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Urban Decay is launching a new Naked palette for Smoky eyes

June 3rd 2015 / Katie Robertson Google+ Katie Robertson / 0 comment


Photo credit: Refinery29

Come July Urban Decay are releasing a new Naked Eye Palette for smoky eyes and it sounds incredible...

Creating an office frenzy similar to when Kim K attempted to break the internet with those photos, yesterday word reached GTG HQ that Urban Decay are releasing a new Naked Palette for smoky eyes and - We. Went. Nuts.

Featuring a number of updates to the traditional Naked palette format, Naked Smoky will span a range of colour families - unlike Nakeds 1 through 3, which focused on specific colour stories.

"In most Naked palettes, there is an undercurrent running through," explains founder Wende Zomnir. "Naked 1 was a bit more bronze-y, Naked 2 was more taupe-y, and Naked 3 was warm and rosy neutrals. [With] Naked Smoky, you have a range of neutrals - your basic matte shades, and then a mini collection of bronze, a mini collection of taupe, a mini collection of grays and blacks, and then this one eggplant. It's a variety of color families you can dip into."

The palette also includes uber-detailed instructions to help you create four distinctly different looks: UD Smoky Eye, Smoky Cat, Smoky Reality Star, and the Smoky Everyday. "We are nailing any kind of smoky eye you want," says Zomnir, "whether it's a super-intense black, supermodel smoky eye, or just a little more intense than you would normally wear - the office smoky eye."

Essentially it’s your one-stop-shop to every kind of sensationally smoky style possible.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky, £39.50 is available here

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