Dr Sohère Roked

Private and NHS GP and integrative medicine specialist

  • Location: London
  • See them for: Gut Health, Weight loss, Perimenopause, Fatigue, Hormone therapy, Menopause
  • USP: Hormone help using a blend of conventional and holistic medicine

About Dr Sohère Roked

When you hear of Dr Sohère Roked's intergrated approach to hormone therapy, you'll wonder why not every doctor in the land follows the same wisdom. Having worked as an NHS GP for many years, Dr Roked realised conventional medicine wasn't able to address all aspects of her patients' wellbeing. Viewing hormone balance as the foundation of health, she combines traditional treatment with holistic methods to help women navigate the menopause and peri-menopause, in particular.

Where to find Dr Sohère Roked

Website: drsohereroked.co.uk
0207 584 4777

3a Montpelier Street