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Renee Zellweger claims a 'happy life' is the cause of her new face

October 22nd 2014 / Ayesha Muttucumaru Google+ Ayesha Muttucumaru / 1 comment


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As the star denies surgery, we take a look at the fibs celebs tell to cover up going under the knife

When Renee Zellweger stepped out at the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards on Monday, the internet pretty much exploded upon laying eyes on the Oscar winner’s shockingly different face.

A transformation that had many questioning whether it was even the same person, the A-list actress branded the plastic surgery talk “silly” in an interview with People on Tuesday.

However, what startled us the most was her apparent denial of having any work done. "I'm glad folks think I look different!” She said. “I'm living a different, happy, more fulfilling life, and I'm thrilled that perhaps it shows."

She added, “It seems the folks who come digging around for some nefarious truth, which doesn't exist won't get off my porch until I answer the door.”

Going under the knife is nothing new in Hollywood, with the pressure to stay looking younger for longer, bigger and more intense than ever. Whether someone decides to have a subtle nip or tuck done is a completely personal decision, however the key to having it done well is to ensure that you still look like yourself at the end of it.

Here are some other A-listers whose mouths seem to be saying one thing, but their faces and other body parts another...

Michael Jackson

In a 2002 interview with Martin Bashir, Jackson denied that he had had plastic surgery beyond a nose job. "I've had no plastic surgery on my face," he said. "Just my nose. It helped me breathe better so I can hit higher notes." Sadly, the King of Pop’s startlingly different face implies he could have had more.

Nicki Minaj

Does silence imply consent? When it comes to Nicki Minaj’s derriere, the jury’s still out as to whether she actually went and got butt implants. In a 2011 interview with MTV2’s Funk Flex Full Throttle, the rap star said, “I don’t mind the questions, I don’t mind the fascination ... But I’ve said this before, it doesn’t define me. So, I try my best not to focus my energy on it," she commented. "Like, if you guys focus energy on and spend energy on it, I don’t mind it. You know, people are sitting in the barbershop talking about my butt, it’s conversational. That’s what people are gonna do. As long as they’re talking about Nicki Minaj, I’m good."

MORE GLOSS: Botox - one of the first journalists to try the treatment traces its journey

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman’s apparently frozen face at Variety’s 5th Annual Power of Women event made headlines, leading many to question whether she had overdone the Botox. The actress has never confirmed the rumours though instead saying, “I am completely natural,” in an interview. “I have nothing in my face or anything. I wear sunscreen, and I don’t smoke. I take care of myself. And I’m very proud to say that.”

Donatella Versace

The world renowned designer has previously put her change in looks over the years down to botox and 'excellent' skin products. What do you think?

And a shout out to the most honest of them all...

Joan Rivers

Never afraid to admit to how much of a plastic surgery advocate she was, the late comedienne joked on Anderson Cooper’s talk show, "Every weekend I just go in and I do something new. I get a tenth one free. It's a little like coffee, you just keep going." She even alluded to having over 700 cosmetic procedures, although she later admitted she was only pulling Cooper's leg.

You’ve got to applaud her honesty.


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  • Elisa
  • October 23rd 2014

You, and all the others bloggers who've been talking about this non-stop, need to give this woman a break already!
Her face has been the object of mockery for YEARS, way before she even got any surgery. Can you imagine how that feels?
And maybe she IS happier now, what would you know about that?
The pressure put on celebrities to look a certain way is ridiculous and toxic and has repercussions on everyone, even the non-famous.
I wish you'd write about this intead of putting people down.

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