Ricardo Vila Nova

Trichologist and biochemist

  • Location: London
  • See them for: DNA profiling, Scalp mesotherapy, Laser stimulation, Microneedling
  • USP: Restoring thin hair using your DNA

About Ricardo Vila Nova

It takes some seriously hard work to become known as 'Harrods' Hair Whisperer' but Ricardo Vila Nova is more than deserving of the epithet. The critically-acclaimed expert, who also has locations in Portugal and the Middle East, is the only trichologist in the world to use a high-tech DNA profiling method.

His forensic approach – in conjunction with science-based treatments, nutritional advice and his own cocktail of bespoke growth factor serums – makes him capable of injecting strength, gloss and lustre to the limpest of locks.

Having gained a degree in Biochemistry and a doctorate in Bio Physics, Ricardo Vila Nova initially worked in the research and development departments for well-known cosmetics brands. It was here that his passion for trichology began.

Recognising that the science behind some of the most effective skincare products can apply to our scalps too, he decided to train in the meticulous art of DNA profiling.

This unique technique allows Ricardo to identify a whole host of hormonal, nutritional and genetic imbalances, offering a microscopic analysis of the hair.

In 2012, he opened the doors to his 2122 Hair Medica clinic in London's Harrods and has since garnered a global reputation for his Sherlock-like approach. Each initial appointment commences with his one-of-a-kind Hair DNA Scan, followed by a bespoke treatment plan and tailored regime using his own expert blends.

Accreditation: BSc Biochemistry, Dsc Bio Physics

Where to find Ricardo Vila Nova

Website: ricardovilanova.com
0207 893 8333


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