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The 5:2 diet plan: week one

January 7th 2013 / 56 comments


How do you do the 5:2 diet? In a six week series, nutritional therapist Vicki Edgson brings you the ultimate guide with her weekly 5 2 diet meal plans for both fasting and non-fasting days

It's been a while since a diet craze came along that wasn't slaughtered by the experts and deemed a Very Bad Idea, but ever since the concept of the 5:2 diet (that's the 'five to two' diet, also known as the 2 5 diet or Fast Diet) came along, a quiet buzz has swept calorie counters everywhere.

It all started when Dr Michael Mosley attracted our attention with BBC's Horizon programme Eat, Fast, Live Longer, which saw him adopt a new way of fasting to lose a stone in five weeks. Curious yet?

The diet involves five days 'on' and two days 'off'; that is, five days of eating normally (keep it healthy, mind) and originally two days of cutting calorie intake to around 500 calories each, however, Dr Mosley has since updated the 5:2 calorie guidelines to make fasting guidelines that bit more manageable...

The Updated 5:2 Diet

Five years after its original conception, Dr Mosley revised* the original 5:2 diet to a new variation - the 5:2 Blood Sugar Diet. Based on the principles of the Mediterranean diet, you can stick to the same 5:2 routine but allow for 800 calories on fast days as opposed to the former 500 suggested for women, and 600 for men, as Dr Mosley explains:

"Going up to 800 calories is unlikely to make much of a difference, but it makes it easier to fit into a busy life."

It may take you slightly longer to reach your weight loss goal, so by all means stick to Vicki's 500 calories fast day meal ideas as outlined below if the original 5:2 concept works for you, but if a little extra sustenance is required, here are some guidelines as to the calorie counts of healthy meal additions to take you up to the 800 mark:

A banana: 52 cals

Poached egg: 53 cals

20 almonds: 140 cals (one almond is 7 calories)

Skinless chicken breast: 148 calories

100g serving of tofu: roughly 68 calories

Medium avocado: 143 kcal

One tablespoon full fat Greek yogurt: 59 cals

One small bar of dark chocolate (32g): roughly 180 cals

50g serving of houmous: roughly 160 cal

10 strawberries: 30 cal (one strawberry is 1 calorie)

30g serving of porridge oats: 114 cal

50g portion of brown rice: 166 cal

Clearly additions aren't restricted to the above (just ideas!). You can check the calorie count of meals and snacks using the NHS Calorie Checker to determine whether you're hitting your 800 calorie fast day limit.

As for how to go about doing the 5:2 diet? For the next six weeks health and nutrition expert Vicki Edgson will be bringing you a weekly free diet plan of what to eat and when - with plenty of great tips and food inspiration along the way. In fact, she makes it sound all pretty easy, not to mention tasty…


Normal non-fast days

Choose one option for each of the five full eating days


1. Medium bowl of porridge with 1 tablespoon of blanched almonds, 1 tsp of sunflower seeds made with water, sweetened with 5 drops of vanilla essence and 1 grated apple. Enjoy with one cup of green tea.

2. 200g of Greek style full fat yoghurt with 100g of mixed berries (may be taken from frozen), 2 tsp of pumpkin seeds

3. 2 full egg omelette with large handful of wilted watercress or spinach, 1 piece of pumpernickel toast. 1 cup of white tea.

4. Crumbled feta with half an avocado and lime juice on toasted rye. 1 cup of green tea.

5. 2 slices of honey roast ham with two poached eggs. 1 cup of Rooibosch tea.


1. Medium box of mixed fish sushi with small pot of edamame beans and optional bowl of miso soup

2. Poached salmon with small potato salad and mixed leaf bag salad, served with olive oil and lemon juice dressing.

3. Chicken Caesar salad with added small pack of sugar snap peas, 1 dessert spoon of olive oil (instead of any pre-made dressing)

4. Mixed bean hot pot with added soba noodles (buckwheat)

5. 450g of fresh chicken and vegetable soup (not tinned), with two rye crackers


1. 6oz fillet steak with potato dauphinoise and French beans

2. Grilled sea bass (whole) with roasted root vegetables

3. Tofu and Asian vegetables stir fry with soya, ginger and garlic sauce

4. Lentil and vegetable bake with crumbled feta topping

5. Fish pie with salmon, haddock and prawns


Low-Calorie Fast Days

Choose from one of the options for either breakfast and lunch, or breakfast and dinner


1. 1 banana, 1 tsp of vanilla essence, 100g Greek style natural yoghurt (not low fat) - blend until smooth (add a dash of semi-skimmed milk for desired consistency)

2. 2 poached eggs on a handful of wilted spinach

Lunch or Dinner:

1. Small grilled chicken breast (skin removed) with 100g tabouleh salad

2. 3 medium falafel grilled with 2 dessertspoon tahini dressing with a cucumber and tomato salad

3. 1 large grilled portobello mushroom filled with 2 tbsp of ready prepared Puy lentils, topped with four artichoke hearts (may be tinned), and a drizzle of olive oil.

4. 5 stir-fried king prawns with grated ginger and chilli, served with 20g (dry weight) brown rice noodles

Teas and drinks

Choose from any of the following herbal teas to encourage proper hydration and drink frequently throughout the day:

Green, white, nettle, fennel, rooibosch, vanilla, jasmine, camomile, ginger and lemon, peppermint

Reserve sparkling water for an evening pick-me-up in lieu of alcohol. Try mixing the following ingredients with a bottle of sparkling water overnight for non-alcoholic options:

  • Ginger juice extract

  • Juice of two limes with 3 drops of vanilla essence

  • Lemongrass (1 stick, smashed not sliced)

  • Aim to drink 2 litres of fluids per day

Need more recipes for your calorie days? Take a look at this fast day meal plan or see more great 5:2 diet recipes here

All done? Head over here for week two!

*'The diet that helped millions lose weight', by Dr Michael Mosley for Daily Mail



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  • November 2nd 2017

Ahm, silly question, but are there any recipes for these dishes or do we need to go browse for each one?
Also, how many calories on the normal eating days?

  • Eileen
  • August 17th 2016

Hi ,New to 5:2 ,need to lose 2stone I right in thing that its best to do FD split rather than together and how long do you fast between tea and next meal please ...I think I would rather miss breakfast and have a piece of fruit for lunch and have most of my calories in evening meal ...any tips are welcome ....I am limited to exercise as I have MS which restricts my mobility x

  • Christine
  • June 19th 2014

I started the 5:2 on 19/5/14 and have lost 7lbs in 1 month. My target is another 8lbs. A great information source is the 5:2 original book. Get the Gloss has great updates, I check them out for inspiration and ideas. I fast on Tuesdays/Thursdays and exercise on those days plus Fridays. My favourite FD breakfast is banana & strawberry smoothie with greek yogurt from the 5:2 recipes. Make sure you stay hydrated with plenty of water/herbal teas etc. For dinner I have tried an abundance of different proteins: tuna, prawns, feta or chicken with loads of salad. I feel refreshed & healthy after my FDs and am excited to see further losses!

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  • victoria
  • October 21st 2013

hi, all. i need to loose some weight, for christmas and also to make myself feel fitter. i am only small in hight and to loose about 1st i weigh 9st 4lbs and tomorrow will be my first day on the 5'2 wish me luck

  • Chris
  • October 21st 2013

Having spoken to two (also male) friends last week who have lost one and two stones respectively, I've decided finally to grasp the nettle and have a go at the 5:2. Week 1 starts today and I weigh precisely 14 st. Have also taken the other measurements suggested on various sites. Target is to get to 12st 7 lbs by Christmas. Wish me luck! Cantoris. P.S. Just off for my banana breakfast.

  • Loraine
  • July 15th 2013

Hi, just found this forum, I have been following this diet for about 6 weeks now and have lost quite a bit of weight, I do exercise everyday.
I tend to only eat a meal in the evening on my fast days and maybe some fruit at lunchtime, I do drink plenty of water and fruit or herbal teas as well.
I find if I don't eat I don't feel hungry, so this works for me also I rarely eat breakfast so don't think about food until at least lunchtime.
I sometimes find it difficult to eat enough calories on eating days and so I am concentrating on eating more.
How do people with families manage on fast days, I usually cook a low calories meal and give my husband and daughter extra, but I find it difficult sometimes to divide portions acurately.

  • alan
  • July 4th 2013 new to this site and would like to share my experiences. I am a 47 year old male, who exercises moderately. At the start of the year (Jan 2013), I weighed 80kgs. I then started, early Feb, to follow a similar self-set diet to that of the 5:2. I changed my diet to 2 days of 600 calories, 3 days of 1200 calories, and 2 days eat what I want. I have never dieted before and did not follow anyone's advice - just tried calorie watching according to what I thought was best. I now weigh 67 it is working for me. I want to get down to 64kgs but the last 3 seem the hardest to shift. I am going to try walking 10 000 steps a day to see if that helps.

  • Michelle
  • April 7th 2013

Tracey young - I was very interested to view yr comments. I too have no thyroid and find it extremely difficult to lose weight. I have read dr Mosley's book and done quite a lot of research. Did u have to check with yr doc b4 starting this. I want to view it as a change of lifestyle rather than a diet. I tend to be a plain eater, soups, scrambled eggs, beans on toast etc. any tips? Oh yes any weight loss would b fantastic!!!

  • dee
  • March 12th 2013

Hi, I just started my first week of the 5:2 diet this week and i was wondering what days are the best to do a fast and weigh yourself? I did my fast on Monday and then i'm going to do my next fast on Friday and maybe again on Sunday? should I do 3 fasts a week and what day should i weigh myself should it be next Monday morning or...? :) thanks

  • joanne
  • February 25th 2013

Hi everyone i started the diet today when i woke up all i had was green tea until about 3pm when i had a banana ive just had weightwatchers ready meal for 330 cals and thats it am i doing it correctly ? confused with all this time to time i just assumed that when i woke up id start and eat only 500 that day and nxt day back to normal please help

  • Rachael
  • February 24th 2013

Hi, im new to this diet and just wondered if anyone could clarify something.... Am i okay to start my fasting day from 5pm today until 5pm tomorrow? Is this how it works? X

  • Susan
  • February 24th 2013

I have just found this site and am thinking about giving it a go. I lost 2.5 stone at Slimming World a year ago but its creeping back on. I am thinking about combining the fasting with slimming world diet the rest of the time. I tend not to eat much on a Saturday so if I fast from Friday after tea, say 7pm, then can I have a normal meal on Saturday evening. Then same again on Tuesday. Is it worth buying the book.

  • Tracey
  • February 16th 2013

Hi Lynne and sally, I have lost a little weight on this eating style which is good; think calories doesnt matter how you make up your 500-600 cals I decide my fast days as to how i feel in the morning of that day. don't set yourself up for failing.

  • Lynne
  • February 10th 2013

Hello all,
Just arrived, and starting 5:2 tomorrow.
Have picked Monday/ Thursday to be my fast days, with Breakfast and dinner as my two meals to total 500 cals - fingers crossed!

  • Sally
  • February 10th 2013

Hi, I have just found out about this diet, so I have a few questions: how long is it safe to follow the diet? I'm vegetarian, would this be a problem? Do you have to stick to calorie counting on the non-fast days? Any help you can give would be gratefully received.

  • Liz
  • February 9th 2013

Hello everybody, I googled the 5:2 diet and ended up here so I hope you don't mind me joining in the conversation. I have absolutely no idea how to set about this diet, let alone what foods add up to 500 calories. Can you pick and choose the 500 cal days, or do you have to do the same days each week?

  • Tracey
  • February 3rd 2013

Tip of fast day:
Coffee Mocha: Teaspoon of low cal hot choc ( 35 cals) topped up with proper coffee and hot water. Not need for milk or sugar!

  • Tracey
  • February 3rd 2013

Doing ok: despite thyroid have lost 2 ibs! Even stuffed up my fast last mnute twice but the effort was there. Had a day of yesterday with friends and ate picnic lunch and an indian take away last night so fasting today. Didnt honestly think I wolud have lost anything but a walking regularly as usual so it all adds up on a fast day if you do go over at the last minute!

  • Tracey
  • January 31st 2013

James ; Days arent consecutive just pick two days in the week that fit in with your shedule.
Laveen: Weight loss depends on what you eat after the fast day I suspect and where you are in your cycle. I know my weight can go up and down daily, even hourly never mind weekly. A glass of water weighs a pound! I try to stay off bread on a fast day as well. I feel better after fast day and mentally quite righteous so choose to weigh myself once a week but to also use the trouser test and try on a tight pair of trousers once a week as well. Think whole picture not pound by pound slog! It becomes too much.
Just have a go if anyhting else it makes you feel better.

  • Laveen
  • January 31st 2013

Hi I am a new starter, and already my stomach sounds like an volcano . Do you think everyone puts on weight after first fast day ? I shall be so disappointed if I do.

  • James
  • January 30th 2013

Are these two days consecutive or spread out?

  • Tracey
  • January 29th 2013

I work similar hours Laura and can eat my way through 1500 cals between 8pm and bedtime! So what I do is fast from either lunch to lunch or dinner to dinner or 7pm - 7pm etc This works for me. So last night i finsihed my fast at 8 pm and then ate a dinner. it was supposed to be 6pm but I didnt get in til 8pm. This fast/feast style is designed to work round you. I have thyroid probs so I dont lose the weight easily but i have to say I am doing this for health reasons and weight loss is a bonus! She said lying! That said, try it 500 cals over a 24hour period is do able. Soup for lunch, porridge for breakfast if you eat it, couple of snacks or good coffee! Have a go..and ask questions. This programme isnt rigid it flows iwth what and where you are at! If you blow your fast day then pick another day.

  • Laura
  • January 29th 2013

I am getting married at the end of this year (December) and I want to try a healthy eating plan that will not just help me fit into my wedding dress! I have never really stuck to a diet plan before, as my work has me returning late to my home each night and the temptation to just make a sandwich or pasta is difficult to overcome!

Does this work? If so, from experience, what is the best way of working the fasting days? I can make a lunch to take into work, but I'm concerned that I won't be able to stop myself from eating when I get in? Do I need to fast all day, or can I make small meals to keep me going?

I just desperately want to find something I can stick to, not just for my wedding but also for a healthier lifestyle!

  • jo
  • January 27th 2013

Hi June.... I make a dressing using a spoonful of plain low fat yog with a good squeeze of lemon juice and a little harissa paste or curry paste or any spicy flavouring you like.
Enjoy your Zumba.... just don't do anything too energetic on a fast day..... I find it's good to keep busy but not too physical on those days.

  • june
  • January 27th 2013

Hi everyone
going tostart the diet on tuesday and also going to go to Zumba class after work that day so lots to look forward to. I have ben looking for a nice salad dressing for fast days but cant find a nice spicey one that takes my fancy, anyone got any ideas?
It has been great reading all the comments and advise, I will certainly be logging in regular to get inspiration and see how eveyone is doing, Ive tried on a pair of trousers that are a size 14 and can only just get the edges to meet, so these will be my mearure of how I am doing. Good luck to everyone !!

  • Tracey
  • January 27th 2013

Well hit the scales metaphorically speaking this morniing and havent put wieght on after BAD two days! On fast at min and off for a walk- Actually find moderate execrcise ok on fast day. Trouser/top test tomorrow! have a good week everybody

  • Tracey
  • January 26th 2013

Hi Erin, basic rules seem to be 500 ish calories over 24 hours beginning and ending as you wish. Ie by time 10am -10am , lunch to lunch etc. Doesnt matter how or what you eat as long as you have a 12 hour or so period food free i.e. when you sleep! I think this is why it seems too easy to stick to totally adaptable to you as long as you stick to... 500 ish cals and 24 hours.
I sympatize with scales lark and as you have probably read in earlier posts, i use scales once a week after fast, have a tight pair of trousers and top which i try on once a week as well. I also have a hill (very small which I try to get up once a month- and judge my fitness by that as well)Scales are a b****r as I can gain wieght overnight despite being very good! I think you need a range or criteeria to inform your weight loss rather than depend on one -the scales- as for women especially it just isnt a true relection of your work. Have a go..dont obsess-although you will for first 2 weeks, and keep going!!!!!

  • Erin
  • January 26th 2013

Hi everyone I'm going to give this a go starting tomorrow. I have been using My Finesses Pal to loose weight and saw that some days I can easily stick to 600 or 700 cal so figure I could manage the 5:2. Can I drink black coffee and diet coke on fasting days (I know they are bad but don't think I can kick the coke habit)!! Also the scales are killing me was doing so well until I got on the scales and realized I hadent lost as much as I though even though I did loose some weight, it made me eat chocolate and drink wine!! So no more scales I think

  • Tracey
  • January 26th 2013

yes drink alchol but it has to be counted in your 500 cals! Just be wary as I get munchies when i drink! Cheese curls /quavers and a low fat yoghrt/cottage cheese whizzed up dip is nice to accompany your drinkies!
I am startng again after lunch today-BAD two days after my online food shop! Pre mentrual does not help either. However i have walked so dont feel toooo awful or failing.
Congratulations of WW loss as well.

  • jo
  • January 25th 2013

As far as I know you have have alcohol on non-fast days.... I may be wrong but that's my understanding .... so long as you don't go mad !

  • Louise
  • January 25th 2013

Hi - I have lost 22lbs on weight watchers and maintened my weight for nearly a year. However, I would like to lose another half a stone and despite sticking to my WW plan my weight seems to have hit a plateau so I was thinking of starting this next week.
Does anyone know if you can drink alcohol when doing this - obviously not on the fasting days! Thanks Louise.

  • jo
  • January 25th 2013

My advice, for what it's worth is to keep busy on a fast day but nothing strenuous. Also avoid food shopping. I also find lots of mugs of hot water helps ( see above ). The great thing is knowing that the next day is "normal" .... and you'll feel SO virtuous at the end of the day. It's literally taking it one day at a time and it can be different days each week to fit in with what you are doing.... so good luck and keep in touch. We are all in this together !

  • Tracey
  • January 25th 2013

Started reading the book on Kindle last night and actually feel I might "manage" this!! Thinking to fast Mon/Wed and do a partial fast (in time) Fridays.
1001 reasons for this - and am excited about this option to "share" too.
Any "Starting out" tips??

  • Judy
  • January 24th 2013

Hi everyone,

Thanks so much for your comments and sorry for the repeated posting - we've got a glitch in our system so haven't been receiving notifications or been able to clean up duplicate posts, but we're working on it! We're loving all your tips and support here and so glad you're finding the 5:2 plans helpful. Good luck with it and we'll try to answer questions where we can - you can also follow Vicki on Twitter on @VickiEdgson if you have questions about the meals.
Keep us updated, we'd love to know your progress!
Judy x
GTG team

  • Tracey
  • January 24th 2013

Please ignore spelling errors above- its the tablets making me stupid- God knows what my teaching will be like next week when i go back! I wont be driving! More snow forecast I see rather than the expe tced rain! Hurrah Black adder! NOT!

  • Tracey
  • January 24th 2013

Ok chowed down big time on all goodies i had stupidly ordered so starting fast today earlier! never mind trousers fitting a little better and have lost a little wiehgt- although I have to say scales are dodgy from day to day anyway. I find fizzy water my god send. Havent had fizzzy drinks for years because they say not to drink fizzy drinks. But I have locked onto fizzy water and alovely elderflwoer cordial dash of! Dont worry about multiple blogs jo I have emailled them to ask if they will remove them we shall see if any one repilies. I find it interesting for a blog that noone from the website has said anything or replied to any of us or indeed just said Hi and good luck. It could just be us!

  • jo
  • January 24th 2013

Hi everyone ... Huge apologies for multiple comments yesterday . I must have accidentally hit a "Repeat - till - you - drive - everyone - nuts " button that I didn't know existed !
Good luck with your fast Hannah . I find in this cold weather that numerous mugs of hot water , some with a slice each of fresh ginger and lemon or an inch or so of a cinnamon stick help to keep the body warm when food isn't there !

  • Tracey
  • January 23rd 2013

Hi Jo, got shingles on boxing day and still trying to get through the night with no pain! Drugged up to the eyeballs which means my knitting is all over the place. However snow has overtaken any concerns and I await my food delivery from a well knwn brand with anticipation! fasting from Thursday lunch time to friday (pub lunch time)!

  • Tracey
  • January 23rd 2013

Welcome. I read the Michael Moseley book and watched the show. I have looked at the recipes above but find that I choose to eat the foods i normally do but just divide it up on fast days into 3 lots of 500 cals or so... porridge , soup, cottage cheese, fruit, thin ham, yoghurt .I also tend to do breakfast to breakfast or lunch to lunch or indeed 10 am -10 am for example. I also have a selection I my fridge so if i dont fancy something i can call on another and I log on fitness pal. I am on week 2 and am finding it do able.
Good Luck

  • jo
  • January 23rd 2013

Hi Hannah...welcome ! All the food can be got at the supermarket and on fast days the limit is 500 cals. which doesn't go very far. I'm splitting it into 2 mini meals ( breakfast and supper ) drinking green tea and hot water between... other people have different ways so you can pick and mix . There is a book "the fasting diet " I think is what it's called by Michael Mosely .
Anyway good luck and keep in touch

  • Hannah
  • January 23rd 2013

Hi everyone, I'm new here and have only just discovered this diet! I'm getting married in September, so desperate to lose some weight before then. I was interested to know, the food listed here, can this all be bought from the supermarket or does it all need to be made from scratch? Also, I'm not sure if this is answered anywhere, but the days on, roughly how many calories should I be eating? Thank you!! Hannah xxx

  • jo
  • January 23rd 2013

Poor you.... shingles is horrible. How long have you been suffering? Sometimes food is the ONLY answer , whether the pain is physical or mental. If you like I'll ask the kinesiologist if there's anything natural that might help.
I'm doing a fast day today... oatbran porridge and kiwis eaten .... a long time to go till this evenings stirfry !
Good luck to us all !

  • Tracey
  • January 23rd 2013

Started my fast day earlier that expected afterbeing up all night the other night- shingles pain and deciding to eat my way through the pain. Had eaten my daily calori intake by 4am! So started my fast day at 4.30am. quite interestin one really as I wasnt hungry this morning at all after my fast. But I did have a toast breakfast which is my after fast treat!

  • Tracey
  • January 22nd 2013

Good for you Jo and well done for seeing a kinesiologist- I find them so fascinating- I am well into alternative therapies and medicines. So let me kow how you go. My stir fry with a little chilli sauce (120cals) was delicious and followed by a low fat mocha choc coffee just topped it off! have soup with a plate of cottage cheese, toms, apple and pear for dinner tonight- something hot and something cold. I have to say fast days without carbs so much easier to do for me. Get your kinesiologist to ask about certain foods types that may help/hinder you as we do need to listen to our bodies and our minds more rather than over riding what they are telling us and letting dis-ease set in.
Happy snow day!

  • jo
  • January 22nd 2013

Thanks very much , Tracey, for your encouragement. You are absolutely right about not getting obsessed with the bathroom scales. I must try to concentrate on feeling better ( I do ).
I am seeing my kinesiologist at the end of this week and she always has very wise words and has done a huge amount to help me through last year which was my "annus horribilis "
Today is a food day and I intend to enjoy it , without being silly and I'll then be up for fasting 2 more days this week.
Thanks again

  • Tracey
  • January 22nd 2013

ok blew my daily intake of calories at 1.30 am this morning ! Thank god its a feast day til lunch time. Couldnt sleep so ate toast with butter and marmalade! Cant wait to get to lunch and start. Have my stir fry in, my glorious soup etc. I find lunch to lunch better when I am not working the next day as breakfast I can do a small yoghurt/ banana smoothie til lunch. And my sleep-haha- at night means I am not thinking about food. Never mind its beautiful outside snowing so am rugging up to go shopping on the high street and shop for my older neighbours.

  • Tracey
  • January 21st 2013

Don't worry so did i! That's why I have other measures in place like measuring yourself and trying clothes on. Also dont forget you can wiegh more from one day to the next! I was heavier after fast day 3 but two days later had lost some. Your body is also getting used to it. What did you eat on your feast days? Dont forget it takes something like 3000 calories less to lose a pound in fat so look on this as a healthy diet and the weight loss is secondary. i too need to shift the wieght but do know I get so obsessed that when I have a week with no loss I give up! I dont think the meals and how many you divide it into really have much impact. Just do what is comfortable to you. Stick with it..

  • jo
  • January 21st 2013

I started the 5:2 diet last week and did 3 fast days , then weighed and found I'd GAINED nearly 2 lbs !
I stuck rigidly to the 500 cals but did divide it into 3 meals not 2. Was this the problem ?
Please help... today I'm doing just 2 meals divided by as close to 12 hours as I can.

  • Tracey
  • January 21st 2013

Plan your days to fast/feast but if it goes awry dont panic as there are other days. Thats the key- it has to fit n with you , your lifestyle and daily hiccups! The thing I am finding is that it is manageable and not particularly hard to stick too.

  • Tracey
  • January 21st 2013

Hello there Elizabeth, I am 47 and I too have lots to loose from thyroid problems over ten years ago- ie no thyroid now. I had lost 3 stone but put on one and a half- now have five stone to loose- God that sounds immense and honestly I dont look too massive! i am doing fast day then normal one and a half days then fast day- ie I start mine at lunch time, But I am off work with shingles which is horrible and painful. I am active, healthy eater 75% of the time but i comfort eat, chocolate is great for pain! I walk at least three times a week in the hills, I set up a walking club in fact to make me go out as I got to the stage where I was sick of going alone. I live in a small village so resources for wieght loss re limited. Hence finding this site and this diet. I have lost a little weight week one and my trousers do seem a smidgen smaller. I have to say on my feast days i eat normal food but only 1200 ish cals of it.
My tips are to find the times that suit you, I plan my food but often dont fancy it so I have a frdige of back up ideas. i think if you enjoy your meal is fills you emotionally for longer and that is what people forget when they diet is the mental/emotional highs and lows!
Good luck this week.

  • Elizabeth
  • January 21st 2013

Ok so what's the feeling of letting a girl from Missouri USA be a part of a UK conversation? I've been looking for something that will help me lose 20 lbs or at least 2 sizes, but at 52 need more of a lifestyle change instead of a quick fix (although that' d be nice too!) I lost, a year and a half ago, what I' d call my baby weight, my baby' s 20! It was long overdue. I swore I'd never gain it again, but guess what? Life happens and I let my guard down. This looks like a plan where I can have my whiskey and drink it too (all within moderation of course!). Tabitha on boubonandpearls mentioned it in one of her latest posts, so I've been giving the topic some research. I found this site and am finding it to be more than giving me answers about the 5:2, but also info on everything that a 52 y/o might need to know about holding onto youth and fighting age. I refuse to age gracefully, but rather kicking and screaming, all bets are off. I'll use whatever arsenal I can get my hands on! A good start is losing this weight. I'll be checking on the meal plans and the comments regularly, nothins' better than hearing from someone living it.
What's the best time to start this plan? Monday to Sunday with Monday & Wednesday the fast days?
I like the idea of using fitness pal too.
Thanks for the venue!

  • Tracey
  • January 19th 2013

With regards to weight I have put a pair of trousers/jacket that just fit in my wardrobe and try them on weekly- that way I dont get hung up on scales! Again my obsession and downfall! Also have measured my waist and tummy and just do that after a fast day onc a week. i must have lost a little as trousers fitting a little better. So game on......
On feast days i use fitness pal 1200 cals but eat normal food and if I want a choc bar/ etc I plan it in with a walk to counter act it.

  • Tracey
  • January 19th 2013

Thanks Jennifer, yes I thought it was that- I have since read the book on Kindle and basically it was saying not to get too hung up on the 24 hours thing and to adapt it to suit you. I have to say I have done 3 fasts this week- alternate days and am in a funny way enjoying it all! Scary! I already log my food on fitness pal. I have done yesterdays fast using protein and veg/fruit only - no carbs- ( My downfall) and found it so easy! I have thoroughly enjoyed my white bread bacon sandwich this lunch time! I even went out for a long snowy walk before tea last night and was fine. As for foods I now have a selection in my fridge of fasting foods should i choose to do whatever day next week. Stir frys - 35 cals a pack- red milk-good quality yoghurt, soups in cartons etc or homemade etc. I am doing this for health reasons and also wieght reasons so all good so far. I have come to the idea that quality is better that low fat versions. I also love fizzy water- with elderflower cordial or lemon- delicious. I find when you look at a lot of book recipes for things like this the recipes are so 'posh' I just want normal food! I also split my food up as I find night times awful so i eat as late as possible and postpone breakfast to leter on etc. Also a milky/ low cal choc before bed is a treat.
Good luck every body, just give it a go, dont get hung up on the rights and wrongs and if you use 550/600 cals then so be it! it should be unique to you. The 12 hour non food period seems to be the main thing 16 if you can but again just do what you can do.

  • Sarah
  • January 17th 2013

I've only started the 5:2 plan this week. I notice in the Week One plan that it has full-fat Greek yoghurt instead of non-fat. I've been reading a lot about how non-fat dairy may actually be less healthy for you & was wondering if anyone had more info about this?. I had bought 0% Fage Greek yoghurt because of the calorie count for fast days but am not thinking it may now be better to return to the more tasty full fat version. Any tips would be appreciated!

  • Jennifer
  • January 17th 2013

Hi Tracey,

I'm not an expert but I am doing the eating plan as well. I would say that it is from the time that you stop eating. So if you eat at 12:00pm but you finish it at 12:30pm, then it would be 12:30pm to 12:30pm. I guess if even wanted to be more strict, it would start 2-3 hours after you last ate as that is when the food would be digested. Does that make sense? Anyways, I'm on my first week of 5:2. I fasted on Monday and Wednesday. I'm finding, though, that I'm eating a lot on the eating days, but it all healthy food that I crave. I'm hoping once I adjust to the eating schedule I start to eat a bit less on the eating days as well.
What do you think? Lost any weight yet?

  • Tracey
  • January 16th 2013

Onto my second Fasting day- cancelled yesterdays effort when I fell at the last hurdle and ate too much! However on target to suceed with this one. I would like clarification if anyone knows,
I am doing lunchtime to lunchtime or dinner time to dinner time etc via a time so 12-12 or 5-5. So question is: I eat meal at 12 then begin fast 24 hours on 500 calories up to 12 the next day then start my normal 1200/1300 from then. In other words is the time straight after my las normal meal as it were?

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