It can be very easy to apply glitter makeup and transform into a teenager, and not in a good way. We got makeup artist Zoe Taylor to show us how to create a chic and stylish festive glitter eye look that’s easy to do.

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Nothing says festive makeup like a hint of glitter makeup but it’s not without its issues. “Loose glitter has a tendency to fall and drop quite quickly and it can easily settle into fine lines, which is not what glitter makeup should be about,” says celebrity makeup artist, Zoë Taylor. “A really simple way to incorporate glitter into a makeup look whether it’s a glitter eye or just glitter makeup as a whole is to use a gloss instead. A glitter gloss won’t drop or flake and it creates a really youthful but beautiful effect. You can wear it on its own or layer it over other eyeshadows just wear it and own your glittery look.” Intrigued? So were we which is why we got Zoë to show us exactly how to create a glitter eye look that works for any occasion where you want some exptra sparkle but don't want to look like you should be sitting at the kids table. Here's how she did it.

How to do Zoë's grown-up glitter eye look

Step 1: Use an eye base

“I always recommend using a base colour that’s a similar tone to whatever tones you’re going to put on top. You can use an eyeshadow primer if you want but I think shadow bases work just as well and add depth to the look. This creamy shadow pencil is really easy to use and blends in really easily.”

Zoë used: Vieve Eye Wand in Hazelnut, £21

Step 2: Build up your colour

You want to create some dimension on the eye and that’s when an eyeshadow palette or quad really comes into its own because it takes away the hard work for you and gives you shades that have been curated and coordinated so all you have to do is put them on! As a general rule, apply the lighter shades to the centre and inner corner of the eyes and use the darker tones to create shadow and smoke at the outer corners.”

Zoë used: Chanel Les 4 Ombres de Lune 937, £50

Step 3: In with eyeliner

“Next, add some definition to your eye shape with eyeliner on the outer corners and along the lash lines. I’ve chosen a red burgundy shade which I know might seem a bit scary but I implore you to give it a go. It’s so much more flattering than black or brown. It works with all eye colours, it makes the whites look whiter and everyone should give it a try.” Zoe then added a bit more gold to her top lid for extra lustre and a soft brown shade under her bottom lash line to smudge the eyeliner a little.

Zoe used: Victoria Beckham Beauty Satin Kajal Liner in Bordeaux, £20

Step 4: Glitter gloss time

“To add some final sparkle apply some glitter gloss to the middle of your eye where it will catch the most amount of light. And finish with lots of mascara.”

Zoe used: Chanel Duo Lumière Multi-Use Illuminating Eye Gloss, £40