Our Beauty Director is coming to the slow realisation that she may be Rhode skincare’s biggest fan

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This week saw the latest product drop for Rhode skincare, the range created by Hailey Bieber. Meet Rhode Pineapple Refresh, £28 a daily balm-to-foam cleanser containing pineapple enzymes (hence the name) that lightly exfoliates the skin while getting it squeaky clean at the same time. And, as I have found with every other product from the brand, I went in with low expectations and came away surprisingly impressed. In fact, I realised Rhode skincare is one of the few brands where I’ve tried every single product and liked all of them. Does this make me Mrs Bieber's number one fan? Slightly, but I think more to do with the fact that the brand has cleverly been drip fed to us with products rather than going hell for lather (see what I’ve done there) in one go.

For those of you unfamiliar with Rhode, a little background. Rhode skincare launched last year initially with three 'essential' products: a serum, moisturiser and different scented lip balms to give everyone her signature dewy glow or, as she calls it, "glazed donut skin". The 'glazed donut' phrase has become her trademark after  ‘Hailey Bieber glazed donut nails’ became one of the biggest nail trends of last year and after the initial drop of lip balms came a limited edition strawberry lip balm in collaboration with Krispy Kreme who relaunched their strawberry glazed donut alongside. And not long after that four tinted lip balms - Hailey Bieber's first foray into makeup

But back to the skincare. The concept behind the skin products is that you layer them up, lighter textures first, going from milk to serum to cream in order to build up more and more glaze.  The original skincare products repeatedly sold out and the hype was created and cemented. A few months later came the launch of Rhode Glazing Milk, £30. A light watery essence to be used post-cleansing and before the two other hydrating products, the Peptide Glazing Fluid, £29, and the Barrier Restore Cream, £29. It's quite similar to Pat McGrath Labs' milky Divine Skin Rose Essence, loved by every A-lister you can think of. And now there is a cleanser to round-off your Rhode routine.

All the products are vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free, unscented and priced £30 and under. Bieber stresses that Rhode (Bieber's middle name btw) is not part of the ‘fast beauty’ movement and will only release products that are really needed. She has worked with dermatologists to develop the range so that it’s suitable for sensitive skin with a focus on restoring and nourishing the skin barrier.

As you would expect and hope, Rhode comes with a side of good eco credentials and a moral compass. The packaging is made from post-consumer recycled plastic and Rhode has committed to a minimum of one per cent of sales being donated to charities that empower and help women. All good stuff, but what of the products themselves?

Beauty Director, SJ’s verdict on the Rhode skincare range

Step 1: The hydrating cleanse: Rhode Pineapple Refresh PGA Daily Cleanser, £28

This bright yellow cleanser - thanks to the pineapple enzymes (it is not pineapple scented as you may assume) - starts as a gel-meets-balm which goes slightly creamy when massaged in. A little water transforms it into a foam. The enzymes are there to provide gentle exfoliation without disrupting the skin barrier and it's teamed with antioxidant green tea extract as well as polyglutamic acid, which is more hydrating than hyaluronic acid.

SJ’s verdict:
I do not normally like foam cleansers, much preferring the best cleansing balm I can get my hands on, however, this impressed me for how it didn’t strip my oily skin dry. Plus it’s not really a traditional foam cleanser with its clever gel-balm texture. I’ve used it to remove a full face of makeup and it doesn’t sting my eyes but it’s equally good when you just need a light cleanse. It left my skin feeling soft, hydrated and really bouncy and now has a resident spot by my sink.

Step 2: The light watery essence: Rhode Glazing Milk, £29 

This milky essence has been designed to use after cleansing and before the other hydrating products. Glazing milk, as it sounds, is a fluid white liquid that you press all over the skin. However, Hailey took to Instagram to demonstrate the versatility of the Glazing Milk by combining it with Chanel Les Beiges Sheer Healthy Glow Highlighting Fluid, £44 and using it on her arms and décolleté to give extra sheen and glaze. It contains ceramides to strengthen the skin barrier as well as hyaluronic acid and beta-glucan for hydration.

SJ's verdict: “This is the most substantial product in the range (it’s 140ml) and while I previously thought the Barrier Restore Cream gave the most ‘glaze’, now having tried this, it is the winner. It’s probably down to the fact that it has the most fluid texture. This is hydrating enough for oilier skin to use paired only with a serum. Drier skins will need another moisturising layer on top. Whether you need another two as Rhode would have you believe I think not."

Step 3: The light gel lotion: Rhode Peptide Glazing Fluid, £29

This is undoubtedly the hero product as it’s the signature product for creating Bieber’s glazed donut skin. What that really means is it’s a lightweight gel-lotion that contains ingredients you’d expect for ample hydration: niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, marula oil as well as peptides to help strengthen the skin barrier.

SJ’s verdict:
“What struck me about the product is how diddy it looks, despite being, 50ml, which is nevertheless larger than your standard 30ml serum. Very handy for travelling or for popping in your gym bag. It's refreshing that they haven’t gone OTT with unnecessary packaging. The product itself is gel-like, which feels lovely and refreshing on the skin in hot summer weather. Did it give me an ultra-glazed look? No, but it did leave a nice sheen on my skin and as I’m not a huge fan of having an overly glossy complexion, this strikes the perfect balance.”

Step 4: The thicker cream: Rhode Barrier Restore Cream, £29

A slightly thicker consistency but by no means overwhelming on the skin, this moisturiser contains niacinamide to help brighten, squalane and shea butter for nourishment, peptides again and also some açai which is known for its antioxidant properties.

SJ’s verdict:  
“This feels more substantial in size (it’s also 50ml) and again, has a lovely consistency. Slightly thicker than the fluid but it’s not super rich. I have oily skin that doesn’t need a lot of moisturiser and I could deal with this. Drier skins would probably need to layer it up with some serum underneath. The brand recommends layering this on top of the milk and the fluid for the perfect glazed effect but if your budget doesn't stretch to all three and you have drier skin then just get this as it has the richest consistency. I have found it particularly useful to protect my skin on cold days, post-retinol use or after treatments where simple and nourishing is best - I used it after I tried Angelina Jolie's favourite laser facial."

Step 5: the lip balm: Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment, £16 

There are five flavours or 'scents' of this lip treatment, a buttery balm containing shea and cupuaçu butter and babassu oil for moisture as well as peptides. Choose from unscented, watermelon slice, salted caramel, vanilla and strawberry glaze – they’re all clear.

SJ’s verdict: “It’s not too greasy but balmy enough that it feels moisturising and protective and I've almost used up the unscented. The flavoured versions really do smell of those ingredients. This has proved exceptionally popular with the tween market whose budgets don't necessarily stretch to the skincare products and allows them to carry a little bit of Mrs Bieber around with them all day."

Rhode skin: our overall verdict

“This a ‘nice' skincare range. The packaging is slick and feels expensive and the products have a very easy-to-use texture that sinks in and gives a decent glow. Everything is less than £30, and I think it has been priced pretty well considering the size of the products, the hype around them, and the reality of what's in them - although the shipping fee (£10)  is a bit hefty, as it is coming to from the US.

Speaking as a 40-year-old woman, this a range hard to get overly excited about, because it’s fairly limited in what it can do for me personally.  If you’re of a certain age and wrinkles, lack of elasticity and pigmentation are what you’re focused on - none of this will make a difference and there are better, and I hate to say this but, more age-appropriate products out there.

However, for its key Gen-Z audience, it has been a huge success and I predict it will continually sell out here just like it does in the US. It also suits if you're looking for ultra-simple skincare that will keep you balanced and won't be tax a more sensitised or delicate complexion and is perfect for teens too. Could you get the same result for less money? Of course,  but would it come with the status symbol of owning something that Hailey Bieber has been involved with? No it wouldn’t."