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Glossy Picks: January beauty and wellness launches from £5 you'll instantly love

January 17th 2022 / 0 comment


Everything we've tested and loved this month from a new foundation from Charlotte Tilbury, a Kate Somerville serum that fades spot marks and bond repair mask loved by celebrities that's truly transformed our hair

If one of your New Year's resolutions was to explore new beauty products then you're in luck! This year looks set to be a corker when it comes to fresh releases, from a brand new Kate Somerville range especially for blemish-prone skin, the Charlotte Tilbury foundation that everyone's talking about and an ultraluxe new launch from Emma Hardie to elevate shower time – there's a lot to look forward to in 2022.

For breakout-prone skin: Kate Somerville EradiKate Blemish Mark Fading Gel, £58


"Kate Somerville’s peerless Eradikate blemish control range has always been something of a nuclear option for spots. My go-to has until now been Eradikate Blemish Treatment, £24 with ten per cent sulfur can nix those horrible cystic blighters almost overnight. But what if you have slightly sensitive skin? LA aesthetician Kate has now added two new products to the Eradikate range, a spot gel that takes down inflammation, gets into the pores and fades marks afterwards and a gentle salicylic cleanser Eradikate Clarifying Gel Cleanser.

"They both have ingredients to support the microbiome – a vital part of our skin barrier. She tells me she developed these gentler solutions to help treat her own menopausal breakouts and for her teenage son who has eczema as well as breakouts. Both products are excellent, non-drying but it’s the Blemish Mark Fading Gel that’s gone from my tester cupboard to my bathroom. I have umpteen red and brown marks on my legs from insect bites (and a few on my face because I can be a picker) which the niacinamide is helping to tackle. It’s also good for active spots, thanks to the salicylic acid. A clever little bottle indeed.”

Victoria Woodhall, GTG editorial director

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The celebrity-approved scent: Kylie Minogue Darling fragrance, £17.99

kylie-minogue-darling-fragrance.jpg"Kylie Minogue's Darling perfume dropped onto my desk in November and I didn't give it too much attention at first because we were heading into Christmas when I like to wear heady, intoxicating scents such as Tom Ford Black Orchid, or YSL Black Opium. But a new year meant I fancied a new scent and I reached for this. Kylie originally released this in 2005 and relaunched it in 2021 and it's just as lovely as the first time around. It's a powdery, comforting scent that lingers long when you spray it on your clothes, with notes of lily, amber wood and vanilla making it a lovely warming fragrance. If you want a new scent for 2022 to lift your spirits and not break the bank, this is it." Melanie Macleod, GTG digital writer.

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The Harry Styles skincare: The Pleasing Pen, £23

pleasing-pen.jpg"This double-ended rollerball courtesy of Harry Styles' skin and nails range Pleasing, which launched late last year, is ideal for refreshing your under eyes and lips on the move, with two potent serums applied with cooling steel rollers. The fresh eye gel has lingonberry, okra and hyaluronic salt to awaken tired under eyes and leave a lasting cooling effect, while the demi-matte lip treatment has soothing marshmallow, which is really replenishing my lips in the cold weather." Catherine Fulwood, GTG commercial projects manager

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The shower upgrade: Emma Hardie Moringa Luxury Bath & Shower Oil, £38

emma-hardie-moringa-luxury-bath-shower-oil-.jpg"The Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm is one of my all-time favourite products and I will tell anyone who will listen how much I adore it. The scent, the texture, the whole package makes my skincare routine a joy. So, you can imagine my delight when the brand announced the launch of its first-ever body care line recently. This bath and shower oil is a spa-in-a-jar, thanks to an incredibly nourishing blend of conditioning oils such as grapeseed, almond, moringa and many more. It’s the perfect sensory pick-me-up. I put a capful in the bath with running water, and sometimes I’ll add it directly to my skin to feel extra silky smooth. It just feels like a big hug!"

Jemma Thompson, GTG social media and graphic design manager

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The retinol body cream: Perricone MD Cold Plasma Fragile Skin, £34.30

perricone-md-cold-plasma-fragile-skin.jpg“Although this isn’t a brand new launch, it’s new to me (as many more luxury products are, seeing as I was on a student budget until recently!). Using this has instantly soothed my dry, cracked skin and my elbows have never felt so smooth. It absorbs really fast and is unscented, which is unusual with body care and not my first choice, but I've grown to appreciate it.

“This lotion surprised me when I looked at the ingredients list, as it’s full of skincare ingredients such as retinol, micro hyaluronic acid and peptides, all in there to help firm your skin up and strengthen it to prevent future damage." Amy Rostas, GTG beauty and social media assistant

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The productivity tool: Mal Paper Daily Goal Setter Planner, £24

ma-l-paper.jpg"Nothing says self-care like goal setting. Mal Paper, renowned for its beautifully-created journals, has created the essential planner for anyone looking to focus on their self-care practice. It is stunningly designed with a PU leather softback cover in a range of colours and two ribbon dividers to separate out weekly and daily goals. The paper itself feels incredible to write on. But my favourite part is that it is undated, so, if you're like me and either forget or don't feel like journaling for the day, week, month, or year (it's a thing), then you can jump straight back in where you left off. It does away with the tradition of retiring unused notebooks that glaringly remind you of all the bits you failed to fill out.

"This Daily Goal Setter is filled with affirmations, has daily prompts for gratitude, looks super cute on my nightstand and has helped dramatically with my self-love practice. Happy New Year!" Hattie Sloggett, GTG contributor

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The luxe mist: Chanel No.1 de Chanel Revitalising Serum-in-Mist, £67

no-1-de-chanel-revitalising-serum-in-mist-.gif"Chanel’s first sustainable collection No1 de Chanel dropped this month as a capsule line of skincare, makeup and a fragrance mist. With a higher concentration of natural ingredients and a ‘revitalizing’ theme, it’s all based around the red camellia flower, which apparently helps address the things that most bother us – wrinkles, pore and skin laxity.

"The eco steps that Chanel has taken here include glass rather than plastic bottles, a refillable moisturiser, recycled plastic in the lids and water-based ink and removing leaflets and cellophane. Let’s hope it becomes the norm rather than the niche! The only product I’ve tried is the Serum-in-Mist. With anti-pollution protection and pull-from-your-handbag creds, this really is a refreshing treat that’s more moisturising than your standard water mist. That’s down to its bi-phase composition - about one quarter camellia oil, three quarters camellia water. I’ve seen other beauty editors raving about the Red Camellia Revitalizing Lip and Cheek Balm too. I’m happy to see that they’ve gone waterless with the Red Camellia Powder-to-Foam Cleanser, which is next on my list to try." VW

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For a soothing bath: Mauli Rituals Himalayan Healing Salts, £42

mauli-rituals-himalayan-healing-salts.jpg"From budget to high end, I've tried lots of different bath salts and these are among the loveliest. Made from pink Himalayan healing salts, 13 therapeutic oils and powdered rose quartz crystals, everything about these says 'self-care' right down to the red string that's inside the jar, designed to be tied around your wrist and traditionally believed to protect against evil forces. After a 20 minute soak with the spa-scented salts, I felt calm and drifted into a deep sleep. Next time I'm feeling worried or anxious of an evening, these will be the first thing I reach for from my overflowing bath product stash!" MM

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SkinCeuticals H.A. (Hyaluronic Acid) Intensifier Serum 30ml, £90

skinceuticals-h-a-intensifier-serum.jpg"This January I’m super focused on making sure my skin is ultra-hydrated so I decided to finally try this cult serum for the first time. This super-concentrated hyaluronic acid is from the experts at Skinceuticals. It's one of those does-it-all, anytime, anyplace products that removes the complication of a ten-step routine, which is the vibe I’m feeling right now. It’s not sticky, absorbs in super quick and leaves skin feeling bright and tight (but in a good way)..." CF

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The returning classic: Glossier You Solid, £24, from 18 Jan 2022


"This isn’t strictly a new launch. It came out back in 2018 and was discontinued in late 2019. Due to popular demands it’s back and better than ever, with a few tricks up its sleeve. It's still the classic ‘You’ formula we love, which adapts to your body’s own scent, but this time it features a new vegan formulation in a sustainable refillable format.

"Wondering why this solid perfume was such a hit? I’ll fill in the gaps. It’s portable and contains no water or alcohol content so the waxy texture is travel friendly. Plus, it literally melts into your skin, giving you a super subtle scent, like an extension of yourself that lasts for hours on end. There’s no word if this is limited edition again, so hopefully it’s here to stay. But you’d better snap one up – you know, just in case." JT

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The cosy candle: Skandinavisk Koto Scented Candle (mini), £18

skandinavisk-koto-mini-scented-candle.jpg"Since working from home, I’ve been compelled to make my bedroom the ultimate zen zone and this candle has helped keep me calm. Lighting a candle really puts me at ease and the cute size of this one makes me smile. It has notes of vanilla beans and dried orange peel, Baltic amber and vintage leather furniture and now I’ve written that down, it makes so much sense! Picture walking into a warm cosy chalet with the fire burning and that's what this smells of." AR

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The night-in scent: Experimental Perfume Club Signature Blend: Ephemeral Edition, £32


"The EPC is one of my favourite fragrance brands of the last few years; every one of their releases is utterly divine. Their Ephemeral Collection is created in small batches by blending a selection of their fragrances together, each inspired by the change of season. Winter of 2021 brought us this one; warm and smoky, sandalwood and vetiver are mixed with fig leaves and basil creating a deeply cosy yet fresh fragrance. As an excessive fragrance spritzer, I blanket myself in this delicious scent after a hot bath, light the fire and curl up on the sofa. For, what I can only describe as, the ultimate self-care night-in." HS

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For intense hair repair: K18 Leave-in Molecular Hair Repair Mask, £9

k18-leave-in-molecular-hair-repair-mask.gif"I was recently given this little tube of wonder by my colourist Charlie Double, one of Four London’s four Jo Hansford-trained founders, who knows my hair will snap and fall out if you so much as look at it. She said that clients were raving about this new bond repair paste that you use post-wash as your conditioner step and leave in. She ran a blob about the size of two peas through my wet hair and the result was a smooth blow-dry that you normally only get with styling products that have heaps of silicone. I took the tube home and my hair has never felt better.

"It works via a patented K18 peptide that transfers amino acids into the inner structure of the hair to revive it. I bit of Googling revealed a raft of A-list fans from across the pond, claiming it brought their hair back to life. Can it steal Olaplex’s crown for supporting damaged hair? While Olaplex is a pre-shampoo leave-in, which I don’t always have time for, K-18 Hair Treatment Mask is a post-wash step that replaces your bond repair, your conditioner and your styling product. For convenience and minimalism, it gets my vote. I am now graduating from this sample size (enough for about four treatments) to the ten times bigger 50ml pot. Yes, it’s £55, but then in the word of Fleabag “Hair. Is. Everything." VW

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For brighter skin: Ren Glow And Protect Serum, £50

ren-glow-and-protect-serum.jpg"I'm a big fan of Ren serums (I finished their Evercalm Redness Relief Serum back in October) because they're packed with powerful ingredients and have a light, creamy texture which I prefer to the clear, stickier textures many serums have. This new launch has a range of antioxidants, which we all need to daily protect put skin against stress damage. It's a bit like eating the rainbow, a range of antioxidants is better than just one (the 'entourage effect'). This serum combines vitamin C, dragon fruit and omega 5, to protect, brighten, support the skin's microbiome as well as hydrate and soothe. It sinks in beautifully, a little goes a long way and stops my skin from looking lacklustre. " MM

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The nighttime skincare: ESPA Overnight Glow Enzyme Peel, £45

espa-8.jpg"You might sense a theme here in my January picks: glow and hydration are where it’s at! This gentle peel smells delicious and a little truly does go a long way. I woke up with much brighter and refreshed skin and importantly, feeling less grey, essential for these colder, bleaker months." CF

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The intense lip hydrator: Garnier Cherry and Panthenol Replumping Lip Sheet Mask, £2.99

garnier-cherry-and-panthenol-replumping-lip-sheet-mask-.jpg"Dry lips are a given when the temperatures are arctic as they are now, but these lip sheet masks are here to save the day. They have a soft Cherry Drop scent and in 15 minutes they made my lips feel much softer. When lips are hydrated, they automatically appear plumper and more youthful, without the help of lip filler or irritating, plumping lip balms. These are a real treat to use and my lipstick applied so much more smoothly the evening after I used these. " MM

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The pollution defence foundation: Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Foundation, £34

"Any launch by Charlotte Tilbury is announced with comes with excited punctuation and capital letters ("DAHLINGS!") but ultimately Charlotte Tilbury she's a red carpet makeup artist and behind the exclamation marks, her formulations have to work on the pickiest of customers. This new base comes with skincare ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and a rose complex to combat dullness as well as a pollution shield and claims to improve your skin the more you use it....


"It gave me slightly more coverage than I'm used to – I'd normally choose her fluid Light Wonder, £34 – but when I need a medium coverage that's neither matte nor dewy and looks like natural skin, this is a great option that's vegan and ina recyclable tube. There are 30 shades, which you can select according to your overtone and undertone. I got mine spot on just by watching the explainer video." VW

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The buzzy mascara: Maybelline Colossal Curl Bounce Mascara, £10.99


"When I find a product I love I’m really loyal to it. I’ve been a dedicated user of the Maybelline Lash Sensational wand for many years and truthfully I didn’t think I’d find something which would see it lose its coveted spot in my makeup bag. Then this came along and everything changed. Minimal makeup faff is my MO. Curling my eyelashes is usually a no-go, so the fact that this brilliant, budget mascara has a built-in curling mechanism (don’t ask me how it works it just does) means it's an absolute winner in my book. The wand lifts lashes, there’s no clumping, it’s jet black and you can layer — what more do you need? It’s officially taken the number one mascara spot in my kit." Verity Clark, GTG contributor

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Mac Cosmetics Viva Glam x Keith Haring lipstick, £17.50


"One of my new year resolutions is to wear red lipstick! It’s such a gorgeous, classic and chic look but one I rarely embrace, mainly because it’s tricky to apply cleanly and can get onto your teeth. I’ve also got out of the habit as it's not the easiest to wear a bold lip with a face mask. Before Christmas, I was given the new Mac Cosmetics Viva Glam x Keith Haring matte red lipstick which has the coolest packaging featuring the New York artist's iconic street-style images. My shade is ‘Red Haring’, a perfect bright cherry red with a creamy finish (there's also a blue and a yellow lipstick in honour of his primary colours palette). A quick swish and my mood instantly lifts. I feel empowered and more able to deal with the dark months ahead and have pledged to wear it every day in January. It makes me happy in so many ways and 100 per cent of the sales are going to HIV/Aids charities. It’s long-wearing and non-feathering for up to ten hours!" Marie-Louise Pumfrey @mrsmlmode, GTG contributor.

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The skin-soothing moisturiser: Votary Natural Glow Day Cream, £70 ​​


"Votary is one of the brands that makes me feel like I've got my life together when I use it. It's uncomplicated, yet luxury and that's the vibe I'm after in 2022. I've been using the brand's Radiance Reveal Mask, £55 for a month or so and I've never known brightening like it, so I was happy to add this to my routine too. It feels rich and soothing, with safflower, which delivers slow-release, long-lasting moisture, as well as the alt-retinol bakuchiol to fight signs of ageing. On top of that there's pomegranate ferment, which is an anti-inflammatory to soothe the skin. I've heard much talk about how fermented skincare is really set to take off, and if it's all as lovely as this, I can see why." MM

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The gentle makeup remover: Cerave Micellar Cleansing Water, £10


"Granted, a makeup remover is not the most exciting of beauty products, but this is just what my dry skin needs right now. I’m finding my usual cleansers too astringent now it’s so cold but this is so gentle that my skin doesn’t feel stripped at all. Plus, it does that magic thing of actually removing all my makeup (so often removers don’t do the job they promise!) and it contains hydrating ceramides which my thirsty skin is crying out for." VC

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The budget peel: Boots Banana Peel and Polish, £5


"If you’re in the market to treat yourself but December’s festivities have you pinching the pennies this month, I’ve got the best budget buy for you. Say hello to Banana Peel and Polish, the latest addition to the well-loved Boots Glow skincare range. The key ingredient is banana (of course), which is a natural source of AHAs, who knew? Vitamin A and E are in the mix too, all working together to gently exfoliate the surface of your skin, de-clog pores and remove dead cells. I like to use it once a week for five minutes to take my skin from drab to fab and leave my complexion bright and radiant." JT

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The does-it-all palette: Natasha Denona Glam Face Palette in Light, £51


"This is the first product from MUA Natasha Denona's range that I've ever tried and I was not disappointed. The rose gold packaging is gorgeous, the colours within the palette are breathtaking and the pigment is insane. Basically, I am obsessed with every aspect of it!

"Since opening this in late December, I've used it every time I've worn makeup. It's so versatile because the powders are buildable, so you can go for a natural or dramatic look. I used it on New Year’s Eve and received so many compliments about how glowy I looked and that was definitely down to this.

"It includes a highlight shade (Star Glow) which applies like butter and completely sinks into my skin, along with a blush and five eyeshadow colours which are named to tell you where to put which one on your eye – it’s like painting by numbers." AR

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The mood-lifting shower buy: Hackney Hand & Body Wash, £16


"I’m obsessed with everything in the luxury bath and body brand Soapsmith’s Hackney Marsh range. Aside from the packaging which was inspired by Halley’s Comet (discovered by Hackney-born astronomer Edmond Halley) and instantly elevates my bathroom from student-style-pit to something-resembling- chic, the fresh, herby combo of rosemary, bergamot, geranium and sandalwood is an instant mood lifter. The body wash is my new favourite way of pepping up my day" VC.

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The luxe serum: Decorte’ Liposome Advanced Serum, £80


"Decorte’s Moisture Liposome serum first launched in 1992 and has held the crown of being Japan’s best-selling serum for years - quite a feat in a country bursting with impressive skincare. Loved for its long-lasting moisturising powers (and therefore ability to impart give plumpness and glow) it now has a big sister. The new ‘Advanced’ version, with added age-proofing powers has a bamboozling amount of science and testing behind it – as with everything from Decorte’.

"Under the microscope, Liposome Advanced has been shown to strengthen and firm the skin deep down and lock moisture in even in the driest conditions (very dry Jan? You need this). It’s one of those serums, like Elizabeth Arden’s Advanced Night Repair, that you can’t quite decipher, even when it’s explained to you, but that suddenly becomes cult because it simply works. I tried this with no expectations and have kept going back to it because my skin was so bouncy – I kept poking it out of sheer delight. As a bonus, using it in the morning completely nixes the dry feeling I often get from my overnight retinol, meaning that I can use that more often too." VW.

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The radiance-boosting serum: Korres Golden Krocus Ageless Saffron Elixir Serum, £76


"This arrived just in time as I finished my bottle of Korres' Velvet Skin Drink, £36, and was ready to try something new. This serum is certainly expensive, but everything about it, from the gilded bottle to the pearlescent formula says 'luxury'. It was created to repair the signs of ageing, using beta-glucans to attract water to the top layer of the skin for hydration, along with radiance-boosting peptides to keep skin looking youthful. A few drops before makeup gives me a subtle glow, plumping my skin at the same time, plus it has an ultra subtle floral scent which I like very much." MM.

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The purse-friendly moisturiser: The Inkey List Omega Water Cream Moisturizer, £9.99


"This new hydrating water-based gel moisturiser from The Inkey List is at the top of my favourites this month. I often find that skincare can leave my skin feeling quite tight, even when its main role is to hydrate, but this is a complete game-changer. It's super hydrating yet not oily and sits well under makeup, all for under a tenner!" AR.

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The speedy moisturiser: Curél Deep Moisture Spray for Dry, Sensitive Skin, £19.50


"I’ve been trying to write about this spray-on moisturiser in Glossy Picks for weeks, but it keeps selling out (it’s back in stock at Boots, but hurry). If you don’t know this Japanese pharmacy brand for dry and sensitive skin then this fine mist will surely convert you. (The surprisingly lightweight Intensive Moisture Facial Cream is excellent – try it in the two-week Curél Enrich Trial and Travel Kit, which has four products for £17.50).

"This face mist is not just water and glycerine but is the first (so they claim) to contain ceramides, the fatty acids that create a strong skin barrier and lock moisture in and which are particularly crucial for mature or sensitive skin. I spritz this liberally first thing in the morning and then around 3pm to wake myself and my makeup up again – winter foundation flake is easily avoided. You don’t have to limit it to the face either as it's a big bottle. I've been spraying my neck and chest and even the hard to reach bits of my back which often feel dry and itchy." VW

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