It's not every day you get a one-on-one appointment with sought after facialist Sarah Chapman - in fact, there's normally a 12-week waiting list - so we were thrilled when she filmed an at-home facial tutorial for us to get our skincare fix while in lockdown.

Sarah talks us through a very thorough cleansing session, bestowing the importance of working your cleanser into every crease and crevasse of the face including the nooks of the nose, the crease of the chin and even into the ears if you so wish, using the knuckles to knead the skin before rinsing off your cleanser.

For this step, Sarah uses her Ultimate Cleanse , £48.

Next up Sarah refreshes the face with the Liquid Facial Resurfacer , £41, an exfoliating step to banish dead skin cell and prepare the skin to better absorb the next skincare steps.

In step 3 Sarah applies a lactic acid ampoule from her Radiance Recharge System , £145. It's a gentle exfoliant to make the next steps penetrate better. She advises spreading this all over the face to brighten and decongest the skin, before using the Pro Hydro Mist Steamer , £119, to infuse the lactic acid for five minutes.

Next step is the mask - Sarah uses the 3D Moisture Infusion  bio-cellulose sheet mask, £46 for four to plump and hydrate the skin. The mask comes with a gauze backing with Sarah suggests applying to the hands so make sure the excess serum doesn't go to waste. After the mask comes the facial massage using the Overnight Facial  oil serum, £54. This is the truly luxe part of your home-facial where Sarah imparts her massage wisdom. If you haven't got her magic touch it's worth investing in her massage tool The Facialift , £30, which was created to help Sarah's clients achieve the facial feeling at home.

Like all facials, this one rounds off with moisturiser ( Dynamic Defence , £54) and the Overnight Lip Treatment , £32.

You can buy Sarah Chapman's At Home System  for £158, worth £207, including Ultimate Cleanse, four Professional Cleansing Mitts, Liquid Facial Resurfacer, four 3D Moisture Infusion masks and Overnight Facial.