Dr Paris Acharya

Aesthetic doctor

  • Location: London
  • See them for: Thread Lifts, Hormone balancing, PRP, Peels, Injectables, Microneedling
  • USP: Oh-so-subtle volume-boosting injectables

About Dr Paris Acharya

There's a reason we enlisted advanced aesthetic doctor Parisha Acharya to host an exclusive skin-plumping masterclass for us. Based in the leading Waterhouse Young clinic, just a stone's throw from Harley Street, Dr Paris' unique background in both dentistry and medicine gives the trained facial surgeon a distinct understanding of anatomy.

Consider her a connoisseur in chin, cheek and jaw perfecting, using precision injectables to dial up lost volume.

Where to find Dr Paris Acharya

Website: waterhouseyoung.com
0207 486 3849

Waterhouse Young Clinic
21 Devonshire Street
W1G 6P