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How does The Body Coach, Joe Wicks’ 90 Day SSS plan measure up? We put it to the test...

With over 720,000 followers on Instagram, a bestselling book and some downright incredible ‘Before and Afters,’ The Body Coach Joe Wicks has fast become one of biggest names in health, food and fitness.

With a personality, charm and enthusiasm that have made the idea of regular exercise and healthy eating (finally!) exciting, could his 90 Day SSS Plan be for you? With an emphasis on quality and quantity over calorie-counting, here are the vital stats to keep on file to assess whether or not it’s your perfect match.

What is it?

A 90 day program comprising of 3 key stages:

  1. Cycle 1 - Shift
  2. Cycle 2 - Shape
  3. Cycle 3 - Sustain

Upon sending in a lifestyle questionnaire and 1 week’s food diary, you’ll get sent a meal plan created with your needs in mind. Each person is given a coach who can provide modifications and alterations say for example, you suffer from gluten intolerances; a feature which is particularly useful. Measurements (of arms, waist, hips, thighs, chest and weight and height) are also needed, with updates sent to your coach at the end of each cycle. Meal replacement shakes are (thankfully!) not part of the deal - three full meals are actively encouraged to fill your day, in addition to healthy snacks too. Skipping meals is a massive no-no.

Each cycle is devised to suit a particular objective. Cycle 1 is centred on increased fat burn and increased calorie burning post-workout. This is achieved by a mixture of short bursts of intense HIIT cardio and a carefully crafted menu of meals. What you eat is dependent upon whether it is a training day or not. For instance, on a training day you may have to eat one meal from the carbohydrate refuel menu and two from the reduced carbohydrate menu, plus two snacks. On rest days, you may have to choose three meals from the reduced carb menu in addition to two snacks again. Refreshingly realistic, the focus is placed on refuelling in the most effective way possible to supplement your workouts.

Cycle 2 has been devised with ‘Shape’ and muscle sculpting in mind. This involves a diet targeted towards replenishing muscle energy stores and a mixture of HIIT (termed ‘Volume Resistance HIIT’) and resistance training sessions (called, ‘German Volume Training’) which are longer and more intense than those in Cycle 1. This stage also welcomes the introduction of the ‘Pick ‘n’ Mix Principle.’ Its concept is more in line with Joe’s infamous Lean In 15 ethos and affords a greater degree of flexibility in terms of flavours, seasonings and food combinations. Cycle 3, ‘Sustain’, provides a fitting conclusion to the program and a useful way to ensure good habits live on long after the 90 days are over.

Who is it for?

Provided you’re physically able, anybody. From men and women in their 20s to those in their 50s, your personal coach guides you through the entirety of the plan brilliantly. Responses to queries are quick, informative and most importantly, useful in our experience.

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What’s the main message?

That quality rules over quantity in terms of your food intake and workouts. Forget counting calories, this is all about making your training sessions and meals count for more.

What will I learn?

That you can actually eat a lot more than you think, provided you’re eating the right things and exercising in the right way - each work hand-in-hand to support one another.

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Any final takeaways?

On this plan, the likelihood that you’ll feel hungry is pretty non-existent. While the prep is quite full-on, (Joe himself highlights this at the beginning and recommends batch cooking and freezing to help lessen the load), it is completely worthwhile, with plenty of variety afforded in terms of lunches and dinners. The breakfast options are somewhat limited however, with a greater choice unlocked should you choose to do your training in the morning.

Supplements are recommended, but are not essential. Joe’s brand of choice? Myprotein to help with recovery and repair. There’s even a handy discount code included within the guide.

The most important thing that you can take away from it though, is the fact that it actually works. Those who have tried and stuck with it have seen great results. With Joe’s motivational tips, comprehensive narrative throughout and of course, his trademark charisma lighting the way, it’s easy to see why this particular nutrition and fitness plan has created such a loyal community of fans, each with a real passion to share their successful weight loss stories with one another.

New DVD announced

In August 2016 BBC Worldwide announced a new DVD deal with the Lean in 15 star, set to be released on Boxing Day 2016. The DVD will feature Joe guiding viewers through his HIIT workouts, as well as adding new routines for those who are already on his programme and lots of healthy eating tips and recipes. The Joe Wicks: Lean in 15 DVD is available to pre-order now on Amazon for £13.99.

The 90 Day SSS Plan by The Body Coach, £147. Visit our e-guide marketplace here to download it straight to your computer, tablet or smartphone.

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  • Nat Wallis
  • July 12th 2016

Joe Wicks is a complete fake. He doesn't care about anyones fitness or health, all he cares about is the amount in his bank account.

There's next to NOTHING healthy about any of his recipes. Just look at all the fat, eggs and meat, it's not healthy at all. Read more here

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