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18 health food powders you need to know about

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  • Jess
  • September 28th 2016

Totally agree, Ian! I nearly gave up on superfood powders because most of them taste so gross! The only one I actually like is the VITL supergreens powder which is like vanilla. SO GOOD. It's a better price too.

  • Lola
  • September 28th 2016

I LOVE the Aduna moringa, it's so much nicer than the chlorella stuff I used to take (and much cheaper). I use their baobab too in a clean green smoothie in the morning, so glad to know it helps boost my iron intake!!

Looking forward to trying the new super cacao and some lucuma powder :-) Does anyone have any recipes for these?

  • Ian
  • October 29th 2014

I love these Ormus greens, but also the story behind the name - I had never heard of the ORME factor in foods, but it makes sense that the more trace elements the roots of the plants absorb the better the quality of the plant / powder. Plus the taste is also almost pleasant - a rarity in this field ;)

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