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George Northwood

Hair Stylist

Expertise: Hair stylists
Location: Central London
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Sell your gran

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Hollywood's calling


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USP: Style personified

About Me

If there was a GTG experts category for general all-round coolness, we'd put George Northwood into it in a heartbeat. He wears the mantle of hair stylist to the stars as lightly as his hipster…

If there was a GTG experts category for general all-round coolness, we'd put George Northwood into it in a heartbeat. He wears the mantle of hair stylist to the stars as lightly as his hipster glasses, but make no mistake, his is a seriously A-list client base. On our visit we had to wait for the Duchess of York to personally say goodbye to everyone in the salon and he had recently "done" Gwynnie. The stylist responsible for the trademark locks of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Alexa Chung too, his new London salon promises to become the hair haunt of choice for expert cuts and colour in the capital.

Of his styling technique, he explains that "Everything I do comes from the heart." And his cutting instincts are excellent.

Find him at George Northwood Ltd, 24 Wells Street, London, W1T, 020 7580 8195

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Reviews of George Northwood

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  • cherry franklin
  • December 1st 2018

Appalling customer service and mediocre haircut at an extortionate price - I would strongly advise staying well away from this salon! Staff were surly and rude - when I politely asked if they had any magazine that I could read one staff member literally just grunted and walked away! The person washing my hair didn't check the temperature of the water or the pressure - which is pretty basic stuff. I was given the shortest consultation I've ever had, and my hairdresser didn't listen at all to what I asked for, which meant that I was far from happy with the end result. No one seemed to care that I wasn't happy with the colour, again my hairdresser just said 'well, it was nice to meet you' and walked off. Literally, every part of the process was horrible and to be charged over the odds for it was particularly galling. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

  • Louise mcMunn
  • March 28th 2018

Don’t bother with this salon. Total lack of manners by reception staff who show no ability to handle difficult situations. When a client turns up so late that they arrive at the same time as the next client, surely the late client should be asked to wait? I had been going to my colourist for 10+ years but I will not return now. Disgraceful and disrespectful treatment.

  • angelika kirowska
  • July 9th 2015

.I had big expectations for this hair salon. I left very disappointed after discovering that in the price of balayage 170£ i had to blow dry my hair by my own ! I was so shocked that i make them checked twice if for sure blow dry is not included. I was informed,that when booking online there is no option to add blowdry so it is better to book via phone. If I would know that for this price i will have to dry my hair by my own i would rather choose another hairdresser. Even when i asked if there is some stylist avaliable to makemy hair nicely blow dried and cut I was told there is nobody avaliable. Also, I was not even offered anything to drink for whole experiance, even though i saw some clients with a coffee abd water cups on their desks. Is this a celebrity worth service? I doubt so... At the end i left very upset and disappointed as i really wanted to treat myself... SHAME !

  • George Northwood
  • May 31st 2014

Thank you Yvonne for your comments, all feedback - positive or negative is always welcome as we are constantly looking to improve upon our services. George has sent you a direct email to personally apologise and to rectify the situation. As he explained we've now been open over a month and we feel more settled in our new home. We really do hope you come back soon!

  • Yvonne Browning
  • May 8th 2014

Very, very disappointing. Saw the man himself, who was rude and uncommunicative. More concerned with his 'tuck shop' - in reality a wooden crate fully of crisps - than with my hair. Left me several times to wander off and talk to others and into his mobile phone without apology. Resultant haircut? Well, not even mediocre. Why oh why, did I meekly hand over £300??? £30 would have been an exorbitant fee. Disappointed +++ - mostly with myself for tolerating this male diva.

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