From the supplement that eases PMS symptoms to the budget-friendly but Insta-worthy electric toothbrush. These are the latest wellness buys that will bring some calm, and joy and make you feel better this month.

Any products in this article have been selected editorially however if you buy something we mention, we may earn commission

All products on this page have been selected by our editorial team, however we may make commission on some products.

Spring is almost here but until then you might still be feeling a bit ‘wintery’. Whether that’s suffering from horrible head colds, PMS that somehow feels worse when it’s not quite light enough still outside or a sleep pattern that’s just desperate for that extra hour of British summertime to hit. That’s why we’ve put together our hit list of wellness wonders that will hopefully make you feel better until springtime proper has arrived. In the mix, you will find Dirtea, one of the hottest mushroom powder supplements that you can stir into your hot choc and reap all the benefits from without any grim taste. Then there’s the new Faace Stress Faace moisturiser that we defy you to not smile from ear-to-ear when using it. Not to mention the ultimate trifecta of vegan supplements that cover all your health needs. Enjoy and prepare to feel great. 

The healthy chocolate surprise: Dirtea Tremella Mushroom Powder, £49.99 for 30 servings

"I like the idea of adding a scoop of something healthy like turmeric or amino acid powder to a hot drink (I do a mean immune-boosting hot chocolate in my Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser, if I say so myself). But the problem with so many powdered supplements is that they turn into slimy globules when mixed with liquid, requiring a Nutribullet and way too much time and effort in order to get rid of them and stop my drink from making me gag. Not so with this Tremella powder, the latest in a collection of Dirtea mushroom powder offerings. It dissolves pretty easily in hot milk or even my coffee and is pretty much tasteless. Made from just the fruiting body of the (organic) mushroom, a daily serving is credited with supporting collagen production, improving your organs’ (including skin’s) hydration, and boosting the production of superoxide dismutase, the body’s most powerful antioxidant enzyme. Oh, and it delivers vitamin D, B and A, minerals and fibre, too. That’s a lot of skin joy for no pain or effort at all, so cheers." Ingeborg van Lotringen, Beauty editor

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The menopause marvel: Doctor Seaweed's Weed & Wonderful Menopause+ Capsules, £29.95

"We all know seaweed is a superfood bringing the benefits of iodine (a mineral that supports thyroid health and that many women are low on) but not everyone finds it palatable or affordable (sushi every day?). Weed & Wonderful, available in Boots, is a range of supplements for everyday use (there are also versions for immunity, skin health, and focus) with Scottish seaweed founded by marine biologist Dr Craig Rose, AKA ‘Dr Seaweed’. This one for menopause has not only iodine but B vitamins for energy and mental performance, omega 3s and zinc, plus red clover extract often used as menopause support because it's rich in isoflavones—compounds that are structurally similar to oestrogen. It takes the form of small spotgels and capsules – take one a day of each. Easy!" Victoria Woodhall, GTG Editorial Director

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The joy-inducing cream: Faace Stress Faace Moisturiser, £34

"I was in two minds about whether to include this moisturiser in our wellness picks as it is most definitely a skincare product. However, that’s where the line between what’s categorised as ‘beauty’ and ‘wellness’ blurs, creating a wonderful grey area of products that not only do something to the outside but manage to stir internal emotion too. And that’s exactly what this moisturiser has done for me. From a skincare perspective, it contains all the ingredients that stressed-out skin needs; niacinamide to help strengthen the skin barrier, which when compromised is the cause of most skin issues. You’ll also find neurophroline that improves tone, marula oil for serious hydration and allantoin that calms inflamed skin. It has a velvety-whipped texture that is an utter joy to use. Then there’s the scent. It contains calming notes of geranium and ylang ylang. But also, just look at it. Every time I pick it up it makes me smile as much as the emoji face on the front, and if that isn’t a wellness boost then I don’t know what is." Sarah-Jane Corfield Smith, GTG Beauty Director

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The mood booster: Skin & Tonic Happy Balm, £14

"I’m a big fan of British brand Skin & Tonic. I usually reach for their Calm Balm, £14 before I hit the hay — it has all the calming scents including lavender and chamomile which help you nod off. So, I was thrilled to find out they had a launched an energising day time Happy Balm. There are a few ways I like to apply the soft uplifting balm, first I massage it into my pulse-points (wrists, neck and temples). Then I like to apply it to the palms of my hands and cup over my nose before taking a deep breath. The vegan blend of bergamot, red mandarin and spearmint fragrances all work in harmony to lighten my mood and release any tension. If you’re a yoga or mediation buff it goes hand-in-hand with your practice too (plus it’s suitable for all skin types!). You can use it at any time too, I tend to gravitate for it daily come my 3pm post-lunch slump — it’s one of the few things (other than chocolate) that helps put a spring back in my step." Jemma Thompson, GTG Design and Social Media Manager

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The mind-calming mist: Wildsmith Skin Stillness Pillow Mist Spray, £29

"I discovered Wildsmith on a Sunday stroll through one of my favourite stores in London, Fortnum & Mason. And it was the scents that drew me in. All the products - they cover skincare, and body care, there’s also a candle and a few cute gift sets too - smell phenomenal. I’ve been struggling with my sleep for the last few months and the rest of the GTG team is always going on about how the best pillow sprays to help you drop off to sleep so I thought I’d give this one a go. Not only does it contain the kind of ingredients you’d expect you to help get you to sleep such as lavender and camomile, but it also contains essential oils to help calm an anxious and racing mind. I spray my pillow and the top of my duvet cover, climb in and take some time to really breathe all of its wonderfulness in and it has really helped. If, like me, you’re sceptical about pillow sprays but you’re sleeping cycle isn’t quite going to plan then I’d highly recommend giving this a go." Christina Callaghan, GTG Commercial Director

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The hormone balancer: Ora Hormonious Hormonal Balance & Support, £34.99

"Does your body ever feel like it’s fighting against you? I suffer badly from PMS symptoms - and to top it all off my skin breaks out. I am delighted to have discovered these plant-based capsules from Ora, which help balance hormones, both PMS and menopausal, so my mum can use them as well. Healthy liver function is vital for hormonal harmony as it regulates important hormones (sex, thyroid, cortisol etc), these capsules contain the antioxidant burdock root, which supports the liver. The fruit extract acerola cherry is high in vitamin C, supporting your immune system and encouraging collagen production which helps to heal the skin from any unwarranted guests. These small but mighty capsules also include mood herbs ashwaganda and holy basil which helps calm stress levels. Take three of these a day throughout your cycle to reap the benefits of these hormonal helpers." Amy Rostas, GTG Beauty and Social Media Assistant

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The mood balancer: Altrient Liposomal Vitamin B and Mineral Complex, £54.99 for a one-month supply 

"Delicious this is not. The snotty liquid gel in these sachets is rather disgusting, and has to be downed in one by squeezing it into some water and chucking it down your throat. But, like all liposomal Altrient supplements, these vitamins are the most bio-available of all, meaning that far more of the actives end up in the bloodstream than is the case  with regular tabs or caps. With my stress levels and menopausal state, my body, as I was told by hormone specialist Dr Sohere Roked after testing my bloods, is screaming for B vitamins, so I really need them every day. These are the only ones that, I think, have made a noticeable difference after a month, because I appear to be slightly less on edge and sleep marginally better." IVL

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The vegan support system: Rhitirion+ Vegan Folic Acid, Vegan Vitamin D and Vegan MultiVitamin £13.99 each

"If you’re vegan or plant-based then nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert’s new range of vitamins Rhitrition+ is a great one to know because it’s made with the nutritional challenges of a vegan diet in mind. The multivitamin capsules have four nutrients often lacking in a vegan diet: vitamin B12, iron, iodine and selenium. Meanwhile, the folic acid spray is perfect if you’re pregnant and need the recommended 400μg per day but struggling to keep tablets down as it comes in three minty sprays that absorb under the tongue. Lastly the vegan vitamin D3, also recommended in pregnancy, is in minty spray form too. And if that wasn’t enough, they’re all under £20." VW

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The vitamin C energy-boosting cold supplement: Pro-Ven Urgent-C Daytime Kickstart, £5.49

"You know those days when you’ve got a rotten cold and you feel like your brain is covered in snot, but you’ve got a million things to do so you need to somehow find some clarity to get on with them? This is what you need. They are high-potency vitamin C sachets that you can either dilute with water or pour straight into your mouth (I’d personally go with the water option as it’s quite messy otherwise). The vitamin C obviously gets to work on boosting your immunity but the element that makes this supplement different is that it has also been teamed with B vitamins, CoQ10, guarantee extract and caffeine to give you a boost of much-needed energy. They are so effective at giving you a lift out of the illness fog that you should only take one a day and during the day. As with all Pro-Ven products, there are also probiotics included to help keep your tummy happy. I’m going to have a packet of these in my bathroom cabinet from now on." SJCS

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The affordable electric toothbrush: Ordo Pearl Violet Sonic+ Toothbrush, £49.99

"Electric toothbrushes are expensive. Fact. I know it’s for a good reason (whizz-bang technology and all that) but right now I can’t justify the spend but I need a new one as the one I've had for years (I also understand that the cost versus longevity does help justify the price sometimes) has just broken and is irreparable. Which is why I was so thrilled to discover this. It’s not a brand-new toothbrush, but this gorgeous pearlescent purple shade is a new colour that's been added to the range (there are four other colours as well). In terms of the technology it has everything that I’ve experienced from far pricier brushes; four different brushing modes, sonic technology that vibrates to remove plaque and a 2-minute timer to ensure you brush for long enough. It can be used if you wear braces or have had any kind of dental work done on your teeth. The charger is really compact so easy to store away when you don’t need it and it looks great. Bravo, Ordo, bravo." CC

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The eco friendly cleaning range: Melior Eco Hand Wash Hero, £14.95

"There’s nothing better than a brilliant hard-working product that gives back to the planet and this luxurious hand wash is just that. Founded in the UK social enterprise Melior is on a mission to reduce waste and tackle injustice in the workplace. Their eco-friendly range of cleaning products (which launched last month) creates a job for people with disabilities with every bottle sold. Their hand wash which is available in two scents, uplifting lemongrass & thyme and a deliciously Sweet Clementine & Lavender both feature a totally unique powder-to-gel formula. The natural plant-based, vegan and biodegradable wash is activated simply by mixing in 400ml warm water and shaking until combined. The result is a soothing hand wash made with aloe vera and scented natural oils with an excellent lather. Plus, it’s super easy to refill too. You just purchase another compostable pouch, £8.95 and mix again!" JT

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The seaside stroll in your handbag: Nue Co Water Therapy, £20-£55 

"Disrupter wellness brand The Nue Co started a genius line of functional fragrances in lockdown, designed with neuroscientific research to act rather like supplements acting on your nervous system and changing your mood via smell. I love them all, especially Forest Lungs, which mimics the benefits of forest bathing. Now they’ve added this fourth scent, which transports me from my digital fog to a calming seaside walk with a mix of coastal herbs and marine accords and inspires you to take a deep calming breath. Very cleverly, they have made all their scents in 5ml handbag-sized versions for £20 as well as full size (£55) so you can test before you fully commit, or have the whole range to suit your daily mood." VW

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Always seek the advice of your GP or another qualified healthcare provider before taking any supplements as they may interact with your current medication.