Dr Nina Bal

Cosmetic dental surgeon, facial aesthetician and founder of Facial Sculpting by Dr Nina range

  • Location: London
  • See them for: Cosmetic Dentistry, Injectables, Body contouring, Lasers
  • USP: Super cheekbone-contouring using injectables

About Dr Nina Bal

We have Dr Nina saved as 'The Cheekbone Cheater' in our speed dial – qualified as both a cosmetic dentist and aesthetician, she knows facial architecture like no other. Having hosted a popular 'lift and refresh' masterclass with us, we regularly turn to her for advice on all things sculpting, whether it's lymphatic drainage using her Dr Nina Face Sculpt Serum, £120, or jawline-perfecting with Endolift laser.

Where to find Dr Nina Bal

Website: facialsculpting.co.uk
0203 951 9886 or 07340093939

Facial Sculpting
Tempus Clinic
11a West Halkin Street