Her skincare has been a huge success so it’s perhaps unsurprising that Ms Bieber is expanding her brand Rhode with makeup. What was surprising was what our beauty director thought of them

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When Hailey Bieber’s glazed donut nails almost broke the internet in the summer of 2022, little did we know that the astute beauty business woman was preparing us for a deluge in all things related to her signature ‘glazed’ look. We've had Hailey Bieber’s skincare brand Rhode launch face products all promising to deliver glazed but not greasy skin. And now she's doing the same with makeup by launching Rhode Peptide Lip Tint, £16 - a tinted glossy glazy balm that comes in four shades and is available via the Rhode website now. 

The beauty or Bieber obsessive will note that while the Peptide Lip Tints are the first Rhode product to have any pigment in them, they are not an entirely new concept. When Rhode skincare launched it did so with four variants of the Peptide Lip Treatment, £16. All are untinted, one is unscented and the others are flavoured; watermelon slice, salted caramel and strawberry glaze.

The Rhode Peptide Lip Tints have the same formula as the untinted Peptide Lip Treatments and contain nourishing ingredients like shea butter, babassu oil and cupuaçu butter (which is similar to cocoa butter). There are also peptides to boost collagen production and get the skin on the lips as healthy as possible. The packaging is made from some upcycled materials as well as a percentage of post-consumer recycled plastic. 

The Peptide Lip Tints come in four shades; Ribbon - a sheer light pink tone, Toast - a soft rose taupe hue, Raspberry Jelly - a purple-red colour and Espresso - a deep, dark coffee brown. As with most of Ms Bieber's refrencing the shades have all been linked to food. Ribbon to strawberry ice cream sundae sauce, Toast and Raspberry Jelly are self-explanatory and Espresso to an espresso martini. And if it sounds like you're going to struggle to choose which shade is for you there is a Rhode Peptide Lip Tint Set, £58, that contains all four.

Hailey has been snapped wearing all the shades (of course) and has said that she likes to team hers with a lip liner or wear it over a lipstick and recommends we do the same.

Our beauty director SJ’s verdict on the new Rhode Peptide Lip Tint

Image: Hailey Bieber

Firstly, I think it’s important to say that I really like the original and unscented Peptide Lip Treatment. I have chronically and constantly chapped lips and it feels really hydrating and comfortable without being sticky. The scented versions I found too sickly sweet, however, my 9 year old daughter thinks they’re amazing. Make of that what you will. 

I think it's also important to say that I am not 100 per cent not the key demographic that Rhode is targeting for its skincare or I believe it's makeup - but I am very happy to be corrected if more products come out, which I believe will be inevitable. This is a brand for a Gen Z audience (and younger) who want to look just like Hailey and want a more natural and authentic look. These lightly tinted (although you can build them up in intensity) suit this demographic perfectly - they're the sort of product you'd feel happy your teenage child or young adult using. It's a bit of something but not too heavy or too much. Plus they genuinely do feel lovely on the lips. I honestly didn’t have high hopes for the Peptide Lip Tint, especially as I thought they may also be scented. Thankfully they’re not. Here's how I got on with the four shades.

The tint is ultra sheer. You could build it up so the pink is more obvious but I think it would feel a bit heavy on the lips so really this is only a slight step up from my favourite Peptide Lip Treatment. The positive is though that you don't really have to think when you apply it as the colour is so sheer. Slather it on as you would a lip balm and you’ll be fine.

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This tone is almost identical to my natural lip shade so for me this is a really easy everyday shade to wear. I put on quite a lot in this photo to try and get as much tint on as possible and I have to say, it didn’t feel sticky or like product overload at all. I think because the hydrating ingredients really do sink in and make your lips feel good.

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We’ve definitely stepped up a level of pigmentation with this shade and this feels like a proper makeup product. You have to to apply it properly to ensure that the pigment is spread evenly over the lips and the crushed berry shade is far more flattering than I thought it would be. Again, super comfortable to wear and not a smidge of stickiness.

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If the latte makeup trend is up your street then this product is calling for you. For me it’s just too reminiscent of the makeup I wore in the late 90s which wasn’t a good look on me for the first time round. But again, really comfortable to wear and more pigmented than the lighter shades but easy enough to get on the lips using the slanted end of the product.

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