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Glossy Picks: the latest beauty and wellness drops putting a smile on our faces

May 29th 2020 / 0 comment


The supplements, skincare and a sports bra that we're loving this week

Whether you're looking for practical purchases or luxury treats, we've covered it all this week mixing high-end buys with budget necessities. We gave cool UK indie brand Scientia's new tonic a try (great if you're looking for a new toner to brighten your skin) and put the latest budget primer through its paces -with impressive results.

Here's what we tried, tested and loved this week.

Venus Edition Strawberry Razor, £10.99


Loved by: Jemma Thompson, digital designer

"I know this isn’t the most glamorous glossy pick but my gosh, it’s an essential one with the unlikely chance of getting a wax appointment anytime soon. It’s been a while since I took hair removal back into my own hands and let’s just say this was a refreshing change from when I used to shave with any old razor on offer years ago. As someone who always gets pesky in-grown hairs post-shaving, I was a little apprehensive to go back, however, this was a surprisingly comfortable and close shave. It features five curve-hugging blades that give you a smooth shave without any nicks or cuts alongside moisture bars that release strawberry scented body butters formulated with alpha-hydroxylic acid. Perfect for helping to get rid of dead skin cells whilst leaving you with hydrated skin. I think I may be converted back to the shaving life, it’s sleek, smells like strawberries, gives a close shave and not an ingrown hair in sight – what more could I possibly ask for?"

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Sunday Riley Ice Ceramide Moisturizing Cream, £60 for 50g


Loved by: Melanie Macleod, digital writer

"Sunday Riley has been one of my favourite brands since I first dipped a digit in the refreshing Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream so I was excited to try this new arrival. It smells very strongly of marzipan/almond so if you’ve got a sweet tooth you’ll love this as much as I do. It’s a rich, fairly thick cream but it sinks in quickly and truly made my face look plump and glowing after just one use. The plumpness is thanks to vitamin F, coconut and ceramides three, six and nine which replenish lipid levels and strengthen the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Beetroot and red algae extracts work on the short and long-term causes of dehydration, hence the immediately moisturising feel this gives."

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NeoStrata Triple Firming Neck Cream, £40.99


Loved by: Marie-Louise Pumfrey, GTG contributor

"I realised my neck needed urgent attention when my daughter insisted on ‘face-tuning’ my Instagram picture to smooth out the creases which were clearly visible. So I took advice from the internet and NeoStrata’s Triple Firming Neck Cream came up trumps with rave reviews. Although not a new product it’s my latest discovery which I’ve been using morning and evening for the past couple of weeks. It contains three key ingredients; NeoGlucosamine, NeoCitriate, and pro-amino acid which collectively diminish the appearance of creases and crevices and firm up the skin. Thankfully my neck is much revived although I’m not quite weaned off my FaceTune app!"

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111 Skin Reparative Beauty Dose, £85 for 90 capsules


Loved by: Melanie Macleod, digital writer

"Despite writing about their benefits week in week out, I’ve never been one for taking supplements, but these purple pretties came into my life earlier this month and I’m now a convert. Since popping three of these lilac capsules a day (I’m about two-thirds of the way through my jar) my skin has been smoother and blemishes have been repairing faster than I have ever known. I’m normally plagued by the redness left behind by spots for weeks on end but now they’re disappearing within a few days. These are pretty big pills to swallow but I suppose that’s because there needs to be room for all the ingredients in there! They’re brimming with a cell energising combo of vitamin A, C and E to maintain skin’s health and vitality, as well as coenzyme q10 to support cell function. They’re designed for skin that is overworked and tired thanks to a hectic lifestyle and while my life is anything but at the moment (thanks lockdown) I’m certain these are having a positive impact on my complexion. I’ll be bereft when the jar is empty."

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Bea Skincare Master Antioxidant Cream, £69 for 30ml


Loved by: Jemma Thompson, digital designer

"Recently I’ve discovered Bea Skincare, a line founded by Harley Street-trained skin specialist and medical aesthetician Bianca Estelle. After spending over 17 years in the industry Bianca used her passion for cosmeceutical science and her understanding of the skin concerns many women of colour face to create an everyday skincare range that was fully inclusive for all skin tones. So, naturally, I was excited to try her latest addition. I’m on a mission to tackle my pigmentation and dark spots so I’ve turned to this magic cream, it has effective results without the use of AHAs or BHAs and is free from exfoliants like glycolic, lactic and salicylic acid, which is great for those with sensitive skin. What it is rich in is antioxidant glutathione, hyaluronic and tranexamic acid plus vitamins C and E that all work to gently resurface the skin and help to brighten pigmented areas. I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and my skin is so much more vibrant in tone and my dark spots have noticably diminished."

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BeGlow Tia All-In-One Sonic Skin Care System, £199


Loved by: Ophelia Froud, associate editor

"Without regular salon facials on the horizon due to lockdown I can’t try and test enough facial devices and this is one of the best out there. The BeGlow Tia ticks all my self-care boxes when it comes to cleansing, anti-ageing and toning. The clever three in one sonic skincare system has become my beauty best friend from morning cleanse until night cleanse. Step one is the fully waterproof silicone brush head which pulses and cleans like many well-known competitors on the market. Except this natty device is better shaped for an easier grip than my popular sonic cleanser and it also has a removable head so I can give it a good clean after every use. I also adjusted the pulsation rate for either an energetic morning cleanse wake-up or a soothing night-time wind down. I haven’t stopped squeaky cleaning my skin since I started using it. Step two is the anti-ageing titanium applicator which gently pulses my skin to improve circulation and minimise pores. My skin looked tighter after the first use. Step three is the DualPulse Contouring which lifts, strengthens and re-contours using low and high-frequency pulsations. This is a good one to use on jawlines and chins. The BeGlow had me glowing from step one, so these second steps are beauty bonuses. It looks good, feels good and makes my skin look good. A full charge lasts up to six months so no endless charging. Beauty ticks all round for the best at-home facial device I’ve tried in lockdown”.

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Olew Curl Cream, £14.50


Loved by: Melanie Macleod, digital writer

"Some people wanted to get fit in lockdown, others wanted to master baking. Me? I wanted to sort my curls out and get them back to something resembling the ringlets of my childhood. I didn’t have to try too hard - just a few scrunches of this vegan blend of jojoba, avocado and aloe in soaking wet hair has given me curl definition I haven’t seen in years. The first time I used it I was definitely a bit heavy-handed and was left with crunchy curls, but with about a teaspoon applied to dripping hair my locks felt mermaidy and curly and I almost felt like Lucie from last year’s Love Island (my curl idol). It has a strong coconut fragrance, so not good if you don’t like that, but lucky for me I find it pleasant. It gently controls my mane and stops it from getting tangly too - overall, very good."

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Lottie London Illuminating Coconut Primer, £8.95


Loved by: Jemma Thompson, digital designer

"I can’t say I’ve ever been a massive fan of primers, they’re usually too tacky for my liking and by the time it hits 12pm I just want to wipe my face after applying one. But it was the illuminating aspect that convinced me to give this a go. Firstly, if you’re looking for a primer that will give you a glow you can see from the sky then step aside, BUT if you do want a subtle shimmer this is for 100 per cent you. It contains micro-pearls that give you the most gentle and natural shimmer - just the right amount to catch your eye. Formulated with coconut extract and vitamin B5 which works to increase hydration and help reduce damage to the surface of the skin. I’m obsessed with how smooth and dewy my base looks after using this."

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Scientia Peach and Glow Hydra Skin Tonic, £24


Loved by: Melanie Macleod, digital writer

"Everything about this tonic is a joy to behold; from the peach coloured matte packaging, the brushed glass bottle and the cute peach illustrations adorning the box and bottle - and that’s before I get onto the formula. Created with collagen-boosting Matrixyl 300 (star ingredient in Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair) and tranexamic acid to leave the skin clear and glowing, the lightly peach-scented tonic leaves skin feeling soft to the touch (like the skin of a peach but less fluffy), quenching thirst and diminishing dark spots in one sweep of a cotton pad."

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PlayBrave Nina Performance Bra, £55


Loved by: Melanie Macleod, digital writer

"I’ve never been one to work out in just my sports bra and leggings, but this top from British activewear brand might be the one to make me change my ways. It’s not only in my favourite colour (so I want to show it off) but the cut is extremely flattering. It has an entirely breathable mesh back and a mesh cut out at the front (majorly sweaty zones) to keep you cool working out. I wore it for an at-home yoga class and out for a jog and felt well supported - for more high impact sports or fast running, I’d stick to more industrial style sports bras for medium-impact I highly recommend."

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