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Makeup artist Florrie White paints the faces of A-listers  Jodie Comer , Gillian Anderson and Felicity Jones to models Alexa Chung and Pixie Geldof – in short, women who need their foundation to look flawless.

Regularly called on to create makeup that looks natural even in ultra HD, Florrie is an expert in creating that 'second skin' look. It's not as difficult as it sounds if we just steer clear of these three common errors, she says when we caught up with her at the launch of Sisley Phyto-Teint Nude Foundation, £73.

1. Don't use foundation to 'warm up' your skin (that's what bronzer is for)

Florrie says she often sees people use foundation to add warmth to their face. That's not what it's for. “Foundation should be used to even out and perfect your complexion, while bronzers and blushers can contour and give you that ‘just back from holiday’ warmth,” she says.

2. Don't blob your base on your cheeks - start with your nose

“I see people on the Tube - you may have seen me studying you - as you apply your foundation in blobbing streaks on the cheeks, forehead and chin and then scrubbing it in as if you are washing a pan. Please no, " implores Florrie.

Instead, she advises starting with your nose, the place that normally needs more coverage than the rest of your face, and then blending upwards and outwards, giving yourself a face lifting massage.

3. Don't put foundation on your skin without hydrating it first.

“I see a lot of foundation clinging to dehydrated skin and that loses the illusion of having perfect skin," says Florrie. “Please make sure you cleanse your skin and hydrate it and then apply your foundation. This way it isn’t sitting on top of your skin, on show to everyone.” When your skin is well moisturised and hydrated your foundation will sink into your skin for a natural, beautiful finish, she says.

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