Need to sustain that post-facial glow? These are the specialist skincare brands bringing clinical formulas to your home

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There is something quite decadent about having a professional facial treatment in a spa or clinic. Personally, I love the euphoric feeling of catching my reflection in the mirror and seeing a glowing face stare right back at me. But how do you maintain that glow a week, or two weeks post-treatment? Thankfully there are brands out there that have been specially formulated by the facialists themselves that contain more potent ingredients. Celebrities and members of the royal family alike have long been turning to their facialist's expertise for at-home skincare treatments as well as having regular facial treatments. If they're doing it, so should we.

According to NET-A-PORTER, we are. Purchases of facialist skincare skyrocketed by 50 per cent last year, and now these account for nearly a quarter of the site's total skincare sales. New facialist brands are popping up too, including Joanna Czech, whose  facial massage tool  is one of the best selling skincare products on the site.

We’ve rounded up the best facialist skincare brands out there, so you can leave your treatment and carry on the glow-getting in your own home.

Quantum Botanika by Nataliya Robinson

Nataliya Robinson, who is known as The Skin Whisperer, has been a respected facialist and acupuncturist for over 15 years. She takes a holistic approach to skincare, combining botanics with innovative formulations to treat inflammatory conditions such as acne, rosacea and even eczema. Her skincare line, Quantum Botanika, launched in 2018 and features hand-blended formulations rich in antioxidants that address modern skin complaints from sensitivity  to congestion. Her latest launch includes a limited edition 24 karat gold lip treatment, £86 , which is designed to soften, plump and hydrate. It’s a decadent lip balm enriched with pure gold which has been sourced from Germany and will be available in May.

Bea Skin Care by Bianca Estelle

Since launching her skincare career in 2002, Harley Street-trained skin specialist Bianca Estelle has built a loyal clientele including socialite Lady Victoria Hervey, Calum Best, and Nigerian songstress Seyi Shay. Her work has been widely praised by Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Men’s Health, and GTG’s Jessica adores her work. Not only does she cater to the mass market but she also acts as a champion for diversity by understanding skin concerns of black and ethnic women. Her skincare line, Bea Skin Care, launched in 2015 and features products that have pharmaceutically active compounds suitable for various skin concerns and skin types.

Her hero product, in our view, is the brightening serum, £54 for 30ml , a satin-smooth serum that contains a high concentrate of alpha arbutin and AHAs to fade discolouration, pigmentation and scarring. For anyone new to the range, the collection also offers a 5 step daily regime, £186 , containing an exfoliating cleanser, a peptide eye serum, a vitamin C and hyaluronic acid serum, a firming serum, and collagen cream.

Heaven By Deborah Mitchell

Deborah Mitchell began her career as a beauty therapist over 25 years ago. Since then, she has created her own organic, natural and results-driven product range, Heaven, to accompany her beauty treatments. She has amassed a plethora of celebrity clients, including Simon Cowell and Victoria Beckham who frequently have their treatments done at Deborah’s Heaven spa in Shifnal. But that’s not all. After a member of the royal household spotted her products, Deborah began treating the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Cambridge.

Deborah is famously known for her bee venom facial - an anti-ageing treatment that contains apitoxin, a clear odourless liquid that is released from a honeybee when it stings, which painlessly tricks the skin into being stimulated as though it has been ‘stung’. Her Heaven product range features the highly coveted formula, as well as the best natural ingredients. Hero products include the Orange Flower Hydrogel, £19 for 30ml , an anti-ageing gel containing organic neroli and vitamin C to eliminate scars and restore balance, as well as the Silver Bee Venom Mask, £82 for 60ml , a cream that has gained worldwide attention for its anti-ageing properties and contains the venom of worker bees.

Sarah Chapman London by Sarah Chapman

Sarah Chapman is one of the most sought after experts in the beauty industry. Her Skinesis clinic in Chelsea has amassed a 12-week waiting list for her much-loved facials, as well as a long list of loyal clients and A-list celebrities, such as Victoria Beckham, Gigi Hadid and the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. Her award-winning Skinesis skincare range was launched in 2008 offering high-tech formulas based on the best research and development in dermatology and was designed for her clients to achieve that post-facial glow in the comfort of their own homes.

The range includes her bestselling Skinesis Overnight Facial, £54 , packed with antioxidants and vitamin A that promises to brighten tired skin. The award-winning facialist’s collection has also launched a range of booster supplements such as the Skinesis Omega+ Booster Supplement, £64 for 90 capsules , a nutritional supplement blended with omega 3,6,9 and the rarer omega 7 derived from Sea Buckthorn oil.

Joanna Vargas by Joanna Vargas

Celebrity esthetician Joanna Vargas launched her eponymous line of skincare products so her clients could maintain their skin between spa treatments. Her nature-meets-technology approach has made her one of the most sought-after esthetician and experts in the beauty industry. She navigated her way through her early days as a facialist at one of New York City’s first organic spas and a specialist at a top celebrity dermatologist’s office before striking out on her own.

Her line of skincare products features the Rescue Serum, £120 for 30ml , which is a concentrated vitamin C serum to promote hydration and a healthy glow, as well as her famous Euphoria Face Mask, £60 for 5 , sheet masks made from aloe vera gel to soothe and nourish skin back to health after laser treatments or sunburn. She combines all natural products with proven techniques including microcurrent, microdermabrasion, oxygen infusions and LED light therapy. Her clients include Sofia Coppola, Naomi Watts, and Julianne Moore.