From gratitude journals to declutter busy minds to supplements and skincare that really work, these are the best new wellness and beauty buys that have made their way into our lives (and bathrooms) this week

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Whether you're looking for some new makeup updates, a boost to your body care regime or supplements to aid sleep, boost focus and increase immunity, we've been inundated with hard-working and seriously effective newness this week. So, of course, we wanted to share it with you. Scroll down to discover the new Chanel balm-meets-lipstick you're going to want in your makeup stash, the environmentally conscious British activewear brand you're going to want in your wardrobe and the serum that really plumps and lifts that you're going to want in your bathroom. Plus so much more. Enjoy!

Victoria Woodhall, GTG Editorial Director

Dermalogica Pro-Collagen Banking Serum, £79

“Collagen banking has become a beauty buzzword and essentially means boosting the collagen you have now to future-proof against inevitable loss that comes not just with age but with collagen thieves such as stress, sun, smoking and pollution. This creamy and (for a serum) rich texture is full of peptides, antioxidants and humectants to stimulate and hydrate. If you’re confused about skincare but concerned about collagen loss, this does the thinking for you. Just add moisturiser and of course SPF!”


Paula’s Choice  6% Mandelic Acid + 2% Lactic Acid Liquid Exfoliant, was £35 now £28

“Paula’s Choice is the place to go for liquid exfoliants. Its iconic BHA Liquid Exfoliant with salicylic acid is a whizz at clarifying spot-prone skin – my 20-year-old daughter asks for it on repeat. Now there’s a new watery and gentle AHA that’s perfect for my drier skin – as well as anyone with sensitive skin (they’ve tested it!) and darker skins, who may ordinarily shy away from exfoliating acids due to the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. You use it like a toner a couple of times a week and it gently and brilliantly breaks down dead skin cells. Plus it’s on offer right now!”


Product Spa Ceylon Peace Soothing Balm, £10.40

“This week, I met the founder of an exciting and affordable natural skin and body care brand, Spa Ceylon, and was impressed with the way it takes the best from Sri Lanka’s Ayurvedic heritage and has a mission to make you feel instantly better. It’s already the biggest luxury Ayurveda skincare brand in the world but has only just made it to UK shores. This Peace balm is gently vasodilating – meaning it opens your airways and helps you feel clear-headed. I add to pulse points to elevate my yoga practice.”


Sisterly The Elevator, £86 for a month’s supply

“What happens when three high-powered friends  - an investment banker, a barrister and a luxury brand manager –  can’t find a single on-hit supplement that does everything they need for female-specific mood, energy and immunity? They get an expert formulator on board and create a one-and-done handbag-friendly powder sachet that you simply glug and go. Sisterly’s The Elevator has high-quality, high-dose vitamins and minerals that mean I don’t have to remember umpteen pills. The only things I take additionally are omega 3s and probiotics. I like that it’s virtually tasteless  – so many are overly sweetened – and easy to drink alone or in a smoothie."


SJ Corfield-Smith, GTG Beauty Director

Espa Muscle Rescue Balm, £30

“Whether you work out a lot or, like me, just find yourself exhausted and aching by the end of every day, then let me introduce you to this tube of muscle-soothing heaven. It’s a balm made from zingy peppermint and eucalyptus to get rid of the aches, and clove bud which instantly warms on contact with the skin to relax. You can use it before exercise but I prefer slathering it on tired calf muscles just before I put on my pyjamas.”


Emma Hardie Moringa Luxury Bath & Shower Oil, £38

“Fans of the cleansing balm of the same name will instantly love this silky body oil that contains all the same hydrating moringa, hemp and sweet almond oil and the familiar reassuring scent. The golden oil can be used in a few ways. Pour a capful under running water to seriously elevate your bath, slather it on before you get in the shower to cleanse your skin to perfection or apply it post-shower for extra hydration. Or there’s nothing stopping you from doing all three!”


Chanel Rouge Coco Baume in Keep Cool, £34

“Products that make my makeup routine quicker and easier are always a winner and this new balm-meets-lipstick has gone straight into my handbag. It comes in five sheer and wearable shades and delivers a wash of colour (a lip crayon this is not) with lots of buttery balmy hydration in one. It’s the sort of product you can apply without needing a mirror as it’s quite forgiving but does also add something to your look.”


The Outset Botanical Barrier Rescue Balm, £36

“Of all the celebrity beauty brands, Scarlett Johannson’s The Outset seems to fly under the radar somewhat, and I’m not entirely sure why as the products are good. This is the latest, a multipurpose skin balm that can be used pretty much for whatever is required containing the brand’s signature plant-based complex that works like hyaluronic acid alongside natural oils. So far, I’ve used it on my lips, cuticles, my daughter’s grazed knee and dry skin types could use it on the face - it would be a great option for skin slugging, if that’s what you’re into. Oh, and the tin is cute too.”


Kerry Potter, GTG Contributing Editor

Yuvãfy Collagen Supplement, £39 for 15 sachets

"Call me shallow but I’m very into this green and pink packaging – so chic! And I’m happy to report that there’s substance as well as style here with this new London collagen brand. Each sachet of liquid contains 10,000mg (the magic number) of sustainably sourced marine collagen, plus vitamins B and C, and hyaluronic acid for maximum skin-boosting power. It also tastes nice – a blood orange, ginger and raspberry combo – which is more than can be said for many others on the market. It’s high-end prices - £67 for a monthly subscription – but it’s one of the best I’ve tried."


Bam Horizon Throw On Yoga Sweat, £75

"I do weight-training in a perishingly cold gym (there’s ice on the inside of the windows some mornings) so am forever seeking out sturdy, cosy workout hoodies. This fleece-lined one, from British brand Bam’s new activewear collection, is simply gorgeous – the delicate blush colour, the longline hem so it keeps my bum warm and the softness of the bamboo-derived fabric, for a start. Similarly alluring are Bam’s eco-creds: they’re a B-Corp company going all out for ‘climate positive’ status (that’s when you go beyond having a net zero carbon footprint). And bonus points for being a homegrown indie brand going up against the global sportswear Goliaths - I like their style."


 Prai Ageless Throat & Decolletage Crème, £42

"To mark the 10th anniversary of Prai’s cult neck lifting and moisturising cream they’ve launched a new supersized jar - it’s 118ml so, compared to the standard 50ml tub at £29, offers great value if this is a product you buy on repeat. And a lot of people do – one sells every 60 seconds in M&S. This special edition also comes with a free jade gua sha tool, so as you apply the cream, you can give yourself a neck message to encourage lymphatic drainage and stimulate circulation."


Marie Louise Pumfrey, GTG contributor

Papier Stellar Gratitude Journal, £22

"In a bid to have a more positive outlook on life and appreciate the small things, I got myself a gratitude journal as part of my new year resolution. There’s been much research to show this can help with anxiety, sleep and even boost immunity. I love this one by Papier, who have a huge range of beautifully designed journals to choose from. I’ve been trying to do it every night and in the morning and it is full of positive mantras which help me every day."


A.Vogel Sleep Well Dissolvable Granules, £11.99

"Whenever I’m stressed out my sleep is the first thing to go wrong. It takes me ages to nod off, then I’ll wake with a jolt at 3am and spend an hour fretting. I have always been a temperamental sleeper but it got much worse during menopause and is something that I have to manage.So I wa s keen to try out the new Sleep Well granules by Vogel the Swiss pioneering natural health specialists. These nighttime sachets contain a good measure of magnesium, lemon balm and the amino acid L-tryptophan which helps with mild insomnia.  I’ve been swilling one back just before bed, and the nights are much less bumpy."

shop Ultra Focus High Strength Lions Mane, £23.99

"Over Christmas, my brain fog got next-level bad. I was struggling to recall the names of my favourite films or what I’d been doing a few minutes earlier. I’d heard great reports on the power of Lion’s Main the mushroom derivative and ginkgo biloba can have on brain clarity and came across the Ultra Focus supplements by on my Google search. They have a high quantity of both, plus vitamin B5 and iodine, which are known to support mental performance. I’ve been popping a couple of these daily, ever since and a month later feel normal again. Yes I still sometimes can’t recall names, but generally the brain fog has dissipated and all the balls are in the air again."


Manta Pulse, £70

"If you are feeling strung out and need a quick fix let me point you in the direction of this pulsating hair brush.   It gives the most heavenly, therapeutic head massage with its magic vibrating bristles. I am obsessed and have it sitting on my desk for those moments when I need a relaxing break from the screen. It has two settings, one for soothing stress relief and a stronger option to increase blood flow and circulation. You can use it in the shower too, for exfoliating your scalp or combing through conditioner. I’m a long-time fan of the bendy Manta brushes. They are the most gentle I’ve come across."


Ingeborg van Lotringen, GTG Contributing Beauty Editor

Alastin Skincare Restorative Complex, £180

"Yes it’s shockingly expensive but this dermatologist-developed serum has a seriously impressive ingredients list and boasts some very new and patented skin cell- regenerating science. It’s a next-generation peptide and antioxidant formula (so no potentially irritating retinoids) that’s been proven to not just speed up the formation of collagen but also of bounce-giving elastin, which is really hard to do. And it helps recycle and clear up damaged cells, which cause ageing if left to lurk. It feels light and lovely too. I’m looking forward to firmer, filled-out, more even-toned skin."


Boujee Bougies Candle in Tart, £60

"Plenty of candles are cosy and soothing but this is one for when you need a bit of a tonic, inspired as it is by herbal and fruit teas. It has sappy green notes alongside garden herbs like basil and mint, but there’s fruit too in the shape of plum and sweet dark blackcurrant, alongside allotment favourite rhubarb with its regular accompaniments lemon and ginger, to give the whole thing the tartness its name promises. Refreshing and uplifting, like your own small garden captured in a single flame."


Rejuvenated Regenerate NAD+, £48.50 for a 2-month supply

"There is mounting evidence (say plenty of doctors I know) that supplementing the naturally occurring molecule NMN, which activates the cell energy coenzyme NAD in your cells, really does help to kickstart them, leading to cell significant repair and regeneration and therefore fighting inflammation, boosting immunity and putting signs of ageing in reverse. In this one-a-day caps, NMN is teamed with a squad of the most powerful antioxidants, including astaxanthin, quercetin, pine bark and resveratrol. Together, they really will protect your very DNA and I swear I’ve been feeling  more energised while using it, despite ongoing lack of sleep."


Reome Three Suns Balm Cleanser, £55

"Turning the chore that is cleansing into a joy was what drove the development of this. A silky, light cream that turns into an oil then rinses off as a milk, it purifies while it hydrates and infuses skin with minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids, gently exfoliating enzymes and skin microbiome balancers. It’s soothingly scented but lightly so, and best removed with a cloth – like many balm cleansers, it melts eye makeup but won’t rinse it off clean, requiring some extra help. Will leave you glowing and smiling."


Jemma Thompson, GTG Design and Social Media Manager 

About Face Matte Fix Lip Pencil, £13

"American singer and songwriter Halsey launched her first makeup range in 2021. It has come on leaps and bounds and has just launched in Selfridges. The vegan range is all about expression, creativity and lots of pigment — which I am all about. My favourite pick is this creamy matte lip pencil. It glides on so effortlessly I like to apply it like a lipstick. The long-lasting buildable formula stays put for hours, plus it’s infused with coconut oil and vitamin E, so your lips feel nourished and soft."


Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Freeze Gel, £24

“This new gel has revolutionised my brow game. Gone are the days of white residue and flaky formulas with no hold. Whether you like a laminated look, fluffy feathers, or a perfectly groomed style, this wax-gel hybrid offers all-day hold without compromise. The star of the show is the double-sided brush, which has a bristle brush on one side to apply and a comb on the other to sculpt and shape. Infused with glycerin, it nourishes your brows without leaving them crunchy or stiff, so you’re left with a natural-looking finish.”


Bioderma Hydrabio Hyalu+ Serum 30ml, £32

"This new serum is the ultimate dose of hydration for parched skin. It is suitable for all skin types and boasts a potent duo of hyaluronic acid to rehydrate and niacinamide to protect your skin's barrier. I love it as part of my morning routine as it absorbs quickly into the skin with a slight tackiness, making it a great primer pre-base products."


Bloom & Blossom Spritzy Toes Revitalising leg & foot spray, £24

“This isn't new, however, this foot spray sure is an unsung hero for tired tootsies. Created with a blend of natural ingredients including aloe vera leaf juice and lime oil, this zesty mist is designed to invigorate and revitalise heavy legs and swollen ankles. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who’s on their feet most of the day, training hard, or in my case heavily pregnant. A quick spritz of this helps alleviate water retention whilst the citrusy scent is a reliable pick-me-up that could give your morning brew a run for its money.”


Isla Huffadine, GTG Content Coordinator

Tropic Forest Leaves Water-Activated Facial Pads, £12

"I’m always mindful of the environmental impact from single-use wipes, however these water-activated dual-sided facial pads provide a sustainable alternative. Each pad can be reused and laundered (they come with a mesh bag to pop in the machine) up to 200 times before being recycled. Initially firm and square in shape, they transform into a soft material when soaked in water. The smoother side is perfect for cleansing and toning while the other textured side offers gentle exfoliation."


Rahua Enchanted Island Body Glow Serum, £85

"We're all guilty of not paying the skin from our neck down the same attention as our face. My excuse is that body lotion takes too much time, but this new serum from Rahus sinks in so quickly and leaves my skin feeling instantly soft and hydrated and without any greasy residue that can transfer onto sheets or clothing. It's packed with ingredients like horsetail extract, hyaluronic acid and guayusa extract, which moisturise, plump and create a gorgeous glow!"


Living Proof Clarifying Detox Shampoo, £31

"Since moving to London I’ve been grappling with the effects of hard water on my hair, but I’ve finally found a solution. This clarifying detox shampoo is designed to eliminate product buildup, excess oil and general residue left by hard water. Intended to be used once a week as a replacement for your 'regular' shampoo. Don’t be deterred by its dark colour; that’s the activated charcoal. And after one use my hair was noticeably softer and my scalp felt rejuvenated."


Sol de Janeiro Cheirosa 59 Perfume Mist, £22

"This is the newest addition in the Sol de Janeiro fragrance range, Cheirosa 59. True to the brand's identity, it comes in a delightful purple hue and features their signature packaging. I love how their products have a collectible feel. The fragrance itself is light, blending notes of vanilla orchid, sugared violet and sandalwood. A spritz during the day instantly boosts my mood, transporting me to a vacation state of mind! The convenient 90ml size makes it ideal for tossing in a handbag, with gym gear, or in your travel carry-on."


Becki Murray, GTG Contributing Editor

Chantecaille Sea Turtle Eyeshadow Trio, £66

"A finely-milled texture, enough pigment to lift your eyes without falling into face paint terrority, and collectible but not cumbersome packaging - Chantecaille’s limited edition eyeshadow palette ticks them all. Plus, it’s being launched in association with the Amazon Conservation Team, helping support the incredible Ancestral Tides sea turtle initiative."


Side Story Pillow Talk Eau de Parfum, £160 for 100ml

"There’s an interesting emerging trend in fragrance right now around scents that are perfect for wearing to bed. Honestly, at first, I wasn’t convinced. But, then I spritzed this warm and slightly spicy floral creation on my pulse points pre-dooze. Consider it a more luxurious way to self-soothe and drift off compared to traditional pillow mists. Now I tell everyone to try it."


Naturium Marshmallow Root Barrier Balm, £27

"I first tried this cream one night a couple of weeks ago when the wet and windy weather gave me the gift of dry, irritated skin. Intrigued by its trio of marshmallow root, arnica and milk thistle that I know from my cosmetic science training are amazing for soothing the complexion, I was seriously impressed to wake up with skin that felt really hydrated and smooth. It’s quickly becoming a nightly essential."


Champo Pitta Growth Serum 50ml (bigger size), £46

"Champo’s nourishing serum is now available in a bigger size so if you haven’t had the chance to try it yet, this is your signal. Inspired by the ancient Indian practice of hair massage (meaning its an act of self-care while also boosting hair quality), it contains some of haircare’s most trusted growth-stimulating ingredients including caffeine and peptides. All while leaving your lengths shiny and not weighed down."