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Mental Health

Read the latest features on all things mental health, from advice on anxiety and depression to personal experiences of mental illness and the experts and remedies that can help boost your mental wellbeing


Menopause and sleep: how I survive the hell of hormonal insomnia

May 14th 2022 / Mariella Frostrup and Alice Smellie

For broadcaster, menopause campaigner and author Mariella Frostrup, insomnia was the first indication of perimenopause. She describes how she has managed a decade of hormonal insomnia and asks experts for their solutions for menopause and sleep >>>


A study into Bio-Kult probiotics has proved the link between gut health and mood. Here’s everything you need to know

May 12th 2022 / Cassie Powney

Scientists at the University of Oxford have shown that taking a probiotic to balance the gut's 'good bacteria' has a direct impact on mood and depression levels. Intrigued? Why wouldn't you be... >>>


From brain fog to insomnia these are the supplements to take for menopause

May 3rd 2022 / Victoria Woodhall

Davina McCall's latest menopause documentary has put the way we treat menopause on the map again. We spoke to experts about how to help to ease the symptoms and what supplements to take >>>


I lost 3 stone in 6 months and saw my menopausal symptoms disappear with this gentle form of exercise I can do in my PJs

April 27th 2022 / Amber Voller

Dubbed 'Chinese yoga,' qigong helped transform the body and mind of lifelong compulsive overeater Manuela Roche, 52. No sweating it out in the gym required... >>>


I'm a beauty founder and this is my £7.99 sleep hack

April 6th 2022 / Ingeborg van Lotringen

The voice of a digital generation and founder of luxury self-care brand Mirror Water Estée Lalonde talks ride-or-die beauty products, wellness hacks and why sometimes, staying in bed all day is good for you >>>


10 natural remedies for anxiety that our experts rate

April 4th 2022 / Danielle Hine

Feeling more anxious than normal? From herbal hot chocolate to medicinal mushrooms, here are some surprising, affordable and easy ways to support a stressed-out mind and body >>>


The best belly-busting workout that'll target your core like nothing else can!

March 28th 2022 / Jessica Morgan

Kickoff your week with a 20-minute fat-burning ab workout with YouTube star and yoga teacher Adriene Mishler >>>


LED face and neck masks were the stars of backstage at the Oscars

March 28th 2022 / Melanie Macleod

Actress Olivia Colman and Kourtney Kardashian used an LED mask to amp up their red carpet glow. Here's why makeup artists swear by this quick skin fix >>>


The Panic Diaries: ‘Anxiety medication saved me. It's time to remove the stigma'

March 25th 2022 / Nicola Bonn

In her latest second column, beauty podcaster Nicola Bonn reveals how her prescription medication changed her life for the better. And why more of us need to talk about it >>>


This 'power nap' pebble taught me to sleep again

March 18th 2022 / Victoria Woodhall

Victoria Woodhall has always struggled with sleep. Power naps were something that other people had. But the new Sensate relaxation device changed everything >>>


Trypophobia: Does looking at small holes make you feel queasy?

March 10th 2022 / Ayesha Muttucumaru

There's a reason why clusters of small holes make so many of us shiver in disgust. Here’s why trypophobia is real - and ways that can help you overcome it >>>


The best pillow sprays to help you drift off to sleep

March 9th 2022 / Verity Clark

Can a pillow mist really help you fall asleep? We were cynical to begin with, but there may be something to it... >>>


I did an ice facial at home for a week and it instantly calmed my mind

March 4th 2022 / Verity Clark

Model Bella Hadid and politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claim a bowl of ice is the fastest way to de-puff your face. and destress your mind. We had to try it... >>>


The Panic Diaries. I'm 41 and successful, but I'm shaking and can't breathe

February 25th 2022

Beauty podcaster Nicola Bonn hadn't had a panic in 20 years. Until now. In the start of a searingly honest series, she shares her terrifying ordeal and her quest to find help for anxiety >>>


Join our IRL manifesting workshop at The Organic Pharmacy, London

February 13th 2022

Discover how to manifest your glossiest self and enjoy an evening of healthy snacks and Organic Pharmacy treats and discounted shopping! Hurry, limited tickets! >>>


Is this the smell of optimism? Why rose is having a real moment

February 11th 2022 / Melanie Macleod

Rose is the self-care scent to look for to lift our spirits, according to aromatherapists. This is how rose is coming to the rescue >>>


What is manifesting and can it help you attract what you want?

February 11th 2022 / Verity Clark

It’s the self-care buzzword of the moment and advocates say it can fast track your goals, whether that's getting engaged or buying the dream house. How do you it – and is it any more than wishful thinking? Our experts weigh in >>>


Valentine's gifts to suit your love language perfectly

February 9th 2022 / Melanie Macleod and Verity Clark

Whether you or your partner prefer 'acts of service' as an expression of love or 'quality time', these are the love language-based presents to gift on Valentine's Day >>>


Brain health: are you age-proofing your brain as much as your body?

February 2nd 2022 / Stacey Carter

You may spend time keeping your body, face and even your gut in top condition, but are you also futureproofing your brain? Our experts reveal how to boost your brain health so that what you do now helps you stay sharper for longer >>>


What is dopamine fasting and should I try it?

February 1st 2022 / Melanie Macleod

It sounds bizarre, but could the wellness trend out of Silicon Valley help you feel happier and more present? >>>


Screen apnea is a thing - and it's making us more anxious

January 25th 2022 / Melanie Macleod

Do you hold your breath when you scroll? Most of us do without realising when we're on our phones or checking emails. Here's how to know if you're doing it (and how to stop) >>>


8 unexpected signs you might be perimenopausal

January 21st 2022 / Victoria Woodhall

From fear of driving to itchy skin and irregular periods , menopause nutritionist Emma Bardwell explains common yet often-missed symptoms of perimenopause >>>


Infrared sauna blanket: we tried the hottest thing (literally) in home wellness

January 19th 2022 / Victoria Woodhall

It claims to lower inflammation, burn 600 calories, give a natural high – and sales have soared during the pandemic. Victoria Woodhall bags up >>>


11 tiny tweaks that make a big difference to your happiness levels

January 13th 2022 / Rachel Kelly

This is what mental health campaigner and author Rachel Kelly learned from her breakdown. Even the simple acts of making your bed and using the word 'yet' can make a marked difference in how you feel right now >>>


I’m two years into recovery and these are the best non-alcoholic drinks I’ve tried

January 7th 2022 / Hattie Sloggett

After two years sober, Hattie Sloggett knows her way around a non-alcoholic drink. Here are the ones she recommends to make Dry January more enjoyable >>>

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