Camilla Kirk-Reynolds (Camilla Lashes)

Lash technician

  • Location: London
  • See them for: Lash extensions, Bridal lashes, Destination lashes
  • USP: Celebrity-worthy lashes using revolutionary techniques

About Camilla Kirk-Reynolds (Camilla Lashes)

From Hollywood sovereignty (Renee Zellweger, Kristin Scott Thomas and Jessica Chastain) to real-life royals (all she can say is: 'if you saw the wedding, you saw my lashes'), Camilla Kirk-Reynolds' client list is truly formidable. 

When she's not working on film sets or international weddings, the lash health advocate is pioneering new innovations from her base at an unbranded room in Notting Hill including one-of-a-kind gel lashes, that last double the time, and an allergy-free adhesive that even the most delicate lashes can tolerate.

Camilla Kirk-Reynolds began her career as a professional bridal makeup artist in 2001, adding bridal hair to her menu four years later.

It was in 2008 that the beauty maestro started specialising in individual semi permanent eyelash extensions, quickly making a name for herself as an industry innovator.

She was the first person in London to be qualified in applying individual extensions to the lower lashes with the eyes closed, and is currently one of the first 50 artists in the world to offer a gel lash technique using a low-level LED light. A favourite with Get the Gloss editorial director Victoria Woodhall, it's kinder to the lashes and lasts four to seven weeks.

Championing lash health, and not overloading the natural flutter, Camilla is also a trainer for the next generation of advanced certified lash technicians.

With her appointments book currently bursting at the seams, she's about to launch a new premises in London's Chelsea where you can also get 'lashed' by her trained assistant.

Where to find Camilla Kirk-Reynolds (Camilla Lashes)

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