Katie Brindle

Chinese medicine practitioner and founder of The Hayo'u Method

  • Location: London, Remote
  • See them for: Fertility and Digestive Issues, Low Energy, Help with Sleep, Stress
  • USP: Health-boosting and healing using traditional Chinese medicine

About Katie Brindle

Like Fearne Cotton, Emma Forbes and Jasmine Hemsley, we're residing firmly in the fan club for the inimitable Katie Brindle.

Trained in massage, reflexology, acupuncture, qi gong and Chinese medicine, the former opera singer brings the world of Chinese medicine and self-care (yang sheng) to life as powerful tools to heal and support us in whatever modern life, throws at us, whether that's insomnia, menopause, fertility issues or stubborn weight around the middle. Mission accomplished if Katie's achievements so far are anything to go by.

The Hayo'u Method – her self-care brand that started out with gua sha beauty tools – is rapidly growing. She offers classes and tutorials on Qi Gong (Chinese yoga) and gua sha on social media as well as masterclasses and downloadable health guides. 

When a car accident ended Katie Brindle's dreams of becoming an opera singer, it was Chinese medicine that eventually healed her.

Inspired, she decided to train as a practitioner herself at the UK's Integrated College of Chinese medicine.

In 2018, she started studying advanced level in BaZi (birth a chart reading using ancient Chinese wisdom).with the prestigious UK I Ching Association. She is renowned for her online readings, bookable via her website, that give a unique picture of your energetic and emotional profile and help you understand how it influences your health, wellbeing and character traits.

Entrepreneurial Katie founded the Hayo'u Method in 2014 – her revolutionary self-care brand based on yang sheng, the Chinese art of self-care. With her one-minute rituals based around gua sha, body tapping, breathing techniques and qi gong, she offers quick self-care techniques that can become habits, just like cleaning your teeth. 

In 2021, she relaunched Hayo'u Fit – the first global online qi gong fitness platform, where you can join her and other top trainers practising qi gong daily, live and on catch-up as well as download her health guides.

Katie is the author of Yang Sheng: The art of Chinese self-healing.

She shares her wisdom through webinars, downoadable guides, masterclasses and on social media

Where to find Katie Brindle

Website: katiebrindle.com

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