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Budget Beauty

Meghan Markle’s favourite budget beauty buy

November 8th 2017 / Anna Hunter / 0 comment


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It’s refreshingly affordable and you can pick it up on your next supermarket shop…

Actress, humanitarian ambassador and former editor of lifestyle website The Tig Meghan Markle is mainly making headlines on account of her relationship with Prince Harry (go figure), but despite the royal connections and the closure of her editorial venture, she’s still keeping it real in sharing the things she loves, and in the beauty arena said stuff is happily down-to-earth and on budget for all.

She recently sang the praises of a familiar high street body lotion, describing Nivea Q10 Plus Firming, £6.79, as “honestly my favourite lotion- it’s so affordable, and makes my skin look and feel amazing.” Given that we’re going into the winter months and a long way from payday, we’re welcome to such nourishing, non-spendy recommendations. This isn’t the first time that Meghan’s shared her wallet-friendly beauty picks with the world either- she revealed to Allure that she’s also partial to Chapstick and carries a little bottle of tea tree oil around on her travels to keep breakouts, bites and bacteria at bay. Practical and penny saving, princess to be or not.


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