The singer has teamed up with a beauty industry legend to launch haircare that repairs damage and boosts growth. But what was our Beauty Director's verdict?

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Celebrity beauty ranges are like buses right now (you wait for one.... then three arrive). The latest is from  British singer and actress Rita Ora who has launched haircare range, Typebea, available now from its own website and Sephora. The name, pronounced 'type B', is likely a nod to Ora's loose 'type B' curl pattern and consists of four products; a shampoo and conditioner, a glossing treatment and the (I predict) hero product - an overnight hair growth boosting serum. The products range from £23 to £43.

Ora has been teasing it on Instagram over the last few weeks, where she describes Typebea as “high-performance haircare for all hair types". At first glance, it perhaps doesn't seem that different from other recent celeb beauty ventures, such as Victoria Beckham’s new cleansers or Beyoncé’s haircare range Cécred. But two things caught my eye that give Typebea standout factor. The first is the fact that Ora has partnered with trailblazer of the beauty business, Anna Lahey, founder of the best selling marine collagen supplement brand in the world, Vida Glow. The second is that all the products contain Baicapil, a trademarked peptide, the trials for which conclude it can reduce hair loss by up to 60 per cent in three months and (like collagen supplements) promotes hair growth. 

Could Lahey be about to do for Baicapil what she has done for collagen? The Australian entrepreneur, who has four children under seven, suffered from hair loss herself and launched Vida Glow Natural Marine Collagen in 2014. She was one of the first to ensure that her collagen supplements were truly bio-available to make a real difference to skin and hair. If the same attention has been paid to Typebea ingredients, then this could be very exciting indeed. 

Images: Instagram @typebea

It’s unusual for a celebrity to share the limelight with their business partner. Ora took to Instagram to credit Lahey with bringing the brand to life and to confirm that they are a partnership, co-founders in fact. Lahey brings the beauty business know-how and Ora has the profile and genuine insight into hair damage. 

“Throughout my career, I’ve had nearly every hair colour and style," she says. "My hair has been bleached, I’ve had extensions, I’ve cut it short. But now I can say my hair is the healthiest it’s ever been. I can’t wait to share this with you!” 

Ora is no stranger to a successful collab either. Her fashion collections with high street store Primark are an ongoing success.

Typebea: our Beauty Director's verdict

I have been trialling all the products for a few weeks now, here are my thoughts:

G2 Strength + Length Shampoo, £23 and G3 Strength + Length Conditioner, £23

“First up, I very much appreciated the round design of the bottles - easy to squeeze with wet hands and no fiddly lids (where are you meant to put them when you're washing your hair?). Just twist the cap, squeeze and you're good to go. Both contain Baicapil, are silicone and paraben free (as are the other products) and have a lovely scent. The shampoo contains salicylic acid to gently exfoliate the scalp to remove product and excess oil. The conditioner contains a plant-based keratin to strengthen the hair and reduce breakages. But what of the results? Well, my scalp was far less flakey than normal but my main takeaway is how soft and smooth my hair felt after just one wash. Noticeably so. I would repurchase these without a second thought for this alone but if it's also going to help my hair grow then that is a double bonus.”

G1 Overnight Boosting Peptide, £43

“This is the priciest product in the range. It’s the targeted treatment to encourage hair growth and reduce hair loss and contains the highest level of Baicapil in the range. I can’t speak for whether it has made a difference to my patches of postpartum hair loss at my temples - only time will tell - but unlike many other hair loss treatments I've tried, it is really easy to use. While it has ‘overnight’ in the name, I’ve used it during the day because it isn’t sticky or oily in the slightest - it's almost like water. You can apply it to dry hair and it sinks in without affecting your style (I have fine hair that can get weighed down very easily). You can also apply it to wet hair and either leave to air-dry or blow-dry as normal. Because it’s so versatile it means you can apply it every day which is going to be the key element for getting results. If hair loss is a concern for you then I would prioritise this product."

G4 Hydra-Gloss Treatment, £26 

“Of the four products, this is the one that I would put at the bottom of your shopping list. Not because it’s not good, it’s a nice glossing conditioning treatment that you apply after shampoo, leave for as little as 30 seconds or as long as you like, and then rinse away. There's no need to condition afterwards, this has done it all for you.  So I would argue you don't need this and the conditioner, if your hair is damaged and very dry maybe swerve the conditioner and just get this.”

"Overall I was really impressed with Typebea - I have celebrity beauty brand fatigue but this feels worthwhile and authentic, and has real beauty industry clout."

Typebea is available to buy from Sephora and