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JLo’s easy-to-follow secrets to looking amazing at 50

February 5th 2020 / 0 comment


After killing it at the Super Bowl, everyone’s wondering how JLo looks so incredible at 50. Here are the secrets to her killer body and flawless face - and they're not even that hard to follow

Sorry American football players, JLo is all anybody is talking about following the weekend's Super Bowl. From arriving on the stage astride a pole to wowing the crowds in a sheer silver bodysuit, there’s no denying JLo absolutely stole the show.

Instagram was awash with memes speculating about what Jennifer’s anti-ageing routine, but anyone who saw stripper-flick Hustlers at the cinema last year will already be well aware of her show-stopping bod. It came as no surprise that in a survey by cosmetic surgery clinic The Private Clinic JLo’s body came out as the most aspirational of all the celebs, with 21 per cent of people surveyed citing hers as the body they most covet.

“Jennifer Lopez’s frontrunner position is a clear demonstration of the desire for health and fitness, over mere youth when it comes to body shape,” said a new survey by the Private Clinic. “Having been renowned for her curves for many years, the feedback from survey respondents indicates the curvier body shape is more aspirational at the moment.”

To achieve Jen's perky posterior, Dr Tracy Mountford from The Private Clinic recommends the Emsculpt Butt Lift. “This is a non-invasive procedure to lift, firm and strengthen the glutes with the help of electromagnetic technology,” explains Tracy. “It’s the equivalent of 20,000 squats in a 30-minute procedure; it feels like an intensive work out without the pain of the gym. Tangible results can be felt immediately after treatment but optimum usually felt two to four weeks after the last session."

Another option is CoolSculpting to recontour and restore the ‘S’ shaped back silhouette in women (ie with a prominent and perky bottom). "We call this the ‘CSC Silhouette streamliner’," explains Tracy. "CoolSculpting fat freezing is very efficient at removing stubborn pockets of fat around the body, such as under the buttock, and the inner and outer thighs. It delivers up to 27 per cent fat loss on each treatment session with long-lasting results."

For those who aren’t into tweakments, here’s what we know JLo swears by to look her best. And much of it is common sense.

1. Get at least 8 hours sleep

"The number one tip is to always get enough sleep. I can't stress this enough," Jennifer told InStyle in 2018. "I would love to get nine or ten hours of sleep, but either way, I always make sure I get at least eight."

2. Always wear SPF

It’s a no brainer, but Ms Lopez always wears SPF. "I don't wear a lot of makeup when not working and am a firm believer in SPF. I try not to stay out in the sun too long," she said

3. Never sleep in makeup

Another obvious one, but JLo is a slave to removing her makeup before bed. "I never go to bed without taking my makeup off, [and I use] night creams to keep my skin hydrated," she told People.

4. Invest in luxe skincare

According to Hello! Magazine, Jennifer is a fan of Lancer and La Mer skincare, with Lancer’s The Method: Cleanser, £48, and Lancer Eye Contour Lifting Cream, £80. among her must-haves. La Mer’s Moisturising Cream, £125, is a staple too, with JLo’s longterm makeup artist Scott Barnes saying it’s always on the makeup station.

Back in 2014 (how is that six years ago already?!) JLo revealed that she loved Dr Hauschka’s Rose Day Cream, which is a slightly more affordable £30.50

5. Work out 4 times a week (with a personal trainer on each coast)

A body like Jen’s doesn’t come easily, sadly. The 50-year-old works out three or four times a week, preferring to exercise first thing. In New York she works out with holistic weight trainer David Kirsch — he wrote The Ultimate New York Body Plan and his Instagram is flooded with inspirational gym videos. When Jennifer is in L.A., she works with Tracy Anderson, founder of The Tracy Anderson Method, loved by Gwyneth Paltrow and undeniably one of the hardest workouts in the world. "I like the balance that the two different trainers give me," she says. "They have two totally different approaches. I like switching it up with my body.”

6. Walk like a platypus - the JLo bum workout

According to Kirsch, JLo's non-negotiable bum workout is the platypus walk. Never heard of it? Us neither, but apparently it’s the quickest and most effective workout for your butt.

The low squat technique works the inner thighs and lifts and tones the butt and involves walking back and forth while in a squat - looks weird, but if it gives us even half of the booty JLo rocks, we’ll do it.

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7. Spiderman pushups - the JLo arm work out

Jen might be best known for her booty (we were coveting it long before we’d even heard of Kim K) but her arms mustn’t be overlooked. Her perfectly sculpted muscles come courtesy of spiderman push-ups.

We’re not sure we’d have the balance to blast this one out, but practice makes perfect…

8. Always cleanse after a workout

Post work-out Jen makes sure to cleanse fastidiously. “I always, always wash my face after a workout. That helps keep my pores clean and my skin feeling healthy,” she told Hello! “Then I’ll usually put on moisturiser and sunscreen, with maybe a little make-up if I’m going out or moisturiser and eye cream if it’s the evening.”

9. No alcohol, caffeine or smoking

"I don't drink, or smoke, or have caffeine," Jennifer told Hollywood Life. "That really wrecks your skin as you get older."

10. Drink plenty of water

She’s not the first to credit her glowing skin to drinking lots of H20, and definitely won’t be the last. “Drinking plenty of water, especially before a workout, can help you push harder and get more out of your exercise routine," Lopez told Hello.

11. Eat your greens

With a physique like that, it's obvious Jennifer looks follows a healthy diet. "We eat a lot of green vegetables, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and kale. I love to cook, I cook a lot of stuff, I love cooking Puerto Rican food because that's what I grew up on," Lopez told DailyMail.

12. Use a Chunky Chopstick Styler

We all saw the clip of Jlo doing a power-punch before her Super Bowl performance, with her hairdresser Chris Appleton stepping out of the way just in time, but do you know the tool behind her iconic tresses? It's the Chunky Chopstick Styler, £29.99.


Explaining why he loves the tool so much, Chris said: "It glides. The barrel doesn't get stuck to the hair, it glides off the hair so effortlessly. There is nothing more annoying than when you are styling and the hair just sticks to the barrel. There is no stiffness with the Chopstick Styler which is amazing. The Chunky Styler's barrel is rectangular which gives the longest-lasting curl. I think it is really important when you spend the time to style your hair that the curls have longevity. There is nothing worse than when your curls drop out when you brush the curls out and the Chunky Chopstick Styler really ensures the curls are well defined and keep their shape."

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