Lucy Wyndham-Read

Personal trainer and fitness expert

About Lucy Wyndham-Read

1000 free home workout videos and a staggering two million subscribers. To say qualified personal trainer Lucy Wyndham-Read is a 'YouTube sensation' would be an understatement.

Having trained in the army and boasting 25 years' experience, the petite 51-year-old has become famed for her speedy fat-blasting sessions that really work. In fact, her seven-minute ab workout is now the most-liked fitness YouTube video of all time with an incredible 120 million views.

Lucy Wyndham-Read spent six years in the British Army from the age of 18 where she served as an army Corporal until 1996.

Following the loss of her military fiance Mike when she was just 21, Lucy retrained as a personal trainer.

She spent the next 20 years as a successful PT before starting up her own YouTube channel in 2012. Her aim has always been to create workouts that are inclusive of all fitness levels and she quickly made short and easy-to-follow workouts her trademark.

The pandemic in 2020 saw Lucy's popularity soar and in 2021, hers overtook Joe Wicks as the UK's most popular fitness channel.

Alongside her much-loved free videos, Lucy is the author of multiple books including 7 Minute Body Plan.

She also won 'Fitness Influencer of the Year' at the Blogosphere Awards 2021 and has given a TED talk at the University of Surrey.

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