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The expert edit: 8 skincare and wellness essentials celebrity facialist Shane Cooper always uses

June 2nd 2021 / Melanie Macleod / 0 comment


Instagram: @shanecooperuk

Maya Jama, Lily Allen and Phoebe Dynevor all have Shane Cooper on speed-dial, but what does he use on his own face? Here he shares his beauty must-haves

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Aesthetician Shane Cooper’s client list reads like a who’s who of British celebrities, with everyone from presenters Maya Jama and Emma Willis, to actresses Vicky McClure, Phoebe Dynevor and Sienna Miller to DJ Nick Grimshaw and singer Lily Allen visiting his South Kensington Clinic for cosmeceutical body treatments and facials.

“When I first started working I was a mental health practitioner which has played a massive role in the work I do now,” Shane says. “I am extremely passionate about mental health and I love seeing the positive effects my treatments have on my clients' mental wellbeing, self-esteem and physical appearance.”

Shane, 32, lives with his partner Craig in London and alongside tending to the complexions of A-listers, he also has a product range to help us recreate his facials at home if we can’t get a slot in his busy appointment book. Here he tells us what he uses on his own skin.

My typical workday

“I normally begin my day with an hour walk around Hyde Park in order to get my 10,000 steps in and clear my head before I begin my day. I then head into my clinic for around 9 am, with treatments starting from 10 am and ending around 8 pm. Normally my days are pretty back-to-back so I often don’t have time for lunch breaks as the days just fly by! I love being in my clinic as it’s such a bright, open and chilled space.

I’m not much of a breakfast person so I normally have a coconut flat white and a banana to just get my natural sugars and energy in for the day. In terms of vitamins, I take prescription hair supplements, Holland and Barrett Vitamin C, £8.99, Vitabiotics Ultra Vitamin D, £8.50 and Wiley's Finest Omega-3, £24.75; sometimes if I’m really tired I’ll add some magnesium into my routine.

“I'm obsessed with candles and fragrances (it’s definitely something I’d love to create in my own brand). I just love to burn scent in the mornings – it puts me in the best mood possible. I normally go for Byredo scents.”

My weekend

“The nature of being in the clinic and offering treatments means I keep Sundays and Mondays as my rest days. On Sundays I spend time with my close friends and family. We’ll have dinner, or go out somewhere nice. On a Sunday I also take the time to do a really good skincare routine to set me up for the rest of the week. Normally Mondays are life admin days; I’ll go out and do some shopping, meet some friends in town and now places are reopening, I’ll go out for a cocktail.”

My beauty routine

“My skincare routine is fairly simple, but every three to six weeks I’ll give myself a bespoke face treatment or an Aqua Tight facial to really clean and clear my skin. It includes radiofrequency to lift and regenerate collagen, microcurrents for muscle lifting, LED light therapy and then I finish off with my Anti-Ageing Oxygenation Mask, £90 for radiance. As with everyone’s skin, mine is constantly changing and I always assess what my skin is doing and create a routine around that.

“My day-to-day beauty regime involves a cleanse first thing in the morning using the Medik8 Gentle Cleanse, £13.50. After I follow with the Shane Cooper Collagen Firming Cream, £145, and sometimes I’ll mix in some James Read Click and Glow Tan Drops, £25, or Amanda Harrington The Face Set, £62.32, for an instant glow, followed by Heliocare SPF.

“I don’t have many facial tools at home as I am lucky to have cosmeceutical machines at my clinic, but I do keep a cryo ball in the freezer if my face needs some instant depuffing and lymphatic drainage.”

Wellness from the inside

“For me, wellness isn’t just about products, it’s about how you plan your day ahead and a walk in the morning does that for me. It’s important for me to have a routine: I drink a minimum of two litres of water each day, eat lots of fruit and vegetables, go for a walk, spend time with friends and family and then try to be asleep by 11 pm to get six to seven hours of sleep.

“I am also moving towards more of a plant-based diet and becoming more educated on the effect food has on the planet and on our health, so I’m making a conscious effort to consume less meat and dairy and ensure I buy organic and free-range where possible. “

My best tip or best advice I’ve been given

“The best piece of advice I’ve ever received is what I live by today. If you are doing something that you love and are passionate about, that is success. If you do something that fulfils you as a person, that is success.”

My beauty and wellness must-haves

James Read Tan Click and Glow Tan Drops, £25, and James Read H2O Tan Mist, £20


“I love James Read Tan products. They're great for an instant glow that also gives the best mood boost. My favourite products are the Click & Glow Tan Drops for brightening the skin and the Tan Mist for a cooling and hydrating effect.”

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Shane Cooper Anti-Ageing Oxygenation Mask, £90


“This was the first product I ever created and it has become a best-seller. I use it all the time as it’s just the best product for boosting hydration and skin luminosity. Also, the novelty of the foaming also never wears off!”

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Sisley Black Rose Skin Infusion Cream, £150


“This is a product I’ve used for a long time as a night cream as it is so soothing and works brilliantly with my sensitive skin.”

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Byredo Burning Rose Candle, £59


“I absolutely love this brand and all of its products. The hand soaps, hand creams, candles, the lot. My favourite fragrances are Burning Rose and Rose of No Man’s Land, £178."

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Amanda Harrington The Face Set, £62.32


“For a slightly darker tan I always go to Amanda Harrington Tan and use The Face Set. These products are amazing for easy application and great if you want to do some contouring.”

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Revitalash Advanced, £89 and Revitabrow, £115


“These products work wonders for thicker, healthier brows and lashes. They are amazing for hair regrowth and a staple to my beauty routine.”

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Medik8 Calmwise Serum, £32


“Such a calming, soothing serum that is great for sensitive skin, especially when experiencing flare-ups."

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Helio SPF50 Gel, £18.50


SPF is the staple to any skincare regime. My go-to is the Helio SPF Gel which is super lightweight and doesn’t feel cloggy in the slightest.”

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