Their latest product launch is being searched for non-stop but is the Olaplex dry shampoo worth the hype and the price tag?

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I don’t think there are many products that could rack up over 9.8 million (and rising) Google searches two days after launching, but such is the power of Olaplex and the latest product to be added to the range, Olaplex No4D Clean Volume Detox Dry Shampoo, £28.

As a team we’re all huge Olaplex fans here at GTG HQ, we were one of the first to trial the original in-salon Olaplex hair treatment and collectively we’re pretty sure we’ve tried the entire range of at-home products (I’m particularly fond of No9 Nourishing Hair Serum, £28), but why such frenzy over a dry shampoo?

Olaplex Clean Volume Detox Dry Shampoo: why the hype?

Well, the first reason is probably to do with the fact that Olaplex is known for products that make a transformative difference not only to the appearance of hair but the internal integrity of it too so when you’re investing your money into the products (I’ll come back to price in a bit) there is a safety blanket feeling of that you’re putting your money into something decent and that you're actually going to see and feel some difference from.

This solid brand ethos of delivering results was cemented from the get-go with Olaplex first product, No3 Hair Perfector, £28. This was a product that completely revolutionised the haircare market by creating a whole new sector of haircare; bond repair hair treatments. Many have followed Olaplex’s footsteps, but Olaplex were the original trailblazer. Their unique bond-building technology rebonds damaged follicles making hair stronger from the inside and making it look healthier and shinier from the outside. An absolute godsend for anyone who puts their hair through trauma such as bleaching, chemically straightening and heat straightening. And it’s been scientifically proven to work. These aren’t just words and big statements, Olaplex will improve the quality of your hair. Fact.

And all of the Olaplex products contain the bond repair technology, to varying percentages, and the new dry shampoo is no different so for that reason alone it is perhaps standing out in the very crowded room of all the other dry shampoos.

Is the Olaplex dry shampoo better than all the others?

Of course, it’s hard for me to answer this question because, as with all products everyone is always going to have a personal preference - much like when I reviewed the L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Lift Mascara, some rave about it whereas I felt slightly differently.

When it comes to this product - and I will give my honest review further down - let me present you with some facts and you can see how it compares to your current favourite dry shampoo. This has been very much designed to not only absorb sweat and oil at the roots, which it does with ultra-fine micro starch sourced from rice. It also detoxes (hence the name) the scalp and we all know a healthier scalp equals healthier hair. For this, there’s rambutan seed extract, a sustainably sourced antioxidant that also neutralises any odours for those days when you hair might not be smelling as fresh as it was. The formula is also very lightweight and ultra-fine and has been tested on all hair types and colours and it leaves zero residue or build-up at the roots. And we really mean this, you can spray it onto your hand and it's completely clear. There is a slight scent but nothing over-powering or in any way identifiable; a generic clean hair sort of smell is what we’re going with.

Our verdict on Olaplex No4D Clean Volume Detox Dry Shampoo, £28

“I have used dry shampoos of every budget and while I wouldn’t have said this a few years ago, with the development of dry shampoo technology that now exists I believe we’re now at a point where you truly do get what you pay for. That’s not to say that cheaper dry shampoos aren’t any good and don’t have value but it’s all dependent on what you want from your dry shampoo, how you like your hair to look after and a few other things. Let me expand.

  • This really cleans. The Olaplex dry shampoo is a dry shampoo in the truest form, it really does clean your hair - not exactly the same as if you’d washed it, but not far off. That’s not what everyone wants from their dry shampoo (which may sound like a contradiction of terms) but because for a long time, more affordable dry shampoos didn’t really clean the hair, they absorbed grease at the roots but the product stayed there so a few hours later your hair was back to where it started that’s what a lot of people are used to and actually want from their product. I am a time-poor, stressed-out working mum. Washing my hair is something I try to limit as much as possible because I simply don’t have the time, so anything that can truly clean my hair within minutes, nay seconds, is a game-changer for me. This does that and does it brilliantly.
  • Ultra light. I know lots of people who like to use dry shampoo to add a little texture and grit to their style and you need a heavier dry shampoo for that. This is so lightweight it won’t do it. If it's a bit of tousle and texture you're after the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day, £15.40, is what you need as it's heavier so will add some style to your hair.
  • No residue. I also know some people like to use dry shampoo to slightly soften root regrowth. That’s where dry shampoos that deposit visible powder residue - whether it’s powdery or has an actual hair colour tint to it - come in. This leaves no residue whatsoever. You will not detect or feel it in your hair at all.
  • Pricey but not surprising. It would be remiss of me not to address the slight elephant in the room; the price. £28 is a lot to spend on dry shampoo. It’s not actually the most expensive dry shampoo on the market (I’m looking at your Oribe) and the price is very much in line with the rest of the Olaplex products, so if you regularly buy their regular shampoos, conditioners, treatments or styling products this won’t feel any different to you.

Would I buy it? Yes, I would, because I think it’s the best dry shampoo I’ve ever used. It does what I need it to do brilliantly. If you can afford to buy it and all the reasons above resonate with you too then buy it knowing its money well spent.

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