From candles to boost your mood, skincare that really works to gua sha mushrooms to sculpt and lift the face and so much more

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We have been spoilt with beauty and wellness newness this week. So much so that we struggled to edit our lists down to four each. Scroll down to find out all about the McDonald's x Nails Inc collab that we didn’t know we needed, the XXL sleep scrunchie that prevents pillow-induced kinks as well as the fact that Burberry makeup is back on the shelves after being put on pause and it looks better than ever. Enjoy!

Victoria Woodhall, GTG Editorial Director

Almora Botanica The Starter Kit with Jade ‘Mushrooms’, £29

"A discovery set is a low-risk and fun intro to a brand and high-end Almora Botanica (Almora is a village in the Himalayas) has raised the game with this face starter kit. It comes with two jade gua sha mushrooms for a soothing and lifting massage session – just follow the diagram - plus seven samples of their elevated serums and oils. A standard serum size is 30mls, and here you’re getting 21mls in total. I love the Radiance Day Face Oil, which is so fine it feels like water (they’ve patented a special technique for this). If you think Ayurvedic skincare is all about heavy textures and essential oils, this will change your mind. They’ve championed face yoga too. Check their website for tutorials."


Omorovicza Queen Serum, £110

"If wrinkles are something you are looking to soften, try this nourishing serum from Omorovicza’s ‘Queen’ range, the brand’s performance skincare offering. I tried this for the first time when my face was having its usual 3pm dry spell – and it was a real aah! moment. It immediately went to the top spot in my bathroom. There are so many high-tech botanicals in here – ones that mimic retinol, others that reduce wrinkle depth. It gives my always dry, and sometimes sensitive face a firm and supple appearance; the pretty pink bottle just adds to the experience. By the way, if  you're looking for a facial, an Omorovicza Skin Therapy Session is true beauty sleep. I went to the new Omorovicza  Mayfair Institut, where  I dozed  while having a hypnotic face massage off and woke up looking like I’d been on holiday."


Skin Rocks The Gentle Acid, £49

"Caroline Hirons’ new acid toner hits the sweet spot for mature skin like mine because it brightens, exfoliates, and helps whatever goes on afterwards sink in better. But it doesn’t dry your skin out. The mix of acids is clever; there’s no harsh or smelly glycolic, instead, there’s hydrating lactic acid, hyperpigmentation-zapping mandelic, plus gluconolactone, a gentle PHA that exfoliates and hydrates and brings antioxidant protection too. Caroline calls this her ‘gentle hardcore’ acid. If your main concern is glow this is your friend; apply with a cotton pad (it’s part of the exfoliation process) three times a week. If your issue is breakouts, try her new BHA toner, The Control Acid, which can also dotted topically on spots."


Pippa Campbell Super Greens, £30.95

"So many greens powders try to ‘un-green’ themselves by adding sweeteners and flavourings that make them taste like orange squash. Why? I look for grown-up greens with no additives that I can choose to sweeten how/if I like with fruit in a smoothie or simply use to pimp my soup. And this is it; it’s functional nutritionist-formulated, organic and it majors on spinach, barley grass, kelp and spirulina, plus flaxseed for fibre and oestrogen detoxification in the gut, as well as turmeric and loads of plant-based antioxidants. This really is the no-BS greens powder to help make your 30-a-week plant target a breeze."


SJ Corfield-Smith, GTG Beauty Director

Bubble Deep Dive AHA + PHA Exfoliating Mask, £18

"The phenomenon that is Bubble skincare keeps on growing. A lot of the range is suitable for tweens and teens but this new addition is one for the grownups. It’s a fruit enzyme and AHA exfoliating face mask that tingles as soon as you slather it on, which is the ingredients getting to work on dissolving dead skin and dislodging gunk and grime in pores. Leave for ten minutes and wash away to reveal velvety smooth skin that looks brighter and plumper. Don’t overuse it, once a week is plenty."


Glow Recipe Plum Plump Hyaluronic Cream, £38

"In need of a moisturiser that’s not too thick for warmer days and that’s going to drench your skin in hydration like a serum? I’ve found it for you. This gorgeous purple pot is filled with 5 different weights of hydrating hyaluronic, it’s even more hydrating big sister - polyglutamic acid - and plum extract. And most importantly, this cult and TikTok-approved brand is now offering refills so you can keep topping up your favourite buy."


Drowsy Pillow Scrunchie, £40

"Sleeping on silk is not only great for your face (less sleeping wrinkles) but it also causes less damage to your hair. I, however, find silk pillowcases a bit ‘icky’ and that’s where this genius, gigantic silk scrunchie comes in. It is more suitable for far thicker or curlier hair than mine to prevent it rubbing and breaking, but it keeps styled hair free from annoying sleep-induced kinks so post salon-blow-dry or if you’ve done a great job of your own, this will keep it looking great for longer."


Aja Botanicals Dream Candle, £80

“Having only launched last year, this candle and fine fragrance brand has done exceptionally well. And that’s all thanks to the products being very good. There are four different scents to choose from - each available in candle and diffuser format and everything is refillable. I was drawn to Dream because of the blend of fir needle (which gives it a slightly Christmas tree feel) and the earthiness of essential oil, angelica. It is meant to help clear a busy mind and bring clarity - something I need in abundance!”


Ingeborg van Lotringen, GTG Contributing Beauty Editor

Revision Skincare C+ Brightening Eye Complex, £125

"Revision packs its products so full of proven ingredients at active levels, that I’m willing to look past how expensive it is. This one brightens and protects with the most bio-available yet non-irritating form of vitamin C, then throws a shedload of peptides, antioxidants and capillary-decongesting botanicals in the mix to get rid of under-eye inflammation and the puffiness it causes. It’s nourishing but light as well, so expect overall fresher, perkier-looking eyes."


Isoclean Paradise Scented Makeup Brush Cleaner, £19.50

"I am too lazy to clean the few brushes that I occasionally use, but have learned that dirty brushes have more bacteria on them than scientists can measure, so yuck. This stuff you just squirt in a shallow dish, then swirl in your brushes. The aloe and ethyl liquid will dissolve the dirt and germs and the brushes will quickly dry. Easy! The ‘tropical caramel’ scent is quite revolting (or maybe that’s just me) but there’s an unscented version as well."


Curél Plumping Hydrating Gel Essence, £15.60

"The new generation of milky and gel essences don’t just add an extra layer of hydration under your serum and moisturiser, they top up your skin with barrier protectants to leave it healthier and more resilient. This new Curel one is for mature but sensitive skin, is unscented but with a lovely silky slip, and also has a dose of powerful antioxidants that help collagen along. It even works as just a super-light moisturiser."


Leighton Denny Electric Neon Collection Nail Polish, £30

"Who doesn’t love a neon polish?! They go with everything, somehow. This collection has the standard but always flattering neon pink and neon coral, but also a Prince-worthy electric purple which I particularly love. Smooths on creamily and delivers intense colour in a single coating for a bit of brightness on yet another dreary day."


Isla Huffadine, GTG Content Coordinator

Neom Feel Good Vibes Candle, £55

"As Mother’s Day approaches, consider treating the special mother figure in your life (or even yourself) to a luxurious scented candle. The name of this one says it all! The scent is a delightful blend of fruity aromas and essential oils, featuring notes of mandarin, ylang ylang and jasmine. Whether you’re seeking a moment of serenity, a mood boost or simply a fragrance to evoke happiness, lighting this candle will do just that."


Nails Inc McDonald’s Fries Nail Polish and Sticker Set, £8.99

"As soon as I heard about the Nails Inc x McDonald’s collab, I had to give it a try. Everything from the packaging to the iconic colours and playful stickers screams ‘happy meal meets mani’! I went for the french fries-themed polish and sticker set in shade ‘gotta ketchup’. The signature McDonald’s red polish is easy to apply thanks to the wide brush and smooth consistency of the polish. And the stickers take a classic mani to the next level. Playful, fun and bright - everything I think nails should be."


Pixi Rose Essence Oil, £24

"Facial oils don’t have to feel sticky or leave a greasy residue, which is what I love about this lightly scented rose oil. Its lightweight formula effortlessly absorbs into the skin creating an instant radiant glow. It sinks in so quickly it can be used under makeup. Equally, if your skin gets dry mid-afternoon just press a few drop over the top for an extra boost of hydration. Or apply a generous layer at night for an overnight hydration treatment"


The Beauty Crop Glow Milk Bronzed, £12

"Perfecting my ‘no makeup, makeup look’ is always a goal, but it becomes a bit more challenging when my skin hasn't seen the sun for awhile. That’s where these versatile bronzing drops come in handy. You can apply them directly to your face, use them under foundation, or mix them with moisturiser - which is my preferred method. They add a touch of colour to your complexion, perfect for those times when you’re not looking for full coverage. And all for a bargain price point too."


Becki Murray, GTG Contributing Editor

Burberry Kisses Liquid Matte Lipstick In The Red, £34

"I was so excited when the news broke that Burberry makeup was returning to the shelves - this time exclusively to Selfridges. Luckily, this statement lip colour is as good, if not better, than the original. The magic is in the wand, which allows for silky smooth application in a single swipe, with a flattering matte yet moisturising finish that doesn’t go flaky throughout the day."


Dr PawPaw Your Gorgeous Skin Hydrating Day Cream, £18

"If you have reactive skin like mine (or tend to overdo it with exfoliating acids!), my biggest piece of advice is to keep a simple yet trustworthy hydrator ready to quickly knock out the irritation you may experience. This is that type of moisturiser for me, with its fragrance-free formula that contains multiple weights of hyaluronic acid for surface level and deeper hydration, plus moisturising powerhouse vitamin E."


Tula H2Oasis Instant Skin Reviving Mask, £30

"This is my favourite quick-fire Friday complexion fix right now - aka just the ticket for skin that’s showing the signs of stress and fatigue at the end of the week. It’s packed with soothing prebiotics, moisturising ceramides and botanical extracts from desert plants that lock in moisture. My advice: apply it as a sleep mask overnight and you’ll wait up to visibly softer skin."


Huda Beauty Creamy Eyeshadow Palette, £29

"It’s fair to say that my eyeshadow palette collection is a bit out of control - I do wear it everyday - but I had to find room for this one from Huda Beauty. Known for being superb when it comes to smooth, high-pigment shades, the creamy consistency of this portable palette makes it easy to apply quickly with your fingers. The selection of smoky nude shades is a quick eye lift too, especially for tired peepers."