Skin issues

We're here to help - we meet the experts, review the salon treatments and try out the best and newest products in the market to help you with your skin issues.


Adult acne: causes, treatments and advice

The vast majority of us suffer from acne at some point in our adult lives - here's what causes it and how to tackle it >>>


Back acne

We asked a renowned dermatologist for her recommendations on acne treatment for when it affects your body rather than your face >>>

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Brown spots

Also known as age spots or liver spots, these freckly marks are a result of exposure to sunlight and often hormonal imbalances. But there are solutions >>>



Dermatologist Dr Nick Lowe gives us the expert low down on cellulitis, from causes to treatments and everything in between >>>


Chicken Skin

Red, rough and bumpy chicken skin is not a good look for any bikini body. With expert help, we discover the what, why and how-to for dealing with chicken skin >>>



From symptoms to solutions and everything in between, we asked dermatologist Dr Samantha Bunting for her expert advice on how to deal with dermatitis >>>


Eczema: how to treat and prevent it

Find out what eczema is, how to treat it and what you can change in your lifestyle to prevent flare-ups >>>


Fungal nail infections

We ask the foot experts how to get rid of yellow toenails, Athlete’s foot and dodgy looking nails >>>


How should you treat a cold sore?

We ask the GP’s opinion about their causes, treatment and just how contagious they really are >>>


How to get over insomnia for good

Lack of sleep in the UK has reached epidemic proportions with many of us getting less than five hours sleep a night. But there are insomnia cures that actually work. We ask the experts for their advice >>>


How to remove blackheads and whiteheads

Fed up of your blackheads? We asked a skincare expert for the best ways to get rid of them >>>


Psoriasis: what it is and how to treat it

A complete run down of the what, why and how of psoriasis with Dr Sam Bunting >>>


Rosacea: Treatment and causes

Most commonly appearing as a surface rash on the face, rosacea is an unpleasant affliction - but it can be managed >>>


Scarring: how to treat it

Whether caused by acne, chicken pox, cuts or burns, scarring can be disfiguring and distressing. We consult experts on the best products and treatments >>>


Sensitive Skin

Whether it’s red, dry, itchy or inflamed, there’s little to love about sensitive skin. Here, we bring you our top tips for dealing with this super sensitive irritation >>>

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Stretch marks

Whether through pregnancy, teenage growth or weight gain, most of us get these at some point but there's plenty you can do to prevent them and reduce their appearance >>>



Too much sun? Dr Stefanie Williams offers up her expert advice on the safest way to deal with sunburn >>>



Get the lowdown on how to prevent excessive sweating with our expert guide to staying dry all year round >>>



What causes dandruff and what’s the best way to get rid of it? We asked a hair and scalp health expert for his top recommendations >>>



We ask renowned dermatologist Dr Nick Lowe on how to treat this skin problem, its causes and how to identify its symptoms >>>


Why warts shouldn’t be embarrassing

We get the GP’s opinion on warts, verrucas, their treatment and their removal >>>

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