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The latest health reports and features from GTG


Menopause and sleep: how I survive the hell of hormonal insomnia

May 14th 2022 / Mariella Frostrup and Alice Smellie

For broadcaster, menopause campaigner and author Mariella Frostrup, insomnia was the first indication of perimenopause. She describes how she has managed a decade of hormonal insomnia and asks experts for their solutions for menopause and sleep >>>


Collagen: Are you burning through your body's collagen too fast?

May 13th 2022 / Ingeborg van Lotringen

There are times when we lose the collagen in our bodies faster than usual, leading to accelerated ageing. Here's why knowing your collagen burn rate is important and how to get the most out of your collagen supplements >>>


A study into Bio-Kult probiotics has proved the link between gut health and mood. Here’s everything you need to know

May 12th 2022 / Cassie Powney

Scientists at the University of Oxford have shown that taking a probiotic to balance the gut's 'good bacteria' has a direct impact on mood and depression levels. Intrigued? Why wouldn't you be... >>>


Breakfast salads are becoming a thing. Here’s why you should start loving them too

May 4th 2022 / Sarah-Jane Corfield-Smith

The latest breakfast trend has a celebrity following but is also loved by nutritionists >>>


From brain fog to insomnia these are the supplements to take for menopause

May 3rd 2022 / Victoria Woodhall

Davina McCall's latest menopause documentary has put the way we treat menopause on the map again. We spoke to experts about how to help to ease the symptoms and what supplements to take >>>


I lost 3 stone in 6 months and saw my menopausal symptoms disappear with this gentle form of exercise I can do in my PJs

April 27th 2022 / Amber Voller

Dubbed 'Chinese yoga,' qigong helped transform the body and mind of lifelong compulsive overeater Manuela Roche, 52. No sweating it out in the gym required... >>>


This £11 M&S sleep bra keeps selling out but do we actually need to wear a bra in bed?

April 20th 2022 / Melanie Macleod

Can wearing a bra in bed keep your chest looking youthful? An aesthetic doctor and a breast surgeon share their views >>>


A 20-minute power nap can help with weight management and make you better at your job, according to a top sleep guru

April 14th 2022 / Amber Voller

Sleep specialist Dr Guy Meadows reveals his tips for supercharging your power nap, and why you don't need to actually fall asleep to reap the benefits >>>


I took a freezing cold shower every day for a week and this is what happened

April 14th 2022 / Verity Clark

From wild swimming to ice baths, braving freezing water is this year's coolest wellness trend. Celebs are going all in too with the new BBC show 'Freeze the Fear with Wim Hof'. Verity Clark dips her toe into cold water therapy >>>


10 natural remedies for anxiety that our experts rate

April 4th 2022 / Danielle Hine

Feeling more anxious than normal? From herbal hot chocolate to medicinal mushrooms, here are some surprising, affordable and easy ways to support a stressed-out mind and body >>>


7 reasons you could be experiencing hair loss

March 28th 2022 / Sophie Shotter

With Jada Pinkett Smith's alopecia becoming the talk of the Oscars, it has shone a light on the many reasons why our hair is falling out or thinning. Experts Dr Bessam Farjo and Dr Sophie Shotter explain the most common causes of hair fall from Covid to weight loss and even too-tight ponytails! >>>

why-every-women-needs-this-ovarian-cancer-symptoms-checklist-screenshot-it-now-.jpgSex & Gynae

Why every women needs this ovarian cancer symptoms checklist. Screenshot it now!

March 28th 2022

It's the 5th most common female cancer but symptoms can be similar to other things such as IBS. The Lady Garden Foundation wants us all to be armed with this list to keep tabs on our health >>>


The best belly-busting workout that'll target your core like nothing else can!

March 28th 2022 / Jessica Morgan

Kickoff your week with a 20-minute fat-burning ab workout with YouTube star and yoga teacher Adriene Mishler >>>


The Panic Diaries: ‘Anxiety medication saved me. It's time to remove the stigma'

March 25th 2022 / Nicola Bonn

In her latest second column, beauty podcaster Nicola Bonn reveals how her prescription medication changed her life for the better. And why more of us need to talk about it >>>


This 'power nap' pebble taught me to sleep again

March 18th 2022 / Victoria Woodhall

Victoria Woodhall has always struggled with sleep. Power naps were something that other people had. But the new Sensate relaxation device changed everything >>>


Is your plant-based diet making you bloat?

March 14th 2022 / Rob Hobson

Finding that you're suddenly blowing a gale down there? Registered nutritionist Rob Hobson explains why and the easy swaps to stop it in its tracks >>>


Trypophobia: Does looking at small holes make you feel queasy?

March 10th 2022 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

There's a reason why clusters of small holes make so many of us shiver in disgust. Here’s why trypophobia is real - and ways that can help you overcome it >>>


The best pillow sprays to help you drift off to sleep

March 9th 2022 / Verity Clark

Can a pillow mist really help you fall asleep? We were cynical to begin with, but there may be something to it... >>>


Green goddess salad: This is what a nutritionist has to say about Tiktok’s favourite lunch

March 9th 2022 / Verity Clark

We can’t stop eating this viral green chopped salad. Is it as nutritious as social media would have us believe? >>>


I did an ice facial at home for a week and it instantly calmed my mind

March 4th 2022 / Verity Clark

Model Bella Hadid and politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claim a bowl of ice is the fastest way to de-puff your face. and destress your mind. We had to try it... >>>


Do you need a menopause test and how can you get one?

March 2nd 2022 / Ingeborg Van Lotringen

As the conversation about menopause and perimenopause opens up, we're more alert to potential symptoms. But do we need a test to be sure? We asked specialist doctors >>>


The Panic Diaries. I'm 41 and successful, but I'm shaking and can't breathe

February 25th 2022

Beauty podcaster Nicola Bonn hadn't had a panic in 20 years. Until now. In the start of a searingly honest series, she shares her terrifying ordeal and her quest to find help for anxiety >>>


Having a tidy kitchen really does help curb snacking - and this is why

February 24th 2022

Decluttering can help you stick to healthy habits, reduce stress, even sleep better, says this doctor (and reformed hoarder) >>>

clean-contraception.jpgSex & Gynae

Why taking a break from the Pill isn’t the 'detox' you might have thought

February 22nd 2022 / Anna Hunter

'Clean contraception' and taking a 'cleanse' from hormonal contraception is increasingly touted as the natural option and better for your health. Experts explain why >>>


6 expert-rated supplements to take when you feel a cold coming on

February 21st 2022 / Melanie Macleod

With restrictions easing this week, the chances of catching a cold are higher. Health experts tell us what they take to stop a cold from taking hold >>>

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