all preachy about it, all of the juices at this particular juice bar are vegetable-based and are designed to be as practical, organic and nutritious as possible.  With their menu of juices separated into two groups (Greens and Carrot), they range from G1 and C1 to G3 and C3 depending on their fruit content and therefore, sweetness level. With one 500ml of their popular G1 cold pressed juice created using 1.4 kilos of vegetables, it provides a fast and effective shot of vitamins A and K to set you up for the day in the healthiest of ways.

Roots & Bulbs, 10-12 Exhibition Rd, London SW7 2HF. .

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Blend & Press London

Based in Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden, this great juice bar offers a range of benefit-led and results-focused cold pressed juices. From radiance to immunity and alkaline to electrolyte juices, founder Emma Wood and her team believe "a healthy gut leads to a beautiful body." Taking a holistic approach to juicing that aims to keep its customers healthy from the inside out, you can also opt to supplement your juice with a selection of superfood top-ups including skin and health boosters aloe vera and baobab powder.

Blend & Press London, 16 Neal’s Yard, London WC2H 9DP. .

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The Good Life Eatery

An in-demand healthy eating hub in Chelsea, London’s first free-standing cold pressed juice bar boasts a menu of vitality juices made fresh every morning. Ranging from the cleansing Lucky 7, a delicious blend of beetroot, apple, orange, pineapple, lemon, lime and ginger to the brilliantly named spinach and kale rich Dr Green Love, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. Bringing their love of food that tastes good and does good too, hands-on founders Yasmine Larizadeh and Shirin Kouros have developed a growing fan base who seek out the Eatery for its delicious menu of tasty juices and snacks that combine creative cooking flair with the latest superfoods around. We’ll see you there.

The Good Life Eatery, 59 Sloane Avenue, London SW3 3DH. .

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Canyon Juicery

Based on the premise of, ‘eating yourself well,’ founder Amy Terry wanted to create a menu of organic cold pressed juices that boosted energy levels, alleviated stress, strengthened the immune system and delivered immediate health benefits. With each bottle containing 2 kilograms of raw vegetables and a range that includes a nything from hangover cures  (the Hydrate) to ways to look after your liver (the Root Cure), it’ll appeal to both cold pressed juice virgins and enthusiasts alike.

Canyon Juicery, inside JOSEPH Notting Hill, 230-236 Westbourne Grove W11 2RH. .

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From the chia seed  and potassium rich Carrot Vitamin Hit, to the antioxidant potent Iron-willed Beetroot and the kale-heavy Super Greens cold pressed juice, one of our favourite food haunts now provides a menu of revitalising tipples to enjoy our meals with. With all their juices made using fresh, seasonal organic products from their farm wherever possible, each provides a tasty and packed punch of your daily requirement of veg to have you feeling more energised, happier and healthier. Getting our five-a-day finally got the boost it needed.

Available at Daylesford Café Pimlico, 020 7881 8060, Daylesford Café Notting Hill, 020 7313 8050. .

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The Detox Kitchen

Freshly made in the morning at their head kitchen in Battersea, The Detox Kitchen offers a wide assortment of cold pressed juices, each expertly combining a healthy cocktail of nutrient-rich ingredients. Counting cucumber, ginger, lime and lemon as just a handful of the alkalising and health-boosting components, the host of celebrities that Lily counts as fans (including the likes of Elle MacphersonGwyneth Paltrow  and Agyness Deyn) comes as no surprise at all.

The Detox Kitchen, 10 Kingly Street, London W1B 5PJ. .

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Bumpkin London

Vitamins, hydration and healthy eating are the orders of the day at Bumpkin. A quick and convenient way to bolster your energy and immunity levels, here’s a sneak peek of what goes into the Vitamin Booster and Cool Cucumber to whet your appetites*...

Vitamin Booster

Yield 600ml +-

2 grapefruits

8 carrots (800g)

1 ginger knob (5g)

Wash all fruit and vegetables. Cut them to fit through your juicer.

Put all of your ingredients through the juicer and enjoy!

If it is too fiery from the ginger juice, add another grapefruit!

Cool Cucumber

Yield 700ml +-

2 cucumbers

4 cox apples

2 limes

Wash all fruit and vegetables. Cut to fit through your juicer.

Put all of your ingredients through the juicer et voilà.

*Recipes are for a cold pressed juicer, however if you don’t have one at home, you can still achieve a serious nutritional boost by peeling all the citrus fruits and ginger before they are put through a normal juicer.

Find your nearest Bumpkin restaurant  here .

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Nama Foods

Made with organic ingredients, this completely vegan restaurant in Notting Hill offers cold pressed juices that come with the option of being supplemented with superfoods such as maca, lucuma, chlorella, camu camu, blue algae, ginseng and medicinal mushrooms like reishi, chage and cordyceps. Plus, they also serve cold pressed wheatgrass shots too. With six juices to choose from, we have our eyes set on Sweet Green – an appetising concoction containing apples, kale, cucumber, celery and lemon. Make ours supersized please.

Nama Foods, 110 Talbot Road, London W11 1JR. .

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Juice Tonic

Based in trendy Soho, this particular organic juice bar creates its cold pressed juices using the Norwalk press, otherwise known as the Rolls Royce of the juicer world. Having studied nutrition in New York and completed numerous courses to supplement his knowledge, founder Marco Proietti wanted to create a place where customers could create their own custom made juices by mixing and matching the ingredients on the menu. Tailor made cold pressed juices bespoke to our needs? We’re sold.

Juice Tonic, 3 Winnett Street, W1D 6JY. .

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Radiance Cleanse Delivery Service

A great kitchen-to-door service for days when you can’t leave your desk (or bed – we would prefer the latter), these delicious and nutritious organic cold pressed juices provide a great pick-me-up. Comprising of an assortment of cleanse plans  and nutritionally designed programmes too, there’s something for every taste, lifestyle and palette. Where do we sign up?

Order online; delivered nationwide. .