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Your working from home wardrobe: luxe lounge wear that's chic not scruffy

March 17th 2020 / Melanie Macleod / 0 comment


So cosy, so comfy, so what we need right now

With many of us now confined to working from home, there’s advice flying about all over the place about how to be productive. From sticking to your usual work hours routine to making sure you take a lunch break, it’s all common sense, but the advice that stuck with us most is to make sure to get dressed every day.

As influencer Lily Pebbles, who has worked from home for seven years wrote on Instagram: “ You won’t feel productive in your PJs so as tempting as it might be, get properly dressed.”

As sensible as it is to get dressed every day rather than to lounge in your jimjams, nobody wants to sit in a blazer and heels and court shoes at their kitchen table, and tight jeans don't seem worth the discomfort if no one's watching. Enter luxe-loungewear - comfy enough that you can sit all day in but special enough that you feel productive.

Here’s our edit of the best working from home clothes to make the most of not being in the office - we predict a sell-out!

Finley Eberjey knotted jumpsuit, £129.60


We take any opportunity we can to wrap up in our Eberjey robe and have been looking for an excuse to splash out on this jumpsuit. And this imposed working from home seems perfect. If we’re having to isolate for as long as predicted, cost-per-wear it’s actually very reasonable… add a T-shirt underneath and you're sorted.

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Madeleine Thompson waffle-knit wool and cashmere track pants, £330


All that money you’re saving by not going to spin / out for dinner can be put towards these luxury bottoms. The wool and cashmere blend makes them ridiculously comfortable and we defy you not to fall for the matching top

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Topshop lace-up flared trousers, £25


Flares, but make them comfy. These are ultra-cosy, plus the lace-up front means they can accommodate a big working-from-home lunch.

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Be Here & Love sweater, £70


Designed for yoga, but ideal for WFH. This chic black jumper has dropped shoulders and a slouchy neckline for the ultimate comfort.

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Gymshark Slounge ribbon bottoms, £30


Sitting in our Gymshark coord set post-at-home workout is tempting, but does feel a bit sweaty. So it makes sense to swap into these instead. No more formal than our leggings, we know, but it feels good to change out of workout wear - and the ribbon makes them feel chicer.

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Misguided green ribbed coord set, £16


What is it about ribbed loungewear that’s so tempting? We don’t know. But this mint green set instantly appealed.

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M&S cashmere relaxed fit jumper, £89


The beauty with this cosy jumper is that when working from home is just a distant memory you can smarten it up with leather skirts or a blazer for a formal office-appropriate look.

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Calè stretch-velour track pants, £205


If you didn’t grow up in the noughties, we don’t expect you to understand the draw of velour, but these icy blue trews instil a real sense of calm in us. The tapered cuffs make them extra comfy, plus the elasticated waistband means they're very wearable for sitting down in all day.

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& Other Stories ribbed wool-blend hooded sweatshirt, £75


Made with ultra-soft alpaca wool, this ribbed hoody is a serious glow-up from our usual grey zip-up hoodies. Pair with leggings at home or with skinny jeans once we’re allowed back out into the world again.

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H&M cashmere lounge trousers, £79.99


The trend for baggy trousers lives on - we picture these soft ones paired with a plain vest top. You’ll feel no shame opening the front door to the postie in these babies! With H&M cashmere one the most affordable around we suggest teaming it with the gorgeous chunky Cashmere Mix Polo Neck £99

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H&M Cashmere Blend Joggers £39.99 and Cardigan £49.99


Available in Light Beige and a gorgeous Marsala wine red, these 90 per cent cashmere joggers get our best-value vote. Sizes XS to XL. The beige cardi is selling particularly fast. Race you there.

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Boden cuffed jersey joggers, £45


The splash of colour on the cuff gives these cotton-blend trousers a stylish edge over our other loungewear. Pair with crisp white trainers if you have to nip out for a stylish, casual ensemble.

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