The megastar has teamed up with Hydrafacial to create the ultimate glow-inducing facial. Our beauty director SJ tried it out

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When I was approached by Hydrafacial to try out their first celebrity collab with JLo - it’s officially called the JLo Beauty Booster from Hydrafacial - my first thought was ‘genius pairing’. Hydrafacial has democratised facials. It’s readily available nationwide (there are over 19,000 Hydrafacial locations around the world), it can be easily customised for all skin tones and skin types and it is famed for not requiring any downtime. You walk out looking better than when you walked in. And the JLo Hydrafacial is available now nationwide.

So what is JLo is bringing to the treatment chair? Apart from her mega fame and renowned glow, her involvement is via her skincare range, JLo Beauty, which is providing the ‘booster’ part of the facial. It's packed with a patented olive complex to plump and hydrate, a tri-fermented essence that supports collagen production and niacinamide to brighten and smooth.

The singer/ actor/ entrepreneur apparently was already a huge Hydrafacial fan. She says, “I've always loved getting Hydrafacials, and adding my new JLo Beauty Booster to my Hydrafacial treatment is my new secret weapon to take my JLo Glow to the next level.”

Marketing spiel, yes, but it's worth noting  Hydrafacial is also the treatment of choice of Beyoncé, for prepping her skin before shows.

What is the JLo Hydrafacial?

If you’re unfamiliar with the regular Hydrafacial, then read our feature on why a Hydrafacial is the facial you need to try, but in short it consists of all the steps required to extract dirt and debris from your skin, plus hydration and whatever actives your skin needs. It is suitable for all skin types and tones and the only time you can't have one is if you have any kind of active skin condition, such as coldsores, eczema or rosacea. 

At the heart of the treatment is the Hydrafacial machine which delivers the products and actives via its probes. There is too of course a therapist (we're not quite in a world where robots are doing facials, although robot eyelash extensions are a thing) who deploys the various probes, like mini vacuum cleaners, that suck the dirt and blackheads out (immensely satisfying), provide exfoliation and lymphatic drainage  and push skincare actives into the  skin. The probes are methodically moved around the face so all the skin is covered and all the dirt and anything else that's removed from your skin is collected into the ‘gunkie’ tube on the machine so you can see it at the end (again, immensely satisfying). The last step is hydration.

Then there are the ‘boosters’ which you can add to treat specific issues - such as pigmentation, wrinkles, congestion etc. This is the part that truly makes this a facial for everyone as there isn't a skin concern that Hydrafacial can't  targeted. You can also add on LED light treatment but this comes with an additional cost. 

And that’s where the JLo aspect comes in. The JLo Beauty booster is a super serum that's put onto the skin towards the end of the facial, pushed into the skin using the Hydrafacial machine. It contains niacinamide to smooth and hydrate the, the glow-giving tai-fermented blend, olive leaf extract and polyglutamic acid and hyaluronic for maximum hydration.

How much does the JLo Hydrafacial cost?

A regular Hydrafacial start at £125 (it can be more if you have additional boosters or LED treatment) and the JLo booster is £40. You’re looking at a minimum spend of £165.

JLo Hydrafacial: our verdict

JLo is so famed for her ethereal glowing skin so who wouldn’t want to try and get a piece of that? So off I went.

I had mine at Hydrafacial's London flagship HQ. Beforehand, I had to stop using any strong skincare actives for three days. You sit in a treatment chair and the facial begins with a cleanse, exfoliation and then extraction. There is very little physical contact with your therapist as all the heavy lifting is being done by the machine and the probes. While there are lots of different boosters to choose from they all feel the same. The only time my therapist touched my face was to spread the JLo serum after it had been 'delivered' to my skin via the Hydrafacial probe. That may be a plus point for some people but I do actually like the feeling of fingers massaging and kneading my skin. My treatment finished with 15 minutes under anti-ageing red LED lights and a layer of daily SPF before I stepped out of the clinic into the bright London sunshine.

My appointment took around 40 minutes - just right in my mind. My skin felt unbelievably clean and unclogged and I did look quite glowy. I’ve seen more instant results in my skin after a facial that incorporates massage and elements such as peels but I definitely left looking better than going in. 

To book the JLo Beauty Booster Hydrafacial, visit Hydrafacial to find your nearest clinic or medi-spa