Yes, it’s aimed at teens but with a Drunk Elephant dupe it might just work for you too

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Depending on your family setup you may already have had a teen shoving a phone in your face to make you watch Bubble Skincare reviews via TikTok and be completely au fait with the phenomenon that is Bubble. But, if you’re like me, who rarely looks at TikTok and has younger children (my eldest daughter is 9), then you also may have never heard of it. 

But not for much longer. As of today, the full range of Bubble skincare is available at the new beauty-only Boots store in London’s Battersea Power Station and online at It will roll out into over 200 Boots stores across the UK from January 2024. Having previously only been available on Beauty Bay and with a small selection of products, Boots will carry 12 products from the range including the Morning Rays Brightening Eye Cream, £14 which will be exclusive and the brand's cult product - Bubble Slam Dunk Hydrating Moisturiser, £16 - one of which is sold every ten seconds globally.

As you would expect, Bubble is huge on social media. I have scrolled through just some of the 60+ million searches for Bubble skincare and dusted off my TikTok account to watch many videos of the products in action and here is everything you need to know about the brand and why I genuinely think these deserve space in your busy mind whether for you or for the teen in your life.

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What is Bubble skincare?

The skincare brand was started in 2020 by Shai Eisenman, an American serial entrepreneur, who felt there was a gap in the beauty market for good affordable skincare products specifically targeted to the Gen Z market. She has said in previous interviews that teens were looking at the pricey skincare their Mums were using and wanted the same, but couldn’t afford it. Bubble products are priced between £10 - £18 for individual products, with sets and bundles retailing between £26 - £32.

No surprise then that the best-selling Slam Dunk Hydrating Moisturiser, £16 is frequently referred to on TikTok as a dupe for Drunk Elephant Protini, £61 - which, bafflingly, teens are obsessed with even though they 100 per cent do not need to use it. Anyway, I digress.

The other reason you may not have heard of Bubble is if you’re aged over 25 they’re not really talking to you. This is very much a brand aimed at teens, being talked about by teens in a space where teens exist aka TikTok. It's also had a staggering 60+ million searches on Google. And everything about the products appeals to that market. 

The packaging is bright and eye-catching. It uses straightforward language, with all of the products clearly identified as to what they are and when to use them within a routine. The ingredients are simple, there are no major actives included, everything is fragrance-free, vegan and cruelty-free and all appropriate for what hormonal and changeable teen skin needs. The brand also donate some of its profits to teen mental health programmes and offers 50 per cent off BetterHelp, an online counselling service, to it's customers. 

Is Bubble skincare only for teens?

Well, here is the interesting part. While Bubble is targeted at teens there seems to be some crossover into appealing to older consumers too. While the products aren’t going to tackle wrinkles, pigmentation, dark circles or any of the more complex skin concerns they do contain excellent hydrating ingredients. And because they have been formulated for younger and more delicate skin, they are also good options for easily irritated skin types that need products that are simple, and gentle but effective. So if you have a teen who is a Bubble fan then this may be one of the few times that you want to steal some of their skincare, instead of the other way round. Or if you’re looking for the best skincare for teens this is a great option. But also if you're just on the look out for affordable and simple products then you may want to buy some for yourself.

Bubble skincare: the products

As mentioned earlier, initially the range of Bubble products here was fairly limited but now you and your teen can shop from 12 products. Here are four I think work whatever your age. 

The hero product from the range. It comes with a pump dose applicator that delivers the moisturiser in the shape of a flower. This has been heavily documented on TikTok as you can imagine. It contains hydrating glycerin along with aloe leaf juice and vitamin E. There’s also avocado oil in the mix as well as some superfood proteins that offer blue light protection. It has a velvety texture and a slightly mattifying finish.

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A clear gel cleanser that slightly foams up but leaves the skin feeling very hydrated and not at all stripped. It contains red algae extract to help balance oil production as well as calming ingredients like caffeine and lavender flower water. It’s a gentle cleanser and removes light makeup but not full-on eye makeup but ideal for post-workout to get rid of sweat or when you just need to give your skin a gentle wash.

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Containing zinc and niacinamide and having a lighter gel consistency, this is the moisturiser if your skin leans to the oily side or if you’re prone to spots. It also comes with the flower-producing pump applicator. It says to use 1 to 2 pumps but one pump is more than adequate to cover the face.

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The sort of product your teen may want to use daily and you dip in and out of depending on how your skin is behaving and when you need it. Combining pore-declogging salicylic acid and willow bark to calm redness, it’s a clear gentle gel serum that will tackle existing spots as well as help clear skin and decongest in the long term.