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Video: Week 2 of our full body circuits with Jessica Ennis-Hill

April 18th 2020 / 0 comment

This 15-minute circuit even left Olympian Jess out of breath

Last week, we kicked off our series of workouts with Olympian Jessica Ennis-Hill with a 20-minute full-body blast and today we're back again with another session filmed in Jess' garage. What a way to start the weekend!

Fans of squats (we know you're out there) are going to love week two's 15-minute circuit which features both Sumo squats and squat jumps - you'll definitely be feeling the burn in your legs.

Your abs get a good going over too thanks to plank shoulder taps and two different types of crunches too.

Our series with Jess is a taster of workouts on her fitness exercise app Jennis, which launched less than a year ago and is already a firm favourite with thousands of women, especially those who are pregnant or looking to get fit after giving birth.

The app features pre-and postnatal workouts as well as general fitness, combining both cardio and strength, based on HIIT principles. Don't be put off by the word HIIT though, the circuits are surprisingly doable - even if Jess herself is out of breath by the end of the final set. Hey, even gold medallists are human...

How to do the workout?

Whereas last week's workout comprised of four sets of seven exercises, this week we're doing 3 x 7 in slightly longer bursts.

Do each exercise in the set for 25-30 seconds followed by a ten-second recovery with a 60-second rest between each set.

The circuit comprises jumping lunges, plank shoulder taps, squat jumps, feet together crunches, bum lifts, plank crunches and Sumo squats.

The key thing about Jennis workouts is that they're never more than 30 minutes and many require no equipment - meaning they are easier into your daily life. This was important to Jess when she became a mum (even more. so now with the challenge of home-schooling) and had to make best use of limited time to herself.

In case you missed it, catch up on Week 1's Jennis workout.

For more information on Jennis, Jessica Ennis-Hill’s fitness exercise app head to and follow Jennis Fitness @WeAreJennis

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