Looking after your hair on holiday just got easier thanks to celebrity hairdresser Michael Van Clarke and his 3"'More Inches Summer Essentials Set

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You wouldn’t dream of going on holiday and not protecting your skin with SPF. It’s time to apply the same rationale to your hair. Why? Because just like for our skin, too much sun, sea and swimming can be damaging. Now, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t indulge in all the above, but by packing and using the right products you can ensure you’re protecting your hair so it looks great in all your holiday pics and when you come home too. 

Hairdresser Michael Van Clarke understands this completely and that’s why he’s created the 3"'More Inches Summer Essentials Set, was £63.50 now £58.50. It's a curated edit of some of his best-selling products that deliver UV protection, keep frizz at bay and make sure you and your hair have a great holiday this summer. 

Michael calls his 3"'More Inches range 'healthcare for hair' as it prevents hair from showing signs of ageing such as dryness, dullness and brittleness. For this reason, all his products avoid silicone, which, he says, can make hair look shiny but mask poor condition underneath. It can even dry out your hair – not what you need at any time of year, least of all summer.

Here’s what’s included in the 3"'More Inches Summer Essentials Set – and why you need it.

3"'More Inches LifeSaver UV Leave-in Styling Treatment (500ml)

Think of this gorgeous cream as an SPF for your hair, a deeply conditioning aftersun treatment and your styling product all-in-one. And this is a product that’s been put through its paces to check its efficacy. Michael tested it on hair pieces of different colours and left them out in the sun for two weeks where they were continually drenched in seawater. The hair that was protected with the cream stayed shiny, hydrated and colour rich and the hair that didn’t have the product applied faded in colour and became damaged and brittle. 

It has an ultra-light texture so it works on even the finest of hair types and is oil-free and silicone-free. Keep reapplying it to hair during the day like you would SPF. Or you can use it as a leave-in treatment at the end of the day. We do both. 

If you fancy blow-drying your hair, it works as an excellent primer, but if you want to tie it back and get on with enjoying yourself it will keep your hair slicked back without any frizz in sight.

3"'More Inches UV Protective Shampoo and Conditioner (250ml each)

At home, a UV-protecting shampoo and conditioner are a 'nice-to-have', but on holiday they are a must-pack for all sorts of reasons. “When UV rays penetrate the hair’s outer cuticle they damage the melanin inside which causes the colour to change and they attach the protein structure of the hair, leading to thinning, breakage and split ends,” explains Michael. And that’s where this hair cleansing duo come in. They are packed with UV filters to act like a protective shield around the hair as well as protein amino acids that drive deep into the hair shaft to repair and strengthen. It is ideal for holidays, but keep using it when you come back too as the filters also help protect hair from pollution.

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Written in partnership with Michael Van Clarke